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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2017 Pagosa Springs Banquet

         “Let a Higher Spirit Guide You” was the theme for New Life’s July banquet talks, based on the Vernon Howard MP3 CD of the same name. The ten talks on this MP3 CD contain some of the strongest and most inspiring messages Vernon set forth in his unforgettable stories. People traveled all the way to Colorado from various parts of the U.S., including California, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina and South Dakota.
    Friday talks — Beginning the weekend’s series of talks Friday evening, speakers emphasized the importance of awareness, self-responsibility and Do-It-Yourself initiative. Moe Janosec recalled in the talks “Inspiring Interviews with Vernon Howard” that we’re not victims of circumstances; we are the circumstances. “Real success is to not be a victim of one’s own negative emotions…. All evil people operate in the name of God,” quoted Moe, forcefully adding we should say, “I’m not going to lie to myself anymore!”
          Saturday — “I’m going to shake you up!” New Life Director Richard Wooldridge began on Banquet Day, as he and several other speakers and students continually challenged our unseen egotism and false personality. A very helpful directive, especially applicable to the entire banquet experience, was to “try to get free of your reactions to people.” Richard said you’re hurting yourself constantly, as when feeding on negativity, feeling thwarted, wandering around asleep, etc. Then “if you hate yourself for your mistake, the dumb thing you did, you’ll do it again. So interrupt yourself and see the mistake consciously.” There can also be freedom from the belief in labels, from identifying the self as “I” or being a know-it-all. You can simply be “a point of awareness.”
         From the “Library of Spiritual Truths” talks, Doug Stewart recalled to us the excellent classification of three kinds of human beings and states: workers, loafers and saboteurs. He described the Ship of Life which requires those who want to reach Truth to “throw out your life boats,” that is, wanting your own way instead of “coming out from among them,” out from among those who choose to remain loyal to this world.
         A barbecue buffet meal and bountiful desserts followed the talks, with soft pretty music adding a harmonious background. During informal entertainment, we danced in a large circle to old fashioned music. A lighthearted and freer state gradually replaced the chains of resistance. Nearly everyone participated in the fun, animated “chicken dance” that helps to break down the fear of looking “foolish” in front of others.
         Sunday — A saunter and scramble up the Happy Trail leads to the pergola where another inspirational class was held. The sound of the rippling stream, the Rito Blanco, only enriched the quiet setting. While we sat in the beautiful forest on the hillside, the birds and squirrels were boisterously rejoicing in life, and we too could feel the exuberance in hearing fresh truths anew. A bit of humor was added by a testy squirrel in a tree close by who became vocal when Moe gave an announcement. [It seems to be only when Moe speaks that the squirrel gets vocal!]
         From the talk “The Secret Weapon that Guarantees Victory” Robin Kent reminded us of that unforgettable story about the family at the seashore who taught their children, as we must learn, that “the waves never lie”: what we put out we get back. Instead of asking “How long will this take?” we are urged to find out for ourselves that nothing is more fun than continually giving up our misery and refusing to suffer. Then by leaving a space, more energy and Life is given to us. As was related by several speakers, we must give something up to have something new.
         Another speaker gave a good analogy of how driving on the wrong side of the road during road construction resembles society always telling us what’s right when you sense it’s wrong. Bill Brown set forth Vernon’s concise two-word commandment: Stop lying! Bill concluded that you have to get something that you can’t get
    from your mind. “Vernon said to write the following down: ‘To get these higher things, you have to obtain something you can’t give to yourself. You have to leave empty space.’ Truth will lift us up if we will give up lying about our actual inner state. Don’t tell God what to do. Be completely passive.”
         Banquet comments and praises — “I know I’m going to a right place,” thought one student when he was in his car driving to Pagosa. Others described healthy, worthwhile results. “I actually had fun!” recollected Doug, “though I made a slew of mistakes and the perfectionist stuff went away.” Sherry Day reminded us it is the false self that is the pain. Jeff Fisher said a benefit of the banquet is that it shows you when seeing your mistakes how much work on yourself is needed.
         Characterizing the atmosphere and the entertainment, Karen West told how great it feels to laugh. Bill’s humorous skit “Puns Intended” got the most laughter in the formal entertainment. Karen said, “I loved the song about Wild Montana Skies; it touched my heart.” Like the other old western songs, such as The Waltz of the Hills, it was rich with harmony and little life-lessons as well. We have wonderful singers at New Life that augment the fullness of our spiritual experience.
         The banquet emphasized the help available at New Life Foundation, to understand the necessity of learning how to become aware. Awareness is very rare in this dark world, where everyone is asleep but believes he is awake. In conclusion, Richard sent us home with new strength, energy and resolve. He said we must learn to “Speak up! Go against yourself. There’s gotta be more enthusiasm in you!... Come back!”

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     I love receiving the newsletter twice a year and wouldn’t want to miss it. I reread them over and over.
     Also I want to let you know that I love the website. I visit it almost every day. It is so helpful because of the excellent design and information. Also the daily e-mail reinforce the message and give me something nice to look forward to every single day.
     I have been studying Vernon Howard for about 13 years and he has helped to completely change my life. From a whining, self-pitying person to someone who is beginning to take responsibility for my own actions and know that there is indeed a way out!
     I am planning to attend the class in Pagosa Springs, Colorado next year and maybe one in Strawberry too. I can’t wait to meet like-minded people and enjoy the wholesome atmosphere.
     God Bless you all for carrying on Vernon Howard’s work!

— S. C., Delray Beach, Florida

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