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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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        This is you, three words only. And watch how familiar this is to you. Your bewildered, despairing statement and question is, “What’s the use?” You have said that over and over in school, “What’s the use of trying? I just can’t get that lesson. What’s the use of trying to get a little bit ahead? Always keeping up with the crowd. What’s the use? No matter which way I turn, the odds seem a million to one against me.”
         Now I am going to tell you something about that right now. You are going to destroy this false assumption that you have. There is not one single odd against you, say nothing less than a million or a billion.
    Not a single thing in reality is against you. You have put it there. And you’ve put it there because of your false love for “If I can’t be a winner, then I can have a self who’s at least a loser. And all sorts of bad little things can revolve around that. I can excuse criminal behavior. I can excuse being rude to people. I can excuse everything because I am a loser. I don’t want to be! I wanted to win. I wanted to be a good man, but I couldn’t be a good man. There are too many people against me.”
         All that is a part of the unconscious kingdom of evil. As it is allowed by you, individually — only you can do it and you must do it. As that phonograph record that has been playing in the cellar of your mind is allowed to come up, as you allow it to rise inside you — come up the stairs and through the door of the cellar — you suddenly know that that’s been your attitude. “What’s the use carrying on? I’ll never win. Why don’t I just give up?”
         Your little trick of discouragement, of feeling morose, that is your trick in which you tell yourself that this is how I win.
         See, you want to win a person there you can always talk about. You really don’t care the way you can love and hate yourself as long as there is a self there to do either one — or both. That’s why it is a pernicious pleasure for you to start crying, to get rageful and filled with vengeance towards your enemies because now you weren’t elected. You lost the election. You didn’t get the boyfriend. Someone else got the boyfriend. You didn’t make it after going to college. You didn’t make it commercially out in the world.
         See, why you wanted success and recognition in the first place was to try to pretend that you were a successful person. You can’t pretend that you’re successful because
    it’s not out there.
    All right. This can be your experience. You can know who you are if you find out who you are not and are willing to give up your simple delusion of being this or that. Now you’re an awake human being going through that door — the only one in the whole city of a million people who can walk through a door consciously, who can walk — this is right — walk through a door with God.
         You were one of them. Now you’re not one of them. They are all rushing nowhere and not one of them knows it. You understand everything. You understand that because you’re not a part of this world. All the time, you’re living from a higher world. A higher world in which there can be no pain because all the pain is below. All the pain is in the unconscious regions.
         You’re now awake, and your big aim in life, your marvelous really pleasurable aim in life is tomorrow to see even more — and you will.
         Now you go out of here with that determination. Cast away everything that gives you false pleasure, and you will know what authentic pleasure is.

         You have to stop remaining a victim of dark forces. Say to the witches (malicious forces) inside, “Away with you! I don’t want you. I don’t need you. You have been flying around in the darkness of the night of my unconscious long enough!”
         All you have to do: Put the flashlight on them. You don’t have to create the light, you have to receive it and direct it towards them. Darkness can’t stand light. So, you’re becoming a self-aware human being, and you deliberately do not feed the neurosis hanging around in the darkness inside.
         Don’t feed the animals. Don’t give egotistical attention to the self. Say, “I am going to bear my loneliness, my defeat and see what happens.” Something good will happen. Defy the lie that something bad will happen. Where are you seeking comfort in order to hang on to your idea of being good? The need for comfort, sympathy is arrogance.

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    “It’s hard to keep one’s nose above the water line but Vernon Howard is the Royal Lifeguard, always ready with a rescue boat and life-preserver!”

— Man in California via e-mail

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