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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2021 Pagosa Springs Banquet

         New Life banquets are an ideal place to make a fresh start, to drop the past, to leave thoughts of the future behind and to experience the magic of the present cosmic moment. We were told by Vernon Howard to “live purely in the now.” As director Richard Wooldridge said, “If we are connected to the entire universe, then how can there be loss?”
         Pagosa Springs, Colorado is a perfect spot to enjoy God’s country and learn how to “love the Creator, not the creation.” For Sunday’s class we climbed the “Happy Trail” to an outdoor pergola in a bright green mountain setting, a place to relax and be receptive to where we are at the moment. What is my inner state? What is around me? Wild asters and columbine, a robin singing?

    Talks for the weekend were centered around the theme of “How to Smash Barriers and Speed Ahead” from Chapter 14 of The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power. A common underlying difficulty was exposed: though we study the facts, we are not seriously applying them to daily life. As Bill said Friday, “You can’t suffer unless you see yourself as a ‘victim’; but I’m a victim only because I won’t obey spiritual instructions.” We may agree with the idea to ‘Take no thought for the morrow’ [quoted by Vernon from Matthew 6], then we ignore it. Vernon says in this chapter, “We might as well turn into stones if we are not going to do this.” Bill gave a cautionary but uplifting quote: “Dark forces are able to trick you any time. Just do a little more inner work than you want and you’ll make it.”
         On Saturday, Richard explained more about our resistance to following higher instructions. Doug mentioned this contradiction: “We were attracted to New Life and Vernon Howard because we were in pain, then we don’t want to give up our suffering. So I must ‘dare to risk more than I’m willing to risk.’”
         Richard explained we’re not following natural laws because we’re always being tricked by the intellect. “Some of you are trying to process this with your mind. You have to feel something. Don’t think about it.” He said the situation or problem you’re experiencing is not real at all. Vernon cautions, “Do not let the gap between where you are and where you want to be discourage you…. Forget all else and walk ahead.” Our thoughts try to convince us, ‘I’m the exception; I can’t do this.’ “Vernon said you can do this; it can be done.”
         On Sunday, Moe reminded us to relax, and then provided a nice review of the helpful weekend insights. He asked us to prove what we’re learning for ourselves: “Am I better off because I come here?... Nothing is omitted in this work; Vernon explained everything.” Gary said that we forget to look up where something there can help us. Encouraging persistence, Moe quoted, “Endured self-exposure is the cure,” which leads to abolishing “the painful invented self.”

    That idea of exposing the false self leads naturally to the value of coming to New Life banquets:
         In the comments about the banquet experience, Kyle described how the mind tries to limit us. “It says, I can only do so much, like there’s no way I can make another quiche for breakfast. But we can do more, much more, than we know.”
         Lynne exposed the delusion that it is misguided and wrong to believe there should be huge numbers of people in our classes or else they’re not of any value. As a matter of fact, with regard to class size, Vernon himself said, “The fewer the truer.”
         Judith explained that, though the false self will feel stunned and uncomfortable in the presence of Truth, this is a safe place to work, and Truth wants you to succeed.
         Several men (Bill and Robin) described how they came across The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power or the right Vernon Howard book which appealed to them most at the particular time.
         Another student said, “I never really had real fun until I came to New Life.”
         Regina added, “What is unique is what one feels when somehow the slumbering True Self, the Spirit of Truth, begins to awaken. One knows he’s in the right place at last and that this is what we’ve been looking for all our lives.”
         Moe reminded us to protect the candlelight. “It’s not out there or somewhere else. Stop wasting time!”

    Work begins early for banquet prep, and as fabulous food is served all weekend, ladies reap the rewards of reaching higher inner states. Saturday’s feast, spread over several long tables, included barbecued beef, pork and turkey with salads and much more.
         After an especially tasty and bountiful BBQ dinner with deliciously tempting and numerous desserts, we enjoyed the formal entertainment. Drifting through the entertainment were reminders of the Southwestern theme of Rocky Mountains, yodeling cattle calls and cowboy hats. Beautiful harmonious songs included “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and “In My Colorado Home.”
         The most popular skit performed was the family tree of Vincent Van Gogh (such as Winne Bay Gogh and her magician uncle Where-diddy Gogh) with Bill and Jeff. ‘Circle dancing’ throughout the afternoon provided a secret to the few who know it: when one participates in the dancing and all other activities all the way to the end of the afternoon, one’s state completely changes and he finds himself in a truly new place within!
         Vernon gave us the format of the banquets for us to learn necessary lessons available in no other way, for example to learn to enjoy clean healthy fun with good jokes, pretty songs with melodies, and lively, pretty dancing of polkas and waltzes. We come face to face with vanity and embarrassment in order to break out of our frozen self-absorption in thought.
         Newcomers are often puzzled at first by this and finally freed of negativities if they participate, persist, and come back in spite of the false nature’s wish to escape and hide out. We don’t even suspect how frozen we are until we begin to thaw out and our inner and outer states start to alter naturally.
         New students from Montana, Virginia and Washington took part in the activities, driving alone many miles to come, because something about the teachings of Vernon Howard touched their hearts and they were compelled to know more. “Only super effort counts” and they made that effort. As one first-time visitor said, “I’ve read a lot of Vernon Howard books and seen a lot of Vernon’s videos, but it’s just not the same as being in the class.” He and many others recognized that these unique banquets provide special experiences that nourish the spirit and if allowed, will immensely deepen our understanding of these very high teachings.

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     “I so appreciate your many hours of effort for the work. I love the website and updates. I contribute my great joy for this life and beyond to the Truth that Vernon so aptly put forth for us in his many delightful books and recordings. What would I do without them? Thank you for continuing to spread the word.”

— E-mail from lady

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