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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2020 September Banquet

        “There’s only one way to win. It’s to replace your earthly nature with the heavenly nature, moment by moment.” — Vernon Howard. That sums up what the September New Life banquet in Strawberry, Arizona aimed for.
         As we arrived in preparation for the fun, feasts and powerful talks to come, the spark which brought us to Strawberry began to grow and flourish. An inner ‘miracle’ started to happen, something which frequently occurs at New Life banquets. Something began to awaken. This happens when our essence begins to stir. It is truly the most unique and nicest experience on earth!
         The banquet always starts before the actual banquet day when you make the effort to come early. You can include Wednesday night’s class in your schedule and begin rehearsals for entertainment. Friday brought more ladies into the kitchen to help prepare the food than we've had in a long while. The growing spirit of cooperation and awareness helped the tasks to run smoothly and led to some delicious meals.
         The unique cooperation with others emerges when the spirit yearns to be lifted, rather than to unload burdens on others. Those who worked together could experience the growing hint of Oneness which Vernon and other true mystics taught, sensing that the egotistical, false part of us could actually be dropped with work and awareness. Before our very eyes appeared the choice: whether instructions and corrections would be taken with a light spirit, or taken with resentment, self-reference and holding a grudge. Hundreds of lessons were offered to us each day and night to nourish the healing growth.
         Spiritual growth only happens when a student makes a special effort to go against life. And on banquet weekend, the more we went against ourselves and participated in the many activities, the more we experienced the miracle of a New Life.

         Saturday morning, comments before the talks began reminded us to be consciously pleasant. A point was made about cheerfully following directions and how the ego will do anything it can to resist obeying what Truth instructs us to do. The earthly nature doesn’t want to be replaced and it will fight back with everything it has.
         Director Richard Wooldridge began with a description and examples of the “irrational fear” in the current social, political atmosphere. He vociferously commanded, “You don't have to be afraid of anything! NOTHING!”
         Saturday’s talks were based on The Power of Your Supermind, Chapter 9, which is all about solving problems. Doug Stewart opened by relating a story of a man floating down a river. He saw the vessels ahead of him get sucked into tumultuous rapids that ripped their boats apart. Realizing the urgency for action, he grabbed the oars and put all of his effort into making it to shore. He made it, right before he got pulled into the approaching rapids. This parallels the work we have to do: seeing the world around us getting devoured by evil forces and putting all of our efforts into making our way to the safety this class and Truth provide. Doug said, in clarifying problems, an engineer will ask, “Give me a problem to solve.” We can also do this to understand how to work against the inner enemies which steal our energy. We must not do it “my way but God’s way.”
         Nothing is easier than to blame someone else, Jeff Fisher illustrated; instead we must FACE what’s wrong inside squarely. We can observe our fear about life events, look directly at it, and it will disappear out of existence.
         Richard was unequivocal: “You’re the only problem you have. Your negative nature duplicates itself outwardly.” He said to ask ourselves, what is blocking answers and higher impressions from coming to me? For starters, “Stop blabbing! You just won't shut up!”
         He described a specific event during the meeting in Howard Hall when some ATVs drove by the several open windows. They could be heard approaching, driving by and disappearing down the road. We can watch our thoughts do this and let them go. A deeper point was that this revelation simply came to him because he was receptive; he didn’t create it. Heightened awareness makes an unforgettable experience, as we release the mistake of clinging to thoughts. Richard concluded with Christ’s invitation, “What I have done you can do also.”
         Sunday speakers used MP3 CD 17: 20, #427, talk dated 1/30/88. Dave Netherton quoted, “There is one way to transcend what’s torturing you, and it is not your way. It’s to moment by moment replace your earthly nature with the heavenly nature.” Vernon explains at length the exercise to practice being One with the Room, with the “absence and suspension of all negative thought,” specifically when you get up from your chair today.
         Gary Blatchford asked us to consider, “You want your way all the time, but how is that working out for you?” He gave examples of how to mine spiritual gold when going to a supermarket or to Walmart by not being just another zombie. He gave an illustration of how an unconscious customer caused difficulties for the cashier and for those in the checkout line. Gary later added, “Shocks are friendly.” Stop fighting reality.
         Paul Wolfe, describing the one right way, said there’s no room for negotiation with Truth; you have to do the work. In the thought-factory, there’s a neurotic “insane demander,” a protester. “There’s no such thing as a peaceful protester and there’s no satisfying it. When you give in to it, it just keeps demanding more.” Paul concluded with that great instruction from Vernon that we so resist: “Stay with the pain,” stop running away from it.
         Speaking from the heart, Dave H. said we say we want a happy life, but do we really? “We want our torment; we don’t want the paradise offered. There’s a devil in all of us. Devils may come in here, but this is the last place Satan wants to stay.” Wrongness was put on notice that it wasn’t welcome and just naturally skedaddled.

    As food prep and music for informal entertainment began, cheerful songs brought an immediate call to a light and festive atmosphere. We dined on homemade Italian fare: Parmesan chicken was out of this world, as was the lasagna, roasted veggie marinara, a Bolognese sauce, salad and garlic bread. We left a little room for scrumptious pies, cakes, and cannoli to enjoy throughout the afternoon.
         Formal entertainment began with lovely songs sung acapella by Doug, Lynne and Kyle. Five-second acts and skits were witty, leaving the audience in robust laughter. In the informal dancing, if you were there you could have learned to dance like a chicken, or a bear “who went over the mountain/ to see what he could see.” Or to laugh at bachelors sharing their views on housekeeping. Or hear Karen tell the timely fable of “Chicken Little,” who cried “the sky is falling” when an acorn fell on her head, which certainly parallels current events. Or you could have heard the hauntingly beautiful “Waltz of the Hills” sung with superb harmony by Lynne and Kyle. Or be charmed by the graceful Pretties dance to “The Ash Grove,” which provided a soothing calm before the final thunderous applause for a banquet greatly enjoyed.

    In the inspiring comments on Sunday, someone said, “It been pretty incredible, hasn’t it?!” Students said it was so nice to hear people laugh and see people acting normal. One said people who want to get help come here; another noted the energy builds the longer we’re here. One quoted Vernon, “There's no thrill like the thrill of finding your own soul.”
         Often repeated was the phrase “We are so lucky to be here” in this harbor of safety from a dangerous world. A wish for more of this encouraging atmosphere was expressed by many, along with plans made to attend more classes and the next upcoming banquets. New Life is truly a lifeline as we escape the sinking ship of a world gone utterly mad.
         Our next banquet is Thanksgiving weekend, Wednesday thru Sunday, with Thanksgiving day on Thursday, November 26, held on the New Life property, Westminster, California. $25 total for the entire day. Make an aim now to attend and make reservations at or phone. Go against the ton of resistance from your temporary earth-bound nature in order to find the heavenly nature that lasts forever.

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     “Thank you so much for the newsletter. Each one is a delightful treat to receive in the mail and is a sheer little treasure of fresh inspiration and relevant comments from Mr. Howard. I have made a vigorous determination to devote myself to my freedom and wholeness. This determination and continuous study of Vernon Howard’s writings yielded life saving results nothing short of miraculous.
    Anyone who really wants an ‘authentic’ life filled to overflowing with the good Life can’t afford to ignore Vernon’s writings and powerful insights into the human condition. His writings answer a life-time of real and imagined concerns that have mystified the most learned minds.”

Marie N., Palm Springs, CA

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