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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

September Monthly Lessons

From Vernon Howard Classes

     Here is a wonderful opportunity to take these powerful truths and put them to use in your daily life. The goal is self-enrichment and the result is new life-command. Remember, the knowledge in these lessons already exists in your higher nature. You need only ascend to the location within yourself. Other people have understood them and so can you.

Who Are You Trying to Kid

     You want to get offended. You can’t live without enemies. Challenge your inner condition with “Who are you trying to kid?” Something has been pulling something over on you a long time. You are required to do something different when someone offends you.
Challenge your reaction with “Who are you trying to kid?” Speak to that anger, etc. Remember to do it! Evil spirits inside want to hurt you. Saying “Who are you trying to kid” has power over fifty trillion devils. That’s cooperation with God to speak to that anger, etc. You’re joining yourself with spiritual forces that know about trillions of evil spirits. Let Truth fight for you. You will know that dark forces are going against you and you will want to be on God’s side.

Stop Making Painful Choices

     You know very well that when I started this talk, I described your life. Now if I understand the negative parts of your life, the unhappy parts, do you think it might be possible that I also understand the possibility of you rising above it and not having to make choices at all except in daily affairs of course? And even then, they won’t be based on vanity but simply on practical considerations. Nothing is more beautiful than the first sensing that there is something that will be on your side to prove to you absolutely that there’s no one against you at all. No one!
     That fierce person you think is intimidating you, that situation that looks so horrible — I’m telling you it is a fake. And I’m telling you that you can see through the fake if you’re willing to see that you are presently living in fakery yourself; not because you’re basically evil, but because you fundamentally don’t understand.
     You are not condemned for anything. You are simply told that you don’t understand something. You don’t understand your life. You don’t understand, for example, that it’s not necessary to make painful choices between this and that. Your survival does not depend upon you making painful choices. Your new life depends upon you seeing that in truth, in reality from a very high place up there, no choices are necessary because you’ve got everything. See this and you’ll see that all can be well. All will be well. 


     “I am so delighted with my new entire collection of the Vernon talks on MP3 CD. I have them on my iPhone and my iPad and I have access wherever I go. Vernon is the best friend I’ve ever had! Since I got this collection, my blood pressure has actually gone down. Thank you for making these available. It feels good to know that they are preserved in a manner that is more lasting than the tapes. I am so grateful. And even the cases are covered with works of art!”

— Lady from Minnesota via e-mail

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