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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Special Spiritual Exercises

     Below are spiritual exercises and special lessons taken from classroom lectures by Vernon Howard. They are marvelous tools that can be applied to your life and will help you better understand what these teachings are
all about. Use them and gain the wonderful rewards and benefits which they can give you.

  • Transcend Yourself

         You will never ever in your whole life find a ‘place’ for yourself. Search as you will and try to tell yourself that ‘this is it’, you’ll never ever be able to believe it, no matter how successful your career is or how pleasant you call your domestic place. No matter how much you travel, you’ll never find authentic security because it doesn’t exist where you’re seeking it. You always want to find a ‘place’. You use the word place instead of using the word condition. And because you say, “I have to find a place,” that automatically conditions your mind into thinking that your place can be constructed with walls and a roof and you can be happy ever after. Instead of thinking of security and safety as salvation, think of salvation as being a condition.
         You think you’re your physical body and associate it with clothing and possessions which seem to back up the delusion that you’re your physical body, which you are not in Reality. You tend to carry that thinking over as you ponder self-liberty, so self-liberty also means to you something physical. You’re not realizing that spirituality isn’t physical. The physical is a temporary residing place just now, but we’re talking about forever.
         Consciousness is understanding that you are not the arms there and the voice that speaks. You’re not the medals, the money. Seeing that you’re not in Reality anything solid, physical — the body, the home — will help you to understand what freedom of spirit is.
         You explain: “I’m not in Reality anything I can see or anyone else can see. Not the physical being, the trophies, the property, nor the people. I’ve already proved that no matter how many homes, people, places or money I get for safety, I have self-uncertainty. Certainty, security, freedom can never be a place, and that’s exactly what I wrongly thought.
         “I can abandon altogether thinking of getting this, getting that. And I can think of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is real happiness, as a condition, a situation, the way things are in movement.
         “I can see my inner condition is unhappy, and trying to find a place for myself never satisfied the pain and the strain.”
         We’re here to understand how to stay out in the open. What happens to you? You lose the self that was suffering so terribly. Isn’t that nice? Staying out here where it’s limitless in the boundless world, the timeless world, the whole mystery becomes solved — the mystery you tried to solve which never succeeded.
         You’ve allowed yourself to get out of the way so that the mystified person is no longer there. He’s disappeared. The sunlight has made him disappear. It is us that has to be solved, not some outside mystery. There’s no self, except in imagination and delusion.
         I know how difficult it is for you to understand what it means to be free and happy by disappearing from life. You’re saying, “Well, who’s going to experience this freedom? Who’s going to be saved? You say, in order to be saved, I must disappear as someone who wants to be saved. I just don’t get it.”
         Your idea of being saved is to preserve the delusion of you being you. That’s not being saved. It’s being lost.
         I have just answered that horrible cry of “If I disappear, give up my acquired conditioned self, my delusory self, as you say I must do, then who’s going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Who’s there to enjoy it?”
         Look, wherever you go is the kingdom of hell. You can’t go to heaven. You’re thinking real hard about this because you’re terrified as I’m telling you what to do. You’re resisting it, fighting it. You don’t want to let yourself go.
         God says if you will let yourself go, you will be you but a ‘new you’, not one you think about.
         You’re trying to avoid the fact that you have one thing only to do which is to see through yourself. Seeing through yourself is the same thing as the disappearance of yourself.
         If you transcend yourself, get up into the vast clear world, there’ll be no one to think about because your mind will not go with you. You’ve left it in back of you. God gives you His Spirit. You are not your mind, you are the ‘Spirit of God’ if you let him give you His Spirit.
         You scream, “There has to be another way!” You listen to me. There is no other way. You either give up or you don’t give up. That should be the purpose of your life. Don’t believe in the fear that says, “Don’t go on that spiritual path.” Fear is always false, it’s a lie.
         You have nothing real or valuable or eternal to lose. You think you have. It’s wrong thinking and has punished you long enough. If you give up your life you will have Life. You give up life with a small ‘l’ and you’ll have Life with a capital ‘L’.
         Go forward in spite of the fear while trembling and shaking. That calls the bluff on the false foundation of fear. Gradually truth itself will change your inner nature and you’ll know that this is where you really belong and where you will stay forever.

  • A Sense of Urgency
  • The Witness Self
  • Spiritual Regeneration
  • Exclaim NO!
  • The Voice of Reality
  • Suspend and See
  • Refuse to Fall Asleep
  • Practice Self-Honesty
  • Stop Yourself
  • I Don't Belong Here

     “Thank you so very much. I love Vernon Howard. He was a great prophet that I continue to enjoy reading, watching his videos and listening to his
great sayings.
   He continues to inspire and lift our souls to the highest levels of our being. He is truly
a master in contacting the divine within to inspire us all.”



     “Vernon Howard was always and forever living proof that there is something else.”

— Regina N., Retired Teacher

All of the above exercises were transcribed by Sally Forrest or Regina Netherton from a class lecture.

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