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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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Points to Ponder by Richard Wooldridge

Richard Wooldridge     Richard has been the director of New Life since 1993. He started attending classes in 1975 and moved to Boulder City, Nevada from Dallas, Texas in 1977.
He worked closely with Vernon Howard and others in the running of New Life.
He actually lived at the building in Boulder City where he had many responsibilities. Vernon Howard was very tough on him in order to give him the greatest opportunity for discovering something higher. He is very grateful for the guidance he was given even though it was very difficult at times. The false self is not going to give up easily and it takes many years of hard work to begin to understand the deeper meanings of these teachings. But it’s all worth it for the pearl of great price.

  • From 2016 Fall Newsletter

         Vernon Howard once told us that we were born at this particular time in history to see the changes. It’s not an accident or happenstance that we are living on this planet in these specific times. And if there is any kind of a truth spark in an individual, he or she will come into contact with a true teaching. But most will miss it, ignore it, hate it, fear it, mock it, attack it, deny it or simply fall by the wayside. People get easily distracted and deceived by the lures, false rewards and charlatans of this world. Power, money, sex, being ‘somebody’, falling in love with the false feeling of self and all that that entails, occupy the lives of almost everyone. They even get a false thrill by falling into despair over their inability to cope with the madness or by simply getting negative in any way at all. Somehow I ‘think’ that tells me who I am or proves that ‘I’ exist. How shallow can we be?
         We were put here to learn, to evolve, go beyond, rise above, transcend, conquer the weakness, the fear, the annoyance, the anger, the confusion or whatever the haunting state or problem might be. The world wants you to believe there’s nothing that can be done, but at the same time constantly offers pointless human solutions at every turn. The Good News is that the Truth exists and there is something above the madness and insanity of this world and the world inside us. It doesn’t matter if no one else on the earth wants it as long as we are willing to do what it takes to understand these things. God exists! The Answer exists!
         Within the past 6 months I had a pain in my lower back which wouldn’t go away. Maybe 5 times in my life my back hurt for a short time. So after a month of enduring the pain I decided something had to be done but I wasn’t sure what to do. I went to get a haircut one day and the barber noticed I was favoring my back and  suggested I go see a particular chiropractor who she said was excellent and had helped her. So I gave them a call and made an appointment. They did an X-Ray and used some other instruments and discovered the problem.
         The diagnosis was subluxation. Subluxation — a pattern of misalignment or malfunction of a spinal joint that is less than a dislocation producing nerve interference. In other words, over time the human body starts to break down and parts and pieces begin to malfunction from wear and tear, accidents, bad posture, etc. But luckily my problem isn’t too serious and can be corrected with treatment, adjustments and realignment. One of the most interesting things I learned was with proper care, certain parts of the back will heal themselves if put back into proper alignment.
         So after 3 adjustments the pain all but went away. But there’s still a lot of work to be done so that things can get back to normal. I have gained more flexibility and mobility already for someone my age. All my physical problems in this case were caused by an imbalance and interference in the nervous system between the brain and other parts of the body which resulted in physical pain. The same is true with our psychic system. The reason we suffer psychologically is because we’re imbalanced and there is something interfering with messages from Heaven which are being sent down to help us all the time. We are getting in our own way.
         In this case it is the mind which is interfering. We need to let the cosmic doctor adjust our thinking so that we can begin to hear the cosmic messages. Vernon Howard put it this way, “We must not do with the mind what must be done with the spirit.” We are obsessed with negative thinking, which we don’t see as dark and hurtful, and our mind and this world do nothing but reinforce the wrong thinking patterns. We have a very bad habit, which is to try and think our way through life. It will never work. It will only lead to more problems, difficulties, heartaches and pain.
         You would think we would want to get well, but unfortunately the fact of the matter is we don’t want to get well. We are addicted to negativity and neurosis. We love the pain and suffering. We love the confrontations and arguments we have with other people. We love the rejection. All of these things we take as being normal, as being human. We live and almost everyone on the planet lives on a very low level. People don’t really want to get along. They outwardly say they do but inwardly they love the chaos, the struggle. This is why human beings keep killing one another. This is why the world is so dangerous and violent and this is why nothing will ever change unless you change as an individual. The world is never going to be any different but you can be. None of this is disheartening or negative in any way. This is what is. See it!
         I have to want to get well. I have to make the appointment to go see the Cosmic Doctor or Cosmic Chiropractor. And then I must follow the doctor’s instructions. Had I not gone to the chiropractor, listened to the diagnosis and agreed to the treatment, I would still be suffering from very bad back pain. I recently went to the dentist which brought up another example of the same principle. The dentist can’t force you to take proper care of your teeth. He can’t brush for you or floss for you to make sure food particles don’t stay between the teeth and eventually cause cavities. It’s costly, painful and time-consuming to have a cavity filled, so to avoid the problem in the first place, isn’t it practical and sensible to follow the dentist’s recommendations?
         I’ve been told what the problem is. Here is something I recently came across from a class note I had taken from a talk given April 1, 1989 and it reads, “Your obsession is with thinking about other people.” The problem is my incessant thinking about everything. The mind won’t leave me alone. It won’t shut up. I now have to take what I’ve been given and see the damage that is done every time I blow up, every time I get flustered, every time I unconsciously blab just to hear myself talk or give out unwanted advice. See it clearly and begin to develop a distaste for the negativity.
         The next time that politician lies or makes that inane statement I’m not going to react or get upset like I’ve done 10,000 times before. Or when that so-called friend makes that monumentally stupid remark in a public setting and somehow in my mind I think it reflects upon me. I worry that maybe others will think that I’m as stupid as he or she is because I associate with them. I’m the one who made the choice to believe I need that person in my life. Or maybe when it seems like the whole world is against me, I’m going to vow not to get mad or break down. I’m going to do something different with God’s help. I’m going to get myself out of the way and let something else handle it for me. I’m going to start to practice self-correction and eliminate self-deception as Vernon has instructed us to do so many times.
         You and I have a choice. I can choose to remain the way I am or I can start to turn the tables on the dark spirit which has been interfering and ruining my life for all these years. I can begin to see that everything starts with me and my unconscious thinking. In the book, Cosmic Command, Vernon Howard says, “We resist being hoaxed by others, but eagerly invite hoaxes perpetrated by our own muddled minds.”  The thing that has been pinching that nerve in my back can go away. I actually have the power, the ability to begin to turn things around.
         The human body is an incredible creation. But even more incredible is that something actually exists that created the human body. That same entity is still alive and well in the universe right now, contrary to what you or anyone else may say or THINK.  It is a wonderful day when you hear the voice of Truth and begin to see and feel for yourself that something actually exists above the human madness.

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     “In 2005 I got divorced, my children got so angry with me they haven’t spoken to me since and I made a very disastrous financial mistake. I now live in a small apartment instead of the beautiful home I once had. Am I complaining? NO WAY. I can say with all truthfulness that I am happier than I have ever been. I live alone but am not lonely. I almost never experience boredom even though I am retired with many hours spent alone. I have faced very painful truths about myself but thanks to Vernon Howard I began to see them as ways to freedom. Guilt was a constant companion for most of my life and letting go of it is a gift beyond price.”

With great love,
Bonnie H.


     “I am writing from Papua New Guinea, a very small country north of Australia.
     Two weeks ago I was checking for reading material in a bookshop when I came across the book titled The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power.
     Anyway I would like to say that I feel very happy when I am reading it. The information presented is so powerful that I read a chapter every time I come home after work. It really explicitly explains the true meaning of life. It provides me with insights and a clear vision of me being on this planet.
     I am so pleased that I could just take this time to thank you for the inspirational words and countless encouragements.

Thank you,
Roncy via e-mail

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