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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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     Here is a new and exciting ongoing series of articles written by New Life Students who have been attending classes for a number of years. They have experienced the benefits of coming to class on a regular basis for themselves. Life throws challenges at us all the time so why not learn to deal with them consciously and effectively. Read and enjoy these helpful and insightful essays which will cover a wide variety of life topics.

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    Be Responsible for My Own Reactions by Regina Netherton
         I’m sitting out in the sun on a magnificent spring morning. The crabapple trees are ablaze with crimson blooms. The birds are singing joyfully as they welcome springtime. The purple and lavender phlox and columbines are flowering. Everything seems to be in harmony and happy to exist. What a delight!
         Yet, it’s a different story with people! I recently dealt with a very irate woman on the phone. Her demands were very unreasonable and her demeanor unpleasant. At New Life we’ve been studying how attitudes run this world. This lady had an unconscious attitude that her capricious demands be met. This led to frenzied thoughts and wild emotions that dictated her wrong behavior. That’s psychic hypnosis and a perfect example of how darkness invades the mind and feelings of individuals to cause problems on every level.
         Here’s one way higher principles have helped me. Before coming to New Life my reaction to this woman’s tirade would most definitely have been fear and anger. My weakness would have given her power over me. I might have even lashed out at her angrily and contributed to the sickness of this world. No more blaming the outer world for anything! I’m learning that critical, difficult people have no power independent of me. They simply don’t. My fear is their power.
         So instead of being controlled by unconscious mechanical forces, as this lady was, I must turn my attention back to myself and observe my own reaction. Awareness of my inner state is an absolute necessity. Was there anger, resentment or uneasiness hiding in me, for example? If so, my wrong reaction and attitudes are the real problem. Even though the caller was cantankerous and quarrelsome, I am fully responsible for my reaction to her! Once it is understood that our level of spiritual maturity is the cause of all problems and pain, we’ll want nothing more than to increase both inner and outer awareness.
         But the truth that can save us is not at all popular and here is why. Do you think that woman could accept being told that she herself is the only cause of her difficulties? No, she couldn’t, because the hardened beliefs and the egotism that control most people’s lives do not want to allow the Truth itself to melt them down.
         It’s imperative to stop deceiving ourselves and admit the position we’re in. Our suffering is trying to tell us that we’re wrong and we must see how bad it is before God can show us how good it is. To quote Vernon, “Many times a day shine the flashlight back on yourself and ask, ‘Am I in a harmful state right now?’ Answer yes. Name it. It will always be negative. Don’t try to change what you see, and don’t fight it.”
         We should be jubilant about this because it is the authentic way out! Honest observation of our actual condition is what transforms our nature.


   “I wanted to thank you for keeping the banquets and New Life going. The atmosphere there is very unique and I can see how man could tarnish and corrupt the simplicity of both. Thanks again.”

— Man in California  via e-mail

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