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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2012 Pagosa Springs Banquet

         “I got more holes punched in my ego than a piece of Swiss cheese,” commented one student as he was saying goodbye to catch his plane back to L.A. That got a big laugh, for others knew he had taken some serious shocks to the false self rightly, as essence was getting a little freer of the old nature. As was said at the Friday night class, you’re not going to wake up being comfortable.
         We could call banquets one of those “destroyers of illusions,” one of the sections that appears in 700 Inspiring Guides to a New Life, the Vernon Howard book used for the banquet talks. And for all that, the banquet was lighthearted as well as serious — the perfect balance which Vernon created to provide accelerated growth. Conditions at banquets are just right to study ourselves for maximum benefit, such as  when we get tired near the end of the day.
    Pagosa Class 2011     The New Life banquet in Pagosa Springs was about growth — a weekend where students got together in rare circumstances amidst an abundance of wonderfully prepared foods, student provided entertainment and, best of all, three classes to further our understanding of the pure Truth.
         Director Richard Wooldridge reminded us in his keynote speech on Saturday morning that Vernon gave us “the most marvelous message ever given to mankind” — for only the pure truth can transform our nature from a mechanically reacting machine to an awakened self. Moe Janosec explained too that the world has failed us and how, these days, it is rare to find even a speck of truth out there.
         The theme for the whole weekend was “Cosmic Contentment and Happiness.” We were asked by Bill Brown, “Do you think with the mind you have right now you can be content and happy?” Richard reminded us that Vernon brilliantly revealed that all evil originates in the mind. “Thou shalt have no false gods [such as the mind] before me.” The higher way is to replace thought with awareness or seeing.
         Exercises were given to implement these principles we study. One task mentioned [we have to do these assignments] is to make a spiritual connection with what we see out in the world, such as in nature. Richard told the story of the doe on the New Life property that had two fawns, one strong and spunky; the second one weak, who lagged behind and couldn’t keep up. It disappeared without a trace. What a powerful picture for motivating us to get serious and get going!
         Another exercise assigned is to be aware and courteous enough to push the chair in when you stand up, a welcome reminder of all the practical, right instruction Vernon gave us to be good householders and to know what we’re doing at each moment.
         A further aim, given by Moe Janosec in parting on Sunday, is to go against wrong timidity. Of course banquets are excellent places to work on that. Students making comments on Sunday about the benefits and fun of banquets said these occasions can bring up the internal shaking we don’t see every day. Since “only super effort counts,” this is a special place in a special time to exert ourselves. Many students made super efforts to get to Colorado and others made super efforts to do the work necessary to make the banquet and entertainment a success. Nearly everyone gave a talk behind the microphone, enjoyed the dancing and dared to be in an act in the formal entertainment segment. What fun to break out of our own stiffness and to go beyond the intellect! Our aims here are quite different than the world’s, and we’re “not part of the cookie-and-compliments crowd,” a reference to one speaker’s experience with the fakery of his neighbor.
         Entertainment with a western theme was inspired by the spectacular scenery of southwestern Colorado,  with lots of cowboy jokes and pretty western songs (such as the lively, lilting “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”). An unforgettable highlight full of laughs was Bruce’s “Remember Song,” a spoof on forgetting things (when a girlfriend calls to his lost cordless telephone: “the voice sounds familiar and the name it rings a bell”). Bill commented enthusiastically it was “the greatest accumulation of New Life entertainment acts ever.”
         Yes, you had to be there to experience something new in your being. Voluntarily participating in the power-packed weekend activities meant going against the lazy nature and working on ourselves and with others to see more. When we give up a bit of our will, our ego, and allow ourselves to be given physical tasks to do, follow instructions and take corrections — in spite of the protests of the touchy ego — something new can then begin to come into existence. And there you have a glimpse into a real and exceedingly rare esoteric school!

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     “My Primary Care physician asked me who my favorite author is. I told her Vernon Howard, so I’m going to introduce her to him with my favorites. Thanks for all you are and all you do – it is MUCH appreciated!.”

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