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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

How I Use Vernon Howard Principles
in My Daily Life 2

     Below are examples of how students of these teachings apply specific exercises in their daily lives. Perhaps it will inspire you to work harder and will help clarify how to use these teachings to increase understanding and insight and to view every event that comes your way as an opportunity for higher learning. When we are truly working on ourselves there is always more to learn and understand. We need all the help we can get. The world is becoming more insane by the second. Learn more about how you can take charge of life and be grateful that a genuine method actually exists for us to rise above this crazy world. See and discover for yourself that this work can actually, factually make a difference in your life.

  • Regina Netherton

    Regina Netherton     It’s so very interesting how this all works. I remember hearing a whole talk by Vernon on Understanding. He said that was all we needed. I remember seeing an inner reaction of disappointment and resistance. It seemed to me (actually, to the false self, but I didn’t know that then) that there were so many more things needed. But (1) by persistence, (2) by continuing to study, (3) by breaking thought and trying to stay awake, (4) by remembering to ask for higher help, (5) by keeping notes nearby to help us remember to do the work, and (6) by practicing self-release when we are nervous or in pain, everything gradually changes. Our attitudes change, because we now see that understanding really is what we need. Now, there is nothing in life more rewarding, more exciting, than gaining more understanding.
         Taking a truth statement like the following one, writing it down, and working with it helps understanding to grow. “THE FEW HUMAN BEINGS WHO  FINALLY MAKE IT OUT REFUSE ABSOLUTELY TO POINT THE FINGER OUT THERE.”
         If, instead of sleeping my life away, I will work with the basic principles to watch what is going on inside every minute and not say “I” to whatever is there, and not try to change it, but to shine a light into the inner darkness, it then becomes more clear that there is a sly impostor, a pretender, and many dragons (demons) within that are running and ruining my life. I have been calling them me, but they are not me. This is what separates us from who we really are. This is the only problem any of us has. It’s like a movie projector sending out scary scenes that we think are real. It is very exciting to become a better detective and to expose the hoaxer, the hypocrite, the insolent impostor, the pain causer, and in the process, to get our life back. Indeed, if we are honest about what we see, and will go through the hell of becoming conscious of the unconscious (e.g., fear, worry, anger and  much more) we can change what we are getting, and we do have a chance to solve the Mystery of Life. Nothing is more practical.
          “Understanding the mind is everything, that is, seeing what is going on inside and knowing it is not me.” The trouble is, I don’t work hard  enough and I fall back to sleep! And there are still many parts which would rather sleep and parts that want to be lazy. So I have to see I can’t do anything for myself except to ask Heaven to keep me awake and to do for me what I can’t do for myself. And then I must try to work all the harder, which appears to be a paradox but really isn’t.
         It is truly thrilling when one sees that by really doing the work, outer problems start to disappear. What was a giant crisis for me recently became a little molehill by following the instructions of turning my attention to the inner condition and staying with the pain, the fear, the inner chaos. By not trying to find an answer to the problem with the thought-self and by practicing self-release, I can move up the mountainside. Amazing, isn’t it, that nearly everyone rejects these  principles, our only true friends?
         Vernon gave us a chance for something incredible. Here’s how unique it is. Vernon said he doubted if 10 men in history have gone this far (DVD #35 — Five Steps to Sanity & Certainty). How far? He said it takes many years of going through the stages of giving up calling oneself either a right or a wrong person, of not calling it ‘me’ at all, and of “finally approaching the stage of sanity and certainty, where there is no you there anymore.” Vernon offered us a chance for a new and eternal life, but we have to persist and to put  these Truth Principles first every day.

  • Dave Netherton
  • Karen West
  • Roy Pascal
  • Katherine Pascal

     “I just want you all to know how much Mr. Howard’s work has been of benefit to me and other people I know. Thank you so much for sharing this wise information so freely and with great skill. I am deeply appreciative!

— Janet S., Iowa via e-mail


     “Thanks for helping me be who I really am.

— Man from Illinois via e-mail


     “I’ve read Vernon Howard’s books and listened to his talks steadily for the last 25 years. I think I’ve read 90% of the other books on self-development and as yet, none has made the deep and lasting impression  on me as has Vernon’s. His passing was a loss to us but the Truth he left behind remains alive and well.”

— Lady from California via e-mail

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