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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

     Here are some frequently asked questions that we have heard over the years. The responses should help to give you a better understanding of these life-healing teachings. They can also clear up common confusions and misconceptions. Take them in with a receptive spirit and many mysteries will be dissolved in the light of higher understanding. The first seven FAQs are brand new ones. (Last updated September 1, 2017)

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    Question: I’ve been trying a number of different churches and philosophies looking for answers to questions I have about my life. They all claim to know the answers but mostly I wind up confused again. What makes New Life teachings different?
    New Life is a place for those who have trodden wearily down the road of life and finally have admitted to themselves that they, unfortunately, have been going in the wrong direction. They really know they are lost and that all the advice and solutions they’ve been given have not solved the fundamental puzzle of why we are here and what we should be doing with our lives. New Life is different because it is based 100% in Truth. The purity of these teachings does what nothing else can. These are not idle claims. Your searching has guided you to the right place. Be different. Make a choice for yourself and walk in a new direction. The real answers to all your questions await you.

    Question: I am attracted to these teachings but am unsure how to start the work on myself.
    Take one principle that resonates with you and make a super-effort to work with it during the week. You may realize that you’re not really very comfortable with other people and even sense that being dependent upon them for approval and smiles is a kind of psychological and emotional slavery. Work at knowing that God has provided a way for your spirit to be independent from this neurotic, demanding world. This does not mean you become a hermit; it means that people will come in and go out of your life on the terms of your higher understanding.  You can develop yourself to the point where your self-command will naturally extend itself to others and you will enjoy your relationships without any discomfort, fear or guilt at all.

    Question: How do people get mixed up in trying to understand these higher truths?
    Some take them as similar or identical to worldly advice. Take the man or woman who confuses monetary prosperity with spiritual success and security. Vernon assures us you can have little of what this society calls success and be completely victorious in the spiritual realm. A recent ‘Secrets of Life’ quote said, “Practice at placing the spiritual before the material.” It can be a surprisingly healthy shock to realize how little we do this. However, the extent to which we learn to value the invisible over the visible world determines the quality of our inner life. Many people say they want to change themselves but few really mean it. Be one of the few.

    Question: I’ve noticed I often seem to be moving along OK through life, but then I feel the pressure and frustration building. How can I stop this strain before the inevitable explosion or lashing out, which I’ve done so many times in my life?
    Realize that you’re unnecessarily living from a wrong part of yourself. That wrong part is always wrapped up with useless and repetitive thought. It then very quickly welcomes its low buddies — negative emotions. Break the spell! Relax from unnecessary thought. Be as fierce as you can, inwardly, against these unwanted invaders. Vernon told us that who we really are has no need to be worried or frustrated over anything whatsoever.

    Question: Please summarize the basis of what Vernon Howard teaches.
    Answer: Vernon once said if there was one phrase he would put in huge letters on the side of the New Life building it was “SOMETHING ELSE.” He wanted to shout it from the rooftops. There is something else besides the overwhelming obstacles and circumstances we face in this wobbly and scary world. There truly is another way to go through life and to live in complete spiritual safety and protection. But this higher life isn’t made up of trying to feel secure by getting money, relationships, power or anything else from outer circumstances. Genuine knowing and happiness is discovered in the inner world. Within us there is a center that is not part of this world at all. It stands free and untroubled in the midst of all the craziness.

    Question: How can I know this center within?
    It is already there but must be uncovered and activated, in part by the honest admission that we have never really known how to deliver ourselves from inner pain and negativity. Troubled states may go away temporarily but always come back to reassert themselves, don’t they? With that realization can come the certainty that only something else, something not part of the habitual psychic system, can rescue us. So instead of spending the day looking for comfort and affirmation where it cannot be found, we can choose to direct our considerable energies toward connecting with what is above this warring world.

    Question: What is wrong with this society?
    Answer: It focuses on the shallow and trivial, not on the vital and the necessary. What is more important than recovering your essence, your soul?

    Question: Why study Vernon Howard’s teachings?
    Answer: The reason to study the teachings of Vernon Howard is that they really work. They open the gateway to the higher understanding of everything we experience and will provide a new calmness and command in daily life. You will find them unlike any other teachings … but don’t take our word for it. You must keep in mind an unusual request that we’re often reminded of in New Life classes: “You don’t have to believe anything you hear or read. The proof that these principles can transform your nature is in the experiencing of them.” Only then will you really be on your way to encountering something authentic, lasting and ultimately, very satisfying.

    Question: I’m confused about what is actually good for me. My family and friends say one thing but in my heart I sense that nothing they recommend, like pursuing more activities, getting more friends or more money, is working for me.
    Answer: This sensing can be the beginning of a stunning breakthrough because a necessary stage you must go through is to realize that nothing you’ve tried up until now has worked. While there is temporary excitement, there is no deep and lasting contentment.

    Question: But how do I know if Vernon Howard’s teachings can really help me?
    Answer: You must be willing to work with the teachings to begin to enjoy their life-healing benefits. When inner willingness meets an outer truth, something rings true inside of you with a definite certainty and purity. Imagine that a friend enthusiastically recommends a movie to you. You can listen to your friend tell you about how great the movie is but until you actually see the movie yourself, you only have someone’s opinion. You then go see the film and after that, you have gained first-hand experience. You are now able to decide for yourself because you went beyond mere words.
         Vernon Howard once said that the Truth itself is a million miles above the words used to describe it. There is absolutely no substitute nor can there be any substitute for the personal witnessing of the power of Truth. And the further you go with this, the more you will learn about and experience this power for yourself.

    Question: I am upset that I am not going fast enough or far enough on this path.
    Answer: Who are you talking about? Who is not going fast enough or far enough? Always go back to the basics like the knowledge that there exists within you both a true self and a false self. It is the competitive and petty false self that feels discouraged with progress because it wants to call itself spiritually enlightened. This false nature has had its sway over our thoughts and feelings for a very, very long time and it will not give up easily. But the assurance exists that there is a true part within that wants to grow up spiritually. This part can be developed and nurtured to the point that our lives belong to it and not to the imposter.

    Question: I want to experience this liberation for myself more than anything!
    Answer: With a right intention and aim, there will be moments where you feel that something higher is present and trying to reach you. Vernon once said that an experience with God can never be taken as an experience with man. You will know and feel with certainty that you have been touched by something outside of this world.

    Question: What explains why things happen to us and why some people seem to have so many troubles and problems?
    Answer: “Level of being” explains it all. The level of being is the actual life level that a person occupies, not the level he or she claims to occupy. How much understanding a person has of human nature, his own and others, determines what happens in his or her outer life. Vernon once gave a story illustrating this principle. It was about a father at the beach with his children. He threw a stick out into the ocean numerous times and showed them that the tide always brought the stick back into shore. Whatever is put out by us comes back to us. The lesson that “The waves never lie” are words of wisdom that everyone can take out into life. A low level of being, like a life lived in interior anger and bitterness, is released into the world and will always come back to the sender. Are you beginning to see how higher knowledge can not only raise our level of understanding but can also protect us from all kinds of harm?

    Question: Nervousness is a much bigger problem for me than I had previously realized. Could you comment on this?
    Answer: Ah yes! Nervousness and all its dark buddies. Vernon said in A Treasury of Trueness #348: “The reason human beings are so jittery is that they are trying to pass counterfeit money.” And in #349: “Your single greatest cause of nervousness is your unawareness of it.” So we’re nervous because the pretender in us is faking its way through life. But amazingly, merely becoming more aware that this is what is actually happening begins to loosen its hold on us.

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     “Firstly I want to express my huge appreciation of the website. I read every day after work some material from it and it feels wonderful.”

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     “Thank you New Life for all your great pearls of wisdom, love and understanding. I truly appreciate them all. They come to me especially at times when I am in doubt, or I have forgotten who I really am. So grateful to you all, with love and continued grace.”

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