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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

June Monthly Lessons

From Vernon Howard Classes

     Here is a wonderful opportunity to take these powerful truths and put them to use in your daily life. The goal is self-enrichment and the result is new life-command. Remember, the knowledge in these lessons already exists in your higher nature. You need only ascend to the location within yourself. Other people have understood them and so can you.

Stop the Mistake

     If there are a million pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, that's not too many for truth to come in and straighten out. Think instead that all that is up to you is to want to know why the pounding puzzles are there and why you haven’t escaped them.
     It isn’t up to you to chase out the goblins. The knowledge that they are in there is your part; that is, honesty of your actual condition.
     You're not to fall into your usual sad self anymore. You don't need to feel embarrassed or awkward. Whatever happens to you, you're going to become a ruthless refuser. NO! I'm going to stop the mistake right here and now.
     Mistake: Because you've lost your spiritual birth certificate, you feel obligated to go along with, to yield to it “as if it is my duty to allow those emotions to make me feel bad. I don’t have to obey those emotions. NO! What is wrong with me that I want to feel bad?”


     “I am so delighted with my new entire collection of the Vernon talks on MP3 CD. I have them on my iPhone and my iPad and I have access wherever I go. Vernon is the best friend I’ve ever had! Since I got this collection, my blood pressure has actually gone down. Thank you for making these available. It feels good to know that they are preserved in a manner that is more lasting than the tapes. I am so grateful. And even the cases are covered with works of art!”

— Lady from Minnesota via e-mail

Badness is Pointless

     I have a startling and delightful announcement for you. An announcement that will change, uplift and inspire everything from moment to moment in your day. That announcement is: Sin is unnecessary, badness is pointless. To be tricky and devious has no needful place in your life. Badness is as useless and pointless as wheels on a boat.
     Anxiety, which is badness; hostility, which is badness; worry, which is badness — simply do not form a requirement in your personal life. You can live without being bad, without inflicting hostility on yourself.
     Evil has no permanence. Sickness has nothing to back it up. It’s a vapor that projects itself into your mind, and because you are immature and confused, that vapor seems to form a bad evil face — countenance. And so you think that the vapor has eyes, nose, mouth and the rest of the face. And you call it evil because you don’t understand it.
yourself, out of your ignorance and your false belief in your false existence, have created a force, a misused energy. You have taken natural, right elements within yourself and distorted them for one reason. Simply because you don’t know any better. Now you can know better.

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