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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         Say goodbye to the seeker of security. The fundamental mistake is far deeper than you realize.
         Summary: There is an insecure entity with no real or permanent existence trying to attach itself to as many things in and outside as it can. No seeker, no real existence, no permanence. There is no one there who has to do anything at all. Now you want to understand, not seek. You only want to understand now.
         You always divide yourself into ‘me’ and an object of my search — what is going to satisfy me. The search is always satisfied, guaranteed. The seeker finds his rage, for example, and that becomes his reward. When you get the object of your search, you’re satisfied for a bit, but old haunting comes back.
         The seeker wants agitation! Seekers, cease to seek! You have no need of anything the mind imagines it needs. You don’t have to believe in yourself anymore.
         This is as far as I’m going in seeking. The seeker has to go out of existence. The searcher in you is your worst enemy, causing you trouble. There is something that exists in you that is apart from the seeker and that is the one thing that gives you real encouragement.
         You don’t want to save yourself. You want to save the seeker, the emotional self. With the disappearance of the effort person, the ‘trier’, then all the trails will disappear because you have disappeared. The answer is not at all what the seeker has given you. That consciousness, that seeing is the New You — eternal. There is nothing more to do.
         You can never do anything. Resolve to understand there is no center in your nature. That is letting go of the delusion. Give up. Lose yourself right in the middle of your fear. Let go of those enemies of God.
         When you see you can’t do it, it is done for you. Heaven is the absence of all your efforts to find heaven.

         Think of someone who you think might be able to help you find yourself. And you think association with that person could retain a certain sense of security you have, or maybe you could learn something from them.
         I’m telling you, you are making a mistake that unless you correct that mistake of depending on any other human being, you'll never find yourself in this life. And that would be the greatest tragedy that ever could happen to you or anyone else. Well of course, I'm trying to destroy your confidence in human beings! That is what real religion is all about.
         You want to lean on someone. Now you're going to sacrifice your soul and be weak toward him, and neither is going to get out. Your life is going to have to be shattered and just see that all there really is is emptiness.

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     “Thank you for your work in keeping this Good News alive and well. After years of searching I finally found a home.”

— Man via e-mail

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