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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

July Monthly Lessons

From Vernon Howard Classes

     Here is a wonderful opportunity to take these powerful truths and put them to use in your daily life. The goal is self-enrichment and the result is new life-command. Remember, the knowledge in these lessons already exists in your higher nature. You need only ascend to the location within yourself. Other people have understood them and so can you.

Never Cringe Again

     You know how entrenched within is the heavy morose conviction, idea, that everything in the world is stronger than you. They can batter you at will, trick you, fool you and take advantage of you.
     Yes, that is true. The world is a million times too much for you; knocks you down, torments you financially, romantically, sexually. The prince of this low world uses everything and nothing seems to stop it. That's the way you think now.
     Question: What are you doing living in this world? You have no business being here! That question should startle you. Know that you belong to God though this earth belongs to Satan. When you see wrong things in the world and are appalled, then remember God is in charge and rise above it.
     Never cringe again over anything that is happening out there. Stop loving to be scared. You enjoy it. It is not your place to correct what is happening in the world. Wake Up! The way you are now is contributing to what is happening. When are you going to stop letting the world drain you? This world will try to convince you it is your friend.
     God is here. Nothing bad can ever happen to one who is living with the Spirit of Truth.


     “I am so delighted with my new entire collection of the Vernon talks on MP3 CD. I have them on my iPhone and my iPad and I have access wherever I go. Vernon is the best friend I’ve ever had! Since I got this collection, my blood pressure has actually gone down. Thank you for making these available. It feels good to know that they are preserved in a manner that is more lasting than the tapes. I am so grateful. And even the cases are covered with works of art!”

— Lady from Minnesota via e-mail

Let God Take Away All Sorrow

     Take this right step: It is not that other person or what's happening to this world, I am the problem to myself. Stick with that. The solution is where the problem is. There is no other enemy in the universe except your own inner wrongness. You worship your own wrongness instead of God. God wants to do one thing with you, which is to take away all sorrow. You side with Truth and let God take away all sorrow.

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