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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2012 Christmas Banquet

         The Christmas banquet in Strawberry AZ began with juniper logs crackling to warm up Howard Hall, hot coffee, homemade scones and sausage to enhance conviviality and of course plenty of nuts roasting by the open fires. Speakers then commenced “hurling insults” at the lazy lower nature to warm our welcome hearts with strong, truthful principles.
         The extended holiday classes and week-long celebration (Wednesday thru Wednesday) were more filled than our delicious turkey with plenty of work and food for higher thought. The fortunate people who arrived ready to work got plenty of chances to see thru their egos. The ego squirms and says to us, “Not me, I’m not like society,” as Moe Janosec pointed out when the men spoke on “The Truth about Society” (see chapter 5 in A Treasury of Trueness.) But seeing that society operates in our internal system is essential to the task of leaving the old nature behind to embrace the new. Activities before, during and after the banquet are designed for awakening, to make conscious to us inner blockages that we must go thru in order to find the way out. By participating, we see more to become freer.
         THE WORLD  “Everybody is in a morass of pain and they don’t know how to get out,” said speaker Dr. Terry Roche, leader of the California branch. The world was described by one speaker as a quicksand trap that overwhelms us before we’re aware of it. Other speakers discussed how the world convinces us to feel bad by thinking we’re “missing out.” After  the break, one lady described her realization that she was reliving past unhappy experiences in “ex-husband-land,” which gave everyone a good laugh.
         THOUGHT  One of our biggest problems is that we allow ourselves to be hounded by thoughts. As director of New Life, Richard Wooldridge explained, when we’re a prisoner of our thoughts, we’re being tormented, even by such physical reactions as migraine headaches, which Vernon explained are caused by wrong thinking. Richard continued: “You were meant to live from the Spirit, not from the mind …. See, you’re over-thinking it. Why don’t you let go and let Truth take care of you?”
         THE WAY OUT  Through all of the classes, activities and talks came the assurance that the genuine solution does exist. As Vernon Howard said, “Do you think God put you here in this world without a way out?” The New Life banquets go a long way in helping us to find the way out. On Christmas Eve we heard again that “this world is not our world,” that our true nature does not belong here.
         On Christmas Day we were asked by Richard to ponder two ideas, how to not be taken over by the world and what Christmas is really all about. He said, “Our gift is being able to meet here to exchange higher Dance Christmas 2012 principles.”
         In addition to our traditional Christmas feast, we were served breakfast each morning and a Christmas Eve supper prior to class. Students put an immense amount of time and effort in preparing food and in helping set up and clean up the hall. And the way to receive more was by participating.
         Entertainment sparkled with Christmas carol favorites and excellent singers, such as the harmonizing of the sweet and pure voices of Lynne and Kyle in “O Holy Night” and “Sleigh Ride.” In a poem Bill was a naughty boy who started thinking of others “Jest ‘Fore Christmas.” Moe as Emcee reported the airlines are hanging mistletoe above the luggage counters, “so you can just kiss your luggage goodbye.” More jokes followed, often with a holiday theme. The rousing Christmas carols sing-along and the exuberant Pretties dance concluded the formal entertainment. The overflowing of fresh energy continued to the end of the day and we left with lighter hearts and a renewed sense of purpose.

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