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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

How to End Suffering Archive 1

     The commentary series below is focused on a particular negative emotion, painful feeling, negative trait or  state of human beings that causes us tremendous pain and suffering. Perhaps you will recognize that you yourself have had personal experience with this condition. You’ll find the explanation of how it causes suffering and how it produces detrimental effects in your daily life. You will also be shown how Truth can help you to lessen these effects and how you can eventually eliminate them from your life altogether. A new negative characteristic of human nature will be gone into each month. It will be great fun to explore these things in order to help us see through them and to be rid of them.

  • Vernon Howard

         Here is an excerpt from a Vernon Howard talk given December 21,1988. You will find it very insightful and necessary for your spiritual growth. You can find this talk on Vernon Howard’s Higher World – Volume 25.

    Don’t Fall in Love with Being Lost by Vernon Howard
         The deliberate invitation for badness to be destroyed within is one of the first small preliminary signs that you, as a wanderer on the path, have decided to decide all over again to allow the destruction of the phony belief in the supremacy of your ways and choices.
         You’re going against not just the whole world of wickedness; you’re not just going against that. You’re going against everything you have labeled as good for me. That boyfriend is good for me. You haven’t the slightest notion of what is good for you. You only know what is bad for you, and you call it good. That’s the wrong path.
         I’m telling you, face the fact I just gave you. That everything in this world is against you waking up. Everything is working against it, everyone you know. The lies hurled at you since you were a little kid. The lies, which were intended to keep you getting worse and worse, the lies are numbered by the trillions.
         Don’t fall in love with being lost! That’s taking one of the wrong roads. You listen to the way I state it; it will help you. Right now, tonight, you will give attention to falling out of love with being sad, with thinking you have to figure things out. You can’t figure things out! Don’t be afraid to face that.

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   “I’m so enthused and grateful to have found the teachings of Vernon Howard. I have been searching for years and at last have found something that makes perfect sense!”

— Woman  via e-mail

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