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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

     Here are some frequently asked questions that we have heard over the years. The responses should help to give you a better understanding of these life-healing teachings. They can also clear up common confusions and misconceptions. Take them in with a receptive spirit and many mysteries will be dissolved in the light of higher understanding. The first four FAQs are brand new ones. (Last updated August 31, 2016)

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    Question: The other day I saw a thought flash through my mind that was completely contradictory to my usual attitude about a particular subject. I never thought I would say this but I got excited to see proof of the contradictory mind-machine in action!
    All of these small steps will one day lead out of the human jungle into spiritual sunshine. Can you see how this kind of enthusiasm provides the energy for more and more liberating discoveries? It is supremely positive to know that we now dwell in the cellar because only this kind of an honest and forthright admission will motivate us to make the “great escape.”

    Question: I still want the approval of others. How can I learn to detach from them?
    Recently I watched a dog show at our rural County Fair where young 4-H-ers were learning how to show their dogs. Afterwards in the parking lot in front of my car a father was angrily berating his son for losing. The boy, neatly dressed and standing tall, had done a nice job trotting his lab around the ring. But the father wanted him to win! So he was sneering and scoffing at the boy’s efforts. Interestingly, the boy who won was stooped over, dragging his equally timid dog around, and always looking at the judge. As it turned out, incredibly, that’s why he won — he kept his eyes on the judge.
         Parents and leaders do untold damage to children, beating them down with wrong demands. They grow up with a “please don’t hit me” attitude or an arrogant, hard, intimidating manner, to mask fear of failure and criticism. Is it any wonder that spirits are crushed by the cruelties of this world, which will always pounce on weakness, and reward dependence and compliance with false values?
         Vernon Howard explained you can either feel right or feel accepted by others but you can’t have both [DVD Volume 3, Talk 4 or Blu-ray Volume 2, Talk 1]. Find out who you are looking to for agreement and approval, then say “No! I’ll stand alone!”

    Question: What does it mean when you say to think from Truth about life, not from life about Truth?
    Thinking from life about Truth leads to distorted viewpoints, for example, treating Truth studies as one compartment of life, separate from work life, family life, social life, sports life, etc. This separation blocks the understanding that the one and only purpose of life here on earth is to completely abandon the old nature so that an entirely new nature can be born within us. In other words, everything in this life must be put into the service of the higher. Right now, we suffer from a divided mind and spirit. If Truth is the supreme force that can heal any wound, any heartache, which it is, thinking from Truth about life will bring together all of our disconnected parts into one unified whole and that is what the heart is really yearning for.

    Question: How can I correct my mistakes, so they aren’t continually repeated?
    Answer: Come to a full, conscious stop at the moment you see you made a mistake. Here’s an instructive example of something that occurred recently while two students were proofreading The Power of Esoterics for a new e-book publication. The men in the Southern California classes were using this book for a class, and one discovered a fairly serious mistake in one story, and it was sent to Richard by email. The proofreaders in Pagosa Springs read the same story and came to a place where they both sensed something wrong but didn’t come to a stop, just went full speed ahead reading. Sound familiar? The proofreaders received the correction email the same day they had read the story — what are the chances of that “coincidence” happening!?
         This incident illustrates what we should and should not do about an error. When we sense something wrong, when the still small voice speaks to us, we must listen and come to an immediate halt! If we ignore it and listen to contrary voices that tell us to keep moving blindly ahead, our impulsivity will get us into trouble. But if we see we didn’t stop, we can still just say “I was wrong” and now I can learn. Remember, to correct a mistake I must first see it as a mistake. “It is good to see the bad.” Don’t avoid and condemn the revelation of your mistake. The sensing of something wrong is a friend, not a foe.

    Question: How did Vernon Howard become spiritually enlightened?
    Answer: Vernon persistently and courageously did what he’s always urging us to do — to use this life in order to understand that there is another power in the universe besides the human mind. He wanted a transformed life with a direct connection to the Higher Power more than he wanted any temptation that the world could dangle in front of him. It’s really a matter of what we value. Everything depends on how much a seeker really wants out. One blockage that hinders a sense of urgency toward this aim is thinking from life about Truth, not from Truth about life.
         Do you really want to continue to meekly surrender to a ruthless world that will use you and then toss you aside? Then work to know that a person’s level of spiritual understanding is his or her most valuable possession. If we’ll put Truth first, last and always, we’ll begin to see and feel the miracle of spiritual transformation for ourselves. But of course this release does not come without much resistance and fighting on the part of the hostile inner nature. As Vernon once said when asked how he woke up, “I fought with God until He won!” Anyone who reaches authentic enlightenment must break through every single wall of resistance and endure unto the end.

    Question: What is a Vernon Howard exercise? Why do them?
    Vernon has given us many exercises in his talks and his writings. In fact, there are literally hundreds of them. He put such a great emphasis on them because they give us a focus for our spiritual exploration. When done consistently and honestly, these practical exercises reveal what we presently do not know and cannot see about ourselves. Some exercises are physical, some mental, others emotional — all varied and enjoyable to do.
         People live very unbalanced lives, relying on habitual thoughts, mental repetitions and their companions — negative emotions and false excitements — to provide security. Most have no idea that it is possible to fully live from God-given essence which will provide all the security needed for a pleasant, peaceful life. Practicing the exercises will help us to develop into the integrated, harmonious human beings we were meant to be. Nothing aids inner insight more than to work on ourselves to see how we operate. And one blunt fact that we must face is that we’re almost always in a state of sleep or unawareness. Why else would we act in ways that hurt us?

    Question: Can you give me an example of a helpful exercise?
    Answer: Here’s an exercise given by Vernon that’s been very valuable to me. The gist of it is to always check your work. It sounds strange but before working with these studies, I never wanted to proof or double-check anything I did. But just yesterday, I looked over a bill for the second time and found a serious mistake that could have been very costly. I actually smiled and silently thanked Vernon and these teachings for saving me from so much grief. Nothing could be more practical or rewarding than this kind of self-correction.

    Question: I overheard someone say that he stopped going to church as a young man because no one there could answer his questions. They just told him to “believe.” How do these teachings differ from religious doctrines?
    Answer: These principles are based upon the same healing truths that Christ taught — that we must first die to what is wrong in us before we can experience the New Life. Then and only then will we discover how to live our lives rightly. You won’t find any rituals, self-flattery, or hypocrisy in Vernon Howard’s works. What you will find is how to truly understand yourself, why you do what you do and why things unfold the way they do in your life. We can discover how to find relief from society’s pressures right here, right now. True strength lies deep down inside but all false ideas of what it means to be strong must be discarded before it can be uncovered. We can learn the value of having a silent mind and that it is in this silence that God is finally able to speak to us.

    Question: Why do you say you must follow this teaching by Vernon Howard in order to wake up spiritually? I already know another spiritual teacher.
    Sooner or later you must decide for yourself whether that person really lives what he teaches or is just another one of the many examples of "the blind leading the blind and both fall into the ditch." Wrongness is not going to announce itself as wrongness. False teachers are very clever at leading us astray and will often even include a few truths in with the “weed seeds,” so question everything. Here is a general principle to follow when evaluating any teacher or teaching: the teacher or teaching must challenge you to see what is wrong first. It will never work if you first try to focus on your own “goodness.” Only when self-work is put in this sequence will the right eventually be revealed to you.

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     “Firstly I want to express my huge appreciation of the website. I read every day after work some material from it and it feels wonderful.”

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     “Vernon never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for keeping His work alive. The only thing I need to correct is my harmful thinking problem. I have rejoiced in his wisdom since 1979. Thanks again.”

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     “Thank you New Life for all your great pearls of wisdom, love and understanding. I truly appreciate them all. They come to me especially at times when I am in doubt, or I have forgotten who I really am. So grateful to you all, with love and continued grace.”

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