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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2017 May Banquet

         At the Wednesday evening May 10 class in Pasadena CA, New Life’s May 2017 banquet was begun with a compelling, spirited talk by Director Richard Wooldridge. He said, “There’s a completely different kind of learning based on intuition, not interpretation.” The mind interprets what it sees and hears through its long years of training, through its bias, through its defensiveness and these interpretations block direct seeing and always get in the way of spiritual understanding. But genuine intuition based in essence is understanding itself. He continued, “Start to realize that our aim is to draw closer to the Higher Source no matter what must be given up, like our love of fighting and arguing.”Food Ladies
         At the Friday evening class in Westminster, a powerful exercise was given which was used by many students over the banquet weekend. Vernon said that we must begin to challenge the dark states that take us over by saying to the state, “Can you help me?” If we’re honest, it’s crystal clear that no darkness in the form of any negative thought or emotion can ever truly make us feel better. Do this exercise persistently and it will clear your mind if only for a few seconds. The negativity will of course try to reassert itself but in the interim lies the freedom from all the mental noise!
         In his Banquet Saturday talk, Richard said, “What we’re doing here is getting a soul. Truth is working on you whether you know it or not. It is healing you. Turn your life over to Truth because it knows what it’s doing. The work has already been done and we simply have to accept the invitation to join it.”
         Everyone in the audience smiled with recognition when Richard also spoke of a pill that everyone takes called Blamitol. Taking Blamitol leads us to blame others for all of our woes and problems and to refuse to accept self-responsibility for our own lives. Remember Vernon said that the person who awakens is the one who refuses to blame anyone for anything.
         Paul Wolfe, New Life’s Southern California Director, spoke from the Vernon Howard CD entitled The Freedom of Being Good. He pointed out that “we don’t want out badly enough because if we really wanted out, we’d actually be out!” We have to be receptive to what Truth is trying to tell us because “It’s what we don’t know that hurts us.”
    After the class, a delicious taco salad and chef salad meal was served with all fresh fixings, including organic beef and shredded chicken, homemade salsa, guacamole and many other items. Delectable desserts like a beautiful 5-layer cake, pies, cookies and other sweet treats were available throughout the afternoon.
    Doug & Ladies Singing     The outstanding formal entertainment by New Life students followed. Especially entertaining were the “Father William” skit featuring Doug Stewart as an old wise man, a rendition of the classic song “Red River Valley” by three New Life “cowboys” and an expressive reading of a pertinent Aesop's fable by Texas Judy. The Pretties dance, choreographed to an old favorite, the “Peanut Polka,” had the entire audience clapping along with the music and you could tell that dancers and audience members alike were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The festivities continued with lively informal dancing in which many of the participants released any self-consciousness and just had a great time.
         The enthusiasm level was high when the class met for more talks and another meal on Sunday morning. Many students commented on how great the banquet was and how much was learned. “These classes are here for us. We’re here to get a life and a soul,” said David Hearst. “Develop an attitude of humility,” said Texas Judy. “Don’t take offense; it’s not about ‘you.’ Don’t fight. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to let go of the suffering?”
         Every New Life banquet is different, unique and uplifting. “Come to class no matter what,” Richard told the group. “Years ago, I once went to class when I was very sick. I sat in back of the room. Vernon could see I was ill, yet he called me up to give me some practical information. I told him I was sick. He consciously said, ‘Get up here!’ Needless to say, I went up to his desk. If you can be in class, be here!”

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     I love receiving the newsletter twice a year and wouldn’t want to miss it. I reread them over and over.
     Also I want to let you know that I love the website. I visit it almost every day. It is so helpful because of the excellent design and information. Also the daily e-mail reinforce the message and give me something nice to look forward to every single day.
     I have been studying Vernon Howard for about 13 years and he has helped to completely change my life. From a whining, self-pitying person to someone who is beginning to take responsibility for my own actions and know that there is indeed a way out!
     I am planning to attend the class in Pagosa Springs, Colorado next year and maybe one in Strawberry too. I can’t wait to meet like-minded people and enjoy the wholesome atmosphere.
     God Bless you all for carrying on Vernon Howard’s work!

— S. C., Delray Beach, Florida

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