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Vernon Howard is probably the clearest writer on these subjects in the English language.”    
— Human Behavior Magazine

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     Vernon Howard's talks are available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
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The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power
     This classic bestseller presents the great spiritual, psychological and mystical truths in a simple manner, making them practical for daily use by men and women. You will discover how the great teachers over the  centuries have really taught the same truth. You will read inspiring historical stories of those who dared all for Truth — and found wisdom and peace at last. This book belongs in the library of every serious spiritual student.
#B01 – Soft-cover book (256 pages) – $12

Throughout the centuries spiritual understanding has been transmitted by means of vivid mental pictures and parables. This book focuses on the power of the mind to create mental pictures that harmonize with spiritual laws. Hundreds of thousands of readers have been helped by this book.
#B02 – Soft-cover book (256 pages) – $14

A Treasury of Trueness
     This magnificent volume is filled with beautiful gems of wisdom given by Vernon Howard over a 20-year period in his personal classes. These nuggets of Higher Knowledge are arranged in 250 categories including:  The Secret of Happiness … The Power of Instant Recovery … Cancel Past Mistakes …
Wisdom About Wolves … The Blunt and the Beautiful … The Value of a Clear Mind.
#B03 – Soft-cover book (222 pages) – $12

The Power of Your Supermind
     This book provides esoteric wisdom, including many answers which at first seem strange. As you follow the step-by-step guides, strangeness is replaced by new insight. This great change uplifts everything in a new way you can and will feel — clearly, definitely, personally.
#B04A – Soft-cover book (256 pages) – $16

El Poder de su Supermente
     Este libro proporciona la sabiduría esotérica, incluyendo muchas respuestas que al principio parezcan extrañas. Pues usted sigue las guías paso a paso, la extrañeza es substituida por la nueva penetración. Este gran cambio eleva todo de una nueva manera que usted puede y que sentirá - claramente,  definitivamente, personalmente.
#B04B – Libro de la cubierta suave (260 páginas) – $8

Secrets for Higher Success
     This easy-to-read but profoundly powerful book shows how the drabness and frustration of everyday life can be transformed into a vital life-changing experience. Its 72 short stories all have the same aim — to lead each man and woman to a higher place within, giving conquest over fear and every other unwanted condition. This book was formerly titled The Power of Psycho-Pictography.
#B05 – Soft-cover book (192 pages) – $15

Your Power of Natural Knowing
     Here is one of the most inspiring books you will ever read. It will reveal to you precise methods for awakening the intuitive knowledge already existing within you. Learn how to slow down the mind so you can  hear the constantly present whispers of Truth. Live in perfect guidance in all your daily affairs. This book will make your spirit soar like an eagle.
#B06 – Soft-cover book (200 pages) – $11

There is a Way Out
     In these pages you will hear questions and comments from all kinds of people — from the sincere and the anxious, from those who yearn for the way out and from those who have found it. Open it anywhere and find  answers, answers which you will sense as being wonderfully friendly and helpful.
#B07 – Soft-cover book (224 pages) – $9

700 Inspiring Guides to a New Life
     The guides in this book contain dynamic principles for revealing a totally new world to you. Some guides supply unique information, while others awaken fresh inspiration. Each is a complete and independent  contributor to daily enrichment. You will read many fascinating stories about men and women who are winning the same special success you wish to find. Choose whichever path you prefer for the day: 1) Start with any numbered guide and read for awhile. 2) Select and benefit from one of the Practical Reading Programs.
#B08 – Soft-cover book (148 pages) – $9

The Power of Esoterics
     This book contains 144 different stories, each teaching a basic principle of esoterics. Each story is followed by seven short lessons which apply to the story in one way or another and which explain its meaning. It contains a total of 1008 of these power-packed and simplified wisdoms. They are among the most valuable guides in existence. Like pearls in a necklace, each has individual value, yet connects with the whole.
#B09 – Soft-cover book (190 pages) – $12

Cosmic Command
     This book can change your entire life. These 2252 facts are kindly and helpful friends which guide you to a free life, giving you new and permanent power over every daily event.
    Carry this book with you and make the most of spare moments by reading a page or two. Your class can be wherever you are.
#B10 – Soft-cover book (182 pages) – $10

Esoteric Mind Power
     Here you will  find a grand summary of all the powerful truths discovered by the great minds of ancient times and of today. Eastern teachings and Western wisdoms are blended into one volume. Each paragraph is a complete thought, easy to understand and just as easy to apply personally.
#B11 – Soft-cover book (202 pages) – $11

Treasury of Positive Answers
     This popular book offers 760 questions and answers to guide students, in simple language, to the Higher Life. The goal is self-enrichment and the result is new life-command. You will discover practical plans for  traveling from where you are to where you really want to be.
#B12 – Soft-cover book (148 pages) – $9

Solved — The Mystery of Life
     This book is for anyone who wants to know what life is all about. Vernon Howard uses the mystery of Dracula to reveal hundreds of advanced spiritual truths. You'll learn amazing facts about evil and how to release the cosmic power within you which will keep you safe and perfectly protected at all times.
#B13 – Soft-cover book (222 pages) – $13

Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge
     This book features a truly encyclopedic course in esoteric knowledge. It includes dozens of fascinating stories about men and women who found a new world for themselves. These esoteric teachings can banish problems just as swiftly as they are permitted to do their good work.
#B14 – Soft-cover book (254 pages) – $14

Pathways to Perfect Living
     Discover a gratifying new way for success in daily perfect living. Read case histories of everyday men and women who learned about the amazing “Third Way of Thinking.” Then, if you truly wish the power of perfect  living above all else, you too can receive its riches through this book.
#B15 – Soft-cover book (238 pages) – $12

The Mystic Masters Speak
     Here is the concentrated wisdom of the ages, 1360 quotes (with index) from 218 of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. Here are the authentic answers to all the questions which have haunted mankind down  through the centuries ... inspiring to all readers ... an invaluable resource for speakers and writers.
#B16 – Soft-cover book (274 pages) – $15

Inspire Yourself
     This book contains hundreds of stories which are much more than mere entertainment. Each is a penetrating parable offering fundamental facts by which anyone can obtain riches he never dreamed existed. These guides invite you to believe in your True Nature, which IS the answer.
#B17 – Soft-cover book (188 pages) – $10

1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle
     You CAN live with mental independence of the human jungle, even while active in it. Here are 1500 of the clearest, most on-target Higher Thoughts you will ever read. This book guides you toward the kind of life you have always wanted, so release its powers into your day.
#B18 – Paperback book (206 pages) – $10

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