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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2021

  • January 2021
  • February 2021

         Back in the days of Columbus, a ship’s captain wanted to go out and find new worlds like Columbus did, so he went to the king and asked the king for ships and supplies to discover new worlds. The king agreed, so the captain went down to the dock to see what he could take with him. He found one little ship, undermanned, with poor supplies. That’s all they had, so he set out to find new worlds. And a couple of hundred miles out he had to turn back in disappointment. He went back to the palace and told the king what had happened. Supplies were short, not enough men, and the ship was unseaworthy. The king was in an irritable mood that day and he began to feel as a lot of human beings do. He began to feel accused, to feel that the Captain was not grateful for what he had done for him.
         And sensing this, the captain made a statement that caused the king to really listen. “Sir,” the captain said, “Sir, I am not here to accuse but to correct.” The king paid attention. He was so intrigued by the polite boldness of the navigator, he eventually gave him the ships and the captain went on to find new worlds.
         Listen to the phrase: “I am not here to accuse but to correct.” First of all, this is what truth says to human beings. It says, “I am not here to hurt you but to help you.” The captain was just simply trying to make the king understand the situation and he was not accusing him – just discussing it to explain and correct the situation, which was finally corrected.
         You are going to have to be very open inside your hearts and inside your minds when truth comes to you and says, “I am not here to hurt you.” You think so. Of course, you think so. That is why you resist. That is why you fight. You still have the self-love. You won’t listen to anything outside of that.
    Here is an interesting fact. If you will let truth say that to you and you understand it and take it in with a right spirit when truth says, “I am not here to accuse but correct,” eventually that truth, that statement, that feeling will become so much a part of your life that you will begin to say it to your own nature; you will now pass it on to your own nature. Talking to yourself consciously and in the right way, you will be saying it to your old nature that wants to fight, that is afraid.
         There is a wide-awake part that says that phrase, so simple and beautiful, that you’ll be saying it to the parts that resist. “I did not come here to hurt you but to correct.” You are not working on yourself to harm anything inside yourself but to get rid of the harm.
         You know, people are so shy and timid and they hold back and you can see by their faces and by their manner that they are absolutely certain that Reality, Truth, God, call it what you want, that Reality is going to do something against them and so they run away.
         Remember that phrase. Truth, wherever you may encounter it, has only one purpose. Truth isn’t like human beings. It’s unlike human beings. Now just because you have been hurt since you’ve been a small child, which you have been by this world; just because you’ve been hurt by a former husband or wife or a friend, because you’ve been betrayed, why do you continue to think that truth is like that? It isn’t like that. But we understand that. All you’ve ever known is accusation, condemnation.
         But if you understand that the worst thing we can do is to continue on with our self-love, if you can begin to see that, you can begin to sense, “Wait, just a minute, maybe indeed I am my worst enemy after all! Maybe I am trying to get a solution where it can’t be found. I am trying to make it work up here [Vernon points to the brain] and it doesn’t work up there.” No, because the hurt is still there and it’s pretty bad, we don’t deny that. We know what a vicious world this can be. You suspect how bad the world is as it is. And you will also see along with that an astonishing thing that truth is the one and only rescue and oh how you will want to welcome it. 

         All the mental can do is get out of the way so the spiritual can be revealed. Silence! Pause! Wonder what it’s all about.
         How to substitute the spiritual for the mental: You are not to want anything from what you encounter out in the world. No desires, wants. The anxiety persists. The pain is still there — a basket with no bottom. You’re a want machine, the wrong thing to do. There is no fulfillment.
         Say, “I don’t want anything from anyone in this world.” Stick with that. You’re not going to crave, demand anything. Then you will worry over what’s going to become of you. Detect the insidious forces acting through you, using you. “I am not going to want anything from anyone. I don’t need it. My false nature needs it. No more wanting approval or pleasing people.”
         To get outside of your own life, use that exercise. No compromise. You’re in charge of the whole world by having nothing to do with it. That’s a condition of absolute authority; all power by no personal power.
         If you don’t want anything from anyone, God, Truth, Reality will give you everything you need.

  • March 2021
  • April 2021

    “Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of Vernon Howard alive. I was introduced to his books and teachings some time ago when I felt hopeless and helpless. I was filled with despair and felt that I could not go on for another day. The teachings of Vernon Howard saved my life and gave me hope that I could achieve happiness and tranquility if I was willing to take some very painful steps to change my thinking and my established belief systems. They have given me a life that I never dreamed I could have. Thank you so much for carrying on his wonderful work.”

— Man via e-mail

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