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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2019 September Banquet

         A perfect setting in Strawberry, Arizona, of fall colors with sunshine, natural breezes moving through the trees, and some light rains to cool the pine forests ushered in New Life’s September banquet. It infused us with renewed energy and enthusiasm for observing and uncovering new truths. Banquets provide a chance and a challenge to go deeper into studying who we are not and who we can be. Being up close and personal with many other students can show us much more about ourselves, exposing falseness we hadn’t yet seen and inspiring a change of nature.
         Class Wednesday night centered around Talk 4 from DVD 3, about how we can “Start Life All Over.” Bill Brown described Vernon Howard’s forceful admonition to “throw back those covers, get out of that bed,” to shock the lazy self awake. One speaker illustrated our situation: he said to imagine an enemy 1. who is invisible, 2. who can put thoughts in your mind and 3. who makes you think they are your own thoughts. That describes perfectly what we’re up against. But we are also constantly reminded not to be intimidated by our wrong thoughts and that it is possible to rise above them.
         “How to Live Serenely in a Violent World” was the fascinating chapter from Pathways to Perfect Living explored at the Saturday banquet morning class. New Life director Richard Wooldridge began with that firm, uncompromising fact from Vernon that “there is only a spiritual solution,” not one for finances and another for relationships or careers, etc. Both Richard and Vernon commanded, “Stop wasting your money,” which is both a practical and a spiritual instruction. Richard went on, “Your level got you into that situation.” When we see ourselves repeating our destructive behavior, we must say firmly, “This has to stop!” As Vernon often says, “Awareness of your badness is good.”
         On Sunday, the metaphor of water representing Truth from DVD 31, Talk 1 was used to explain that, just as water carved the Grand Canyon, authentic truth can also wear down our stubborn rock-hard heads. Like water which drips and slowly dissolves rock, coming to every class and loving what we’re hearing is able to do what we cannot do to change our hardened natures. Vernon said you cannot expect to come to one class and hear just one thing and be magically changed. You have to go out, experience mistakes (which he eloquently enumerates) and then “Come on back! Come on back every time…no matter what happens to you!” Richard reminded us that we are never condemned, but must see and understand, then make the necessary corrections.
         Reference was also made to an old favorite talk, “Conquer Stress While Sleeping,” which appears on the MP3 CD Powerful Techniques for Self-Rescue, currently on sale on the New Life website and in our latest newsletter.  This talk is about how we go out each morning with a basket full of preferences and “our preference meets the fact.” So we flounder and can’t sleep at night. The first talk explains a nighttime exercise, and is also full of humor (about a man who goes to his club but fails to be awarded the Chief Racoon of the Year award. “Pity his poor wife when he gets home.”)
         Entertainment followed the talks, with much good humor in skits and jokes, a poem and limericks, songs and dancing. A delicious Italian menu was served of homemade lasagna, spaghetti and rich sauces and more, followed by outstanding desserts. We were also greeted each morning before classes with hot coffee, quiches, fruits and more.
         Comments from students on Sunday were offered before parting:
         “This was a five-star banquet, with no 6-stars.”
         We were “free from ourselves for a while,” and with that empty space were “able to learn something new.”
         “The pleasant cooperation” enabled us to work together efficiently. “The work at New Life is well-organized and practical.” One person said the atmosphere provided “a calming energy,” not at all chaotic or frantic like that imposed upon us by the world.
         “The final Sing-along in the entertainment of ‘Brighten the Corner Where you Are’ was the most enthusiastic of any banquet ever.”
         So “come on back” home and plan to attend classes or one of our upcoming banquet get-togethers. You will receive something higher that cannot be expressed in words, but will be felt by the heart.

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     “I so appreciate your many hours of effort for the work. I love the website and updates. I contribute my great joy for this life and beyond to the Truth that Vernon so aptly put forth for us in his many delightful books and recordings. What would I do without them? Thank you for continuing to spread the word.”

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