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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2018 Christmas Banquet

       “Right now everything is perfect,” Bill Brown quoted Vernon Howard in his opening remarks at the New Life Christmas Day class in Strawberry, Arizona. As astonishing as that may sound, he went on to say that “nature is designed so that everything must evolve.” Bill was clarifying what these higher teachings of Christ, as given by Vernon Howard, are all about. At New Life Foundation we are offered the truth necessary to develop, so that our lower nature can be transformed into a higher self. That means we are not yet complete the way we are.
         Director of New Life Richard Wooldridge mentioned that people are asleep to higher messages coming down from heaven but that “the great ruler of the universe never gives up on us.” “God wants to use us as vessels for Truth” and we must yield and allow this to happen.
         On the morning of Christmas Eve day, Paul Wolfe as moderator asked students to speak about what they’re grateful for today. He illuminated the meaning of Vernon’s paradoxical statement to “Be of good cheer. Behind those dark clouds are more dark clouds.” We must go through the dark to reach the light and we cannot skip steps. Moe Janosec gave a range of examples of how self-awareness should come before self- gratification, like insisting that a mail order arrive quickly or giving in to the temptation to make that sarcastic remark. Both Richard and Moe emphasized the weight, the heaviness and the limitation of thought. We must refuse to be burdened by ourselves, by others, or by our habit of causing trouble for other people. Richard said we are burdening ourselves with stupid ideas; that we should not think but must welcome insight.
         In Sunday's class during Christmas week, Richard endeavored to help people see the mistake they are making by putting moneymaking ahead of Truth. He stressed that the following attitude is very deep-seated in us: “First, I will make a lot of money and then I will have time to pursue Truth.” No! This is the wrong order. While we do have to make a living, he strongly reiterated that we must “Put Truth above everything.” He encouraged us to trust Truth, Reality, to take care of us and to not waste our lives producing an ever- expanding bank account. He added a simple, yet powerful fact, “You can change your mind.”
         Talks by speakers on Christmas Day were based on Vernon Howard’s talk “Let the Bus Take you Home” [available on DVD Vol. 26:1 or Blu-Ray 9:5]. It contains the year-long exercise we’ll use for 2019: “Stop loving complaint!” Complaints, as the talk says, are an enormously popular activity amongst humans, but are very unpopular to study. We were told to stop pretending everything is all right. To stay on the bus in part means you do not let anyone or anything take you away from this teaching and from higher Truth. “Stay on the divine bus and don’t get off, being distracted by this world.”
         Bill’s example of a lesson in complaint was the woman who wrote New Life to reproach us for the tiny font size of the Secrets of Life quotes. As it turns out, you see what your own computer system generates in the emails, illustrating the principle that you see what you are.Dining Line Christmas 2018
         We celebrated five days of the Christmas season with talks and fabulous meals every day, along with many kinds of activities where we could work with others in the work. By doing work, inner and outer, we gather more understanding about ourselves and we uncover our faults, including fear, that stand in the way of our spiritual development. And as always, we had fun entertainment performed and enjoyed by the students on Christmas afternoon. Our punster Bill got the biggest laugh with his clear, well-executed joke about bumper stickers: “Ban pre-shredded cheese. Make American grate again!”
         Along with pretty Christmas music, the traditional dancing and entertainment, this was indeed a sane and beneficial way to spend Christmas. Besides the healthy, clean atmosphere, the work parties also provided great fun and pleasant relaxation, much of it working with Vernon’s wonderful books in preparation for the year-end inventory. Our work combines with pleasure when we use it for inner growth and gratitude.
         And the best Christmas present of all was that we were waking up to higher energy and finer vibrations, coming down from somewhere higher in the universe. “Where two or three or more are gathered in my name, there am I among you.”
         We learned from these classes and talks that there can be no real or lasting happiness as long as we are separated from God. We must honestly admit we're lost and stop acting as if we already know how to get home. When we persist, more insight comes. Echoing Vernon, Paul reminded us that “God is on the side of every sincere effort that you make toward Him.”

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     “I so appreciate your many hours of effort for the work. I love the website and updates. I contribute my great joy for this life and beyond to the Truth that Vernon so aptly put forth for us in his many delightful books and recordings. What would I do without them? Thank you for continuing to spread the word.”

— E-mail from lady

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