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Vernon Howard is probably the clearest writer on these subjects in the English language.”    
— Human Behavior Magazine

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     Vernon Howard's talks are available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
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Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony
     The beautiful truths contained in these 6 dynamic talks can set you free and heal you. The 270 total minutes of power-packed lessons are available on either the MP3 format, where all 6 talks are recorded on a single CD.
    This is a special action program with 12 specific exercises. Hear Vernon Howard explain: what will actually change you; how to start to be strong for yourself; how to save energy to change yourself; how to cancel out every pain; how to be free right now; overcoming the great barrier of self-deception; how to stop fawning before the world and explaining yourself to others; how to no longer go along with others’ wrong demands; how the world is controlled by unconscious attitudes; why it’s important to not fight for or against anything; how to stop depending on the intellect; why it’s so important to not fall into the trap of growing old; how to acquire a new middle name: ‘regardless of the consequences’; how the whole world can be  explained; oneness with truth itself; methods for going beyond mere information and much more.
    Also you will receive the FREE companion booklet Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony with your purchase.

C3A – MP3 Compact Disc – $20

The Secret of Spiritual Awakening
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
Your Treasure of Higher Pleasure — Heavenly messages; a fact is a beautiful thing; real humility.
Truth Never Condemns You — Light has its own life; truth cannot be touched by evil; true relief.
Awaken to a New Dawn in Life — Being different; seeing contradictions; spiritual living space.
Let This Talk Awaken You — God can handle anything; a mature mind; spiritual daring.
Secrets the Whole World Should Hear — Endless marvels; permanent safety; genuine help.

C3B — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

Powerful Techniques for Self-Rescue
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
How to Escape Your Noisy Mind — The space between two thoughts; let truth come to you.
How to Be Happy with Yourself — Your cosmic castle; the water of truth; find real life.
How to Own Your Own Life — When your heart is right; consciousness; right recognition.
Conquer Stress While Sleeping — Steps to end stress; human pain explained; real virtues.
Never Again Be Blamed and Hurt — Feel free; stop explaining yourself; you can undo the past.

C3C — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

Heavenly Help Awaits You
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
Find Heaven on Earth — The power of choice; God, Truth, Reality actually exists.
The Help You Really Want to Find — The spiritual process; being honest; real strength.
Stop Hurting Yourself — Identification; real self-rescue; eternal life elucidated.
The Miracle of a New Life — Power of silence; right emotion; the only thing you need.
The Higher Teachings of Christ — Advanced spiritual truths; thought is the enemy.

C3D — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

The Key to Spiritual Life Healing
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
Power to Heal — Obstacles; know what to be; the cure exists right now.
Live with Yourself in Comfort — Truth is everything; cupcake conquerors; “I am not that.”
Welcome These Healing Waves — Wounded bear story; ignorance is not fatal; real happiness.
The Field of Diamonds — Find true wealth; a pure heart; acquire cosmic confidence.
Take Charge! — The solution to all problems; authentic salvation.

C3E — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

Practical Guides to Healthy Relationships
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
Live with True Confidence — About dependency and approval; never be dismayed again.
Sex and Romance and You — How you really feel; love is indifference to human charm.
What a Woman Really Wants from a Man — Answers you’ve been looking for all your life; naturalness.
Why You Should NOT Help Other People Spiritual self-responsibility; possess nothing; right suspicion.
Win Your Own Life Back — Truth will never betray you; fighting is false fun.

C3F — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

Let a Higher Spirit Guide You
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
Here is Your Highway to Home — How to get home; who the real enemy is; real security.
A Library of Powerful Truths — The 3 types of human beings on earth; spiritual discipline.
A Special Method for Ending Troubles — An older supertape which has not been available for some time. It is now only available on this MP3 CD.
The Secret Weapon That Guarantees Victory — The point of your life; the waves never lie; wrong demands.
Inspiring Interviews with Vernon Howard — Questions & answers about these truths from live interviews.

C3G — MP3 Compact Disc — (7 Hours) — $20

Find Higher Safety & Security
A few of the lessons contained on each talk:
A complete course in good and evil
The Mystery of Dracula

A 2 part set (4 tracks) which gives a clear explanation of darkness and light. It shows us how invisible evil is made visible to us so that we can put an end to the storms of life. Discover how God has won.
Victory Over Harmful Forces
A 2 part set (4 tracks) that explores being possessed by anything that causes you mental pain or torment and how to conquer it. You will hear powerful life-healing facts that will protect you forever.

C3H — MP3 Compact Disc — (6 Hours) — $20

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