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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Fascinating Interviews

     Below are a series of six revealing interviews with longtime students of Vernon Howard. Most studied under Vernon Howard personally and realized how beneficial the principles are to them. Each is unique and all come from varying backgrounds.

  • Bill Brown

    Bill Brown     Bill has been attending classes for over 25 years. A former accountant from Baltimore, Maryland he now volunteers his time helping with the running of New Life.

    Interviewer: What originally brought you to New Life?
    My father bought one of Vernon’s books in the late 70’s, Pathways to Perfect Living and I had been searching, studying philosophy a bit, and I read it. One part of me was immensely drawn to it, even though I still believed a person could find the answers intellectually. So I wasn’t quite ready for it.
         Then about two years later I visited a used bookstore and there was a book that stood out, 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle. I picked it up and started reading, and I was stunned. I went back and found the earlier book and saw it was written by the same man. I was just overwhelmed. I knew something was going on, that it wasn’t just an accident. That day, I think, was the most memorable day of my life. I knew that I was on to something.

    Interviewer: You said something interesting, that you still felt this was something you could reach intellectually. Do you feel you’re past that?
    Bill: There are secret and as yet unknown things from inside the intellect that will pop up, but I know to a large extent that this is unquestionably something that is above the mind. As we learn in these teachings, the intellect always splits itself into opposites. On the practical level the use of opposites is fine, but when you start connecting those with your identity you’re always torn back and forth. “I’m right,” then “I’m wrong,” it’s a back-and-forth tug-of-war that is endless. Something exists where there’s no fighting, no back and forth.

    Interviewer: How long have you been coming to New Life?
    Bill: Twenty-five years.

    Interviewer: Why does it take so long?
    The resistance is so enormous that we just don’t see how self-deceived we are. We really think we understand, that we have intelligence. It came up recently in class that we have to learn how to learn. We think we know what to do, and we find out this (Truth) is entirely different, although gathering intellectual information is a part of it. Vernon gave the example of the man in the canoe, once he crosses the river he doesn’t need to carry the canoe and he can let it go, he’s free of it. That is an example of the role of the intellect.

    Interviewer: From coming to New Life, what are one or two specific things you could share with us?
    We must see the enormous benefit of admitting that we’re wrong. Until you admit you’re wrong about something, you can’t make any progress. This work is seeing one thing after another that you thought you understood, that you don’t understand, and letting go of that. It just feels right when you submit to something higher. There’s a right relief. We see that we don’t have to force things. We’re always trying to make things “fit.” “I’ve got to get other people to see my point of view.” With Truth, it is self-sufficient, and if you are one with Truth, you don’t have to have anyone agree with you, you know from yourself the rightness of it.

    Interviewer: What is different for you as a result of this work; what has changed?
    Certain things that had a tremendous hold on me have lessened, have fallen away. You can see it lessen, and you can tell the difference.

    Interviewer: The overwhelming negativity?
    That’s another thing, to see how something inside just loves being in all kinds of negative states; being sullen, being confused. Vernon said we can see how crazy we are by seeing how we try to use fear to protect us from fear. We try and use the very state we are trying to get rid of to protect us from the negative state.

    Interviewer: What advice would you have for a new student?
    Stick as close to these teachings as you possibly can. Follow the sensing you have, the glimpse you got, don’t let anything stop you from following that right feeling. As Vernon said, the right part of you knows rightness when you hear it. In spite of anything else inside you telling you otherwise, keep coming back.

    Interviewer: What would you suggest to a student who has been coming for a number of years?
    Bill: Come to every class! We are still fooled, too. Even when we’ve gotten rid of some wrong parts, we’ve made progress, what’s wrong in us will use new tricks to try and pull us away. One trick Vernon talked about is, “You’ve made progress to this point, but this is as far as you can go.” Don’t believe it. Call the bluff on that.

    Interviewer: How are we fooled/tricked/deceived?
    If you’re working and you see something right, the devil will try and turn this “angel” (right insight) into a demon, causing you to go wrong with it. He’ll try and get you to identify with it, to become self-righteous with it. Anything right, the devil will try to subvert it.

    Interviewer:  What is a common mistake that most people make?
    We have to go from thinking about “change of circumstances” to “change of nature.”

    Interviewer: We’re here winding down from a wonderful banquet weekend. Could you comment on the importance of associating with like-minded people?
    There is tremendous energy when a number of people who are trying to let the Truth come to them get together. Also, longtime students can pass along to newer students things they have found that can be very beneficial — lessons, corrections, facts and real help.
         We get a chance to do things that our old self doesn’t want to do. We get a chance to go against it. Personally speaking, when I came to New Life I saw that you were given an opportunity to get up and dance. It was terrifying. Yesterday, I spent most of the day up dancing. You get freer and freer of the fear, “What are people going to think of me?” or “I’ll look like a fool.” You just do it and enjoy it.

    Interviewer: What is something you use that has proved very valuable?
    The classroom is wherever we are. We work wherever we are, regardless of the circumstances. Wherever we start, that’s where we start. We can always be alert — the school is our alertness in all that we do.

    Interviewer:  Is there anything else you’d like to say in closing?
    Vernon Howard encouraged us to use everything out in the world to remind us of the Truth. We’re sitting here looking and listening to a pretty stream that’s going by. Truth itself is often likened to water. The water just flows effortlessly. Rocks can’t stop it, actually nothing can stop water. Water always overcomes any obstacle. That’s the way Truth and the energy that comes from Truth has to flow through us. Instead of us trying to force things to work in our mind, we can let Truth effortlessly flow through us and live our lives above the opposites. That’s what Vernon is trying to get us to see.
         Vernon Howard once said that beauty is the unimpeded free flow of energy. No forcing, no attempt to make an impression, you just do what spontaneously flows through you from the Higher.

         This interview was conducted by Moe Janosec.

  • David Hearst
  • Richard Wooldridge
  • Dr. Terry Roche
  • Bob Cameron
  • Dr. Frank Cassidy

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