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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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Vernon Howard eTalks
     There are 14 new eTalks available. All the new digital downloads have a flashing NEW next to them.
There are now a total of 105 Vernon Howard titled talks available for digital download at a fantastic price. These talks were specifically chosen by Vernon Howard from his lectures. They are the best of the best, containing beautiful higher truths and covering a wide variety of inner life topics. Order today!           (Last updated November 1, 2018)

4 More Beautiful New Editions
     Rediscover these wonderful books listed below: 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, Solved — The Mystery of Life, Secrets for Higher Success and The Power of Esoterics. Easier to read, larger print and more contrast. Previous editions of the above titles on sale for 50% OFF. Order Today!

Upcoming New Life Banquets
Join us for a delightful banquet in Westminster, CA on Saturday, May 11. Make reservations today. Additional classes May 8, 10 & 12. Richard Wooldridge will conduct the entire class May 8.
     The next one will be the July banquet in Pagosa Springs, CO (July 12, 13 & 14). For more details

Stop Loving Complaint
     This is the work project for the entire New Year. On DVD 26-1 and Blu-ray 9-5 Vernon Howard spends the whole talk speaking on this very destructive activity of mankind. “When you accuse another person you are saying the other person is wrong and that you are always right. Of course I’m right — didn’t I accuse?”

California Class Change
     After the first of the year 2019, the Wednesday class no longer meets in Pasadena. The class has moved to our Westminster location and is held every Wednesday at 7:30 PM. For more details

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     Our Spring/Summer Newsletter has been printed and mailed to everyone on our mailing list. If you’re not on our list and would like to receive a free copy, contact us with your mailing address. If you’ve had a recent change of address, please send us your old address and new address and we will change it in our database.
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Frequently Asked Questions
     Here are some frequently asked questions that we have heard over the years. The responses should help to give you a better understanding of these life-healing teachings. Take them in with a receptive spirit and many mysteries will be dissolved in the light of higher understanding.  FAQs 1

(Last updated March 1, 2019)

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Points to Ponder
     Powerful insights written by New Life Foundation Director, Richard Wooldridge. Richard has been with New Life since 1975. Points to Ponder

(Last updated March 1, 2019)

     For a free printed copy of 40 Inspiring Guides to a New Life on nice textured design paper, just Contact Us. It is 8" x 11". (This is NOT the same size as the 18”x24” poster offered at $10).

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Spiritual Exercise
     Learn how to apply these life-healing principles. Here are specific exercises that can be used in your daily life to help you defeat what now defeats and hurts you. The latest one is: Transcend Yourself

(Last updated March 1, 2019)

Take Charge of Life!

     Here is a new and exciting ongoing series of articles written by New Life Students who have been attending classes for a number of years. They have experienced the benefits of coming to class on a regular basis for themselves. Life throws challenges at us all the time so why not learn to deal with them consciously and effectively. Read and enjoy these helpful and insightful essays which will cover a wide variety of life topics.

Wildflowers Stony PassDo It Now! Get It Done! Bang! Bang! Bang! by Katherine Pascal
     When society gave me “The Dance of Life,” its choreography wasn’t what I wanted. I needed real answers and that meant I needed Vernon Howard’s teachings.
     The Vernon Howard exercise  “Do it Now! Get it Done! Bang! Bang! Bang!” has saved me tons of trouble and has given me profound insights. It’s miraculous to reclaim your life and to be in correct charge of it. I have the power to do what I’m avoiding instead of crumbling under the pressure. Vernon called the crumbling the Avoid-Dance. The Avoid-Dance keeps me moving mechanically on the railroad tracks of my false nature. I want to avoid making that phone call but I make that call anyway. I put off what I have to do, but I do it anyway. Choice is a power. It’s a rocket ship that takes me outside of myself. I can rightly revolt and surprise the devil who is stirring up hell, trying to crush my spirit using misdirection and counting on me to stay in a hypnotic, paralyzed state. However, I can live a different life.
     When I had to call an irritable, harsh, complaining client to discuss business, I delayed the call, forecasting doom. I believed the client could psychologically hurt me.  But nagged by my avoidance, I remembered “Do it Now!” I called the client and when I heard his voice, I did not cave in. Instead of the disaster I had feared, we completed our business efficiently. I was so relieved. I realized that only when I am out of the comfort zone of myself can I learn. The client had no power whatsoever over me. My machine gun of ideas about him caused me a lot of trouble but they were based on false assumptions. He was really bluffing, conning me into falling under his spell of intimidation, which I usually did. This time was different! The reward was feeling the pure satisfaction of knowing I had done the right thing. I wondered why I had waited so long to experience the relief of “Doing it Now.”
     Vernon’s work always pleasantly surprises, destroys fixed false beliefs, and provides answers until there are no questions left. Truth is always the antidote spring-loaded to propel us to a higher inner level. We never know when the refreshing rain of Heaven will breathe real life into us when we follow these life-healing principles.
     What is the value of the “Do It Now” exercise? Knowing Truth is stronger than anything; that there is no load too difficult for God to lighten; that I am rewarded for personal effort like a man given as much land as he can walk over in one day; that I can let Truth catch me because there’s another way to live; that I can take charge of my life; that the Truth itself is the miracle within. I am profoundly grateful to Vernon Howard. All he wanted for us was to wake up!


   “I went onto the New Life site and clicked on ‘What’s New’. Along with the Lessons and Daily Quotes, I am learning to be in the light and although I am just a novice at this, I want to change and not listen to my false self any longer. Vernon Howard was an Advanced Soul and his teachings are Universal. Thank you for posting food for the Spirit.”

— Man via e-mail

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