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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Special Spiritual Exercises

     Below are spiritual exercises and special lessons taken from classroom lectures by Vernon Howard. They are marvelous tools that can be applied to your life and will help you better understand what these teachings are
all about. Use them and gain the wonderful rewards and benefits which they can give you.

  • Who Are You Trying to Kid?

         There are four billion [now going on 8 billion] humans on the face of the earth. Besides that, there are evil spirits who inhabit human beings. They are evil spirits. I haven’t counted them lately, but let’s say there are fifty trillion of them. Fifty trillion enemies, evilers, and all fifty trillion of them are ganged up against you. They are! If there were fifty trillion trillion, they’d all be ganged up against you finding God. They hate the human race. They hate men, they hate women, they hate children, they hate old people, and they hate middle-aged people. They have nothing but a desire to destroy every human being they can.
         Now I’m telling you what the odds are. No problem at all because you as a human being were put here on earth by God. When you were put here by God, do you know what he gave you? He gave you an opportunity, enough instruction, information and willingness to learn. Don’t forget that one — a willingness to learn.
         Now I'm going to give you a method, a revelation, that’s a little different than what you usually hear. And you're to expand the illustration I gave you of you being disturbed when talking to someone, to when you're disturbed over anything from another human being.
         The other person says something that you call offensive. He's sharp, she’s rude, whatever happens. Now follow, don't miss this. You don't understand it yet, and I don't want you to miss it because it's going to set you free. You are to know with absolute certainty about that person, and when you do know it, you will never again react wrongly. You'll never fall into an egotistical reaction. “Why did he talk to me that way?” But it's going to take a long, hard time for you to allow this naturalness to be revealed to you because you still want to be you.
         And here it is. Your natural spiritual knowledge that that offensive person is lost, absolutely lost, your knowledge that he or she is lost will set you free. It is your knowledge, of course, of his or her condition.
         I’ll go into detail on it now. When you understand that a rude person, a vulgar-mouth person, a violent person, when you know absolutely that he can’t do anything but that, you won’t ever expect him to behave better toward you, because you know he can’t! And your knowledge that he can never, and he can’t for the rest of his life, he won’t be able to be a good human being, a good man, a good woman.
         Their whole life is going to be filled with sarcasms, with lies. All right now listen to what I'm telling you. It is your natural self that can see clearly the absolute hopelessness and helplessness of that rude, crude, offensive, insulting person. It is your new nature that is always able to identify an old nature in action, and when that is done, you are free.
         Wouldn’t it be nice to never suffer the pains and wounds of being offended by your husband, your wife? Oh, I'm bringing this very close to home. Wouldn’t it be amazingly natural and pleasant, and oh, and relaxing — you'll be at home, all the time relaxed — to know that whatever you see that is violent, that is despicable, that is devilish, that is wrong, that is cruel, wouldn’t it be nice for you to not react in fear of that, but to know that that’s the only way it can be in that man, in that woman, in that group.
         When you know that, all power that they used to have to make you mad, to make you jittery, they lose all their power, which they never really had in the first place. You gave it to the situation by you wanting to get offended, and you had better write that down.
         A willingness to learn: with that, you can arrive at the place where you go through your whole day watching the evil forces working through another person and working through you. You can watch it leap up and try to tell you what to say, feel, how to react when that man spilled the coffee all over your new $20 book, for example. But instead you say to evil spirits, “Who do you think you’re kidding?”
         That is a true natural statement which will grow in intensity, and in power, and in frequency inside if you continue with it. LISTEN! You’ve got to remember to do it for the first time! For example, when something offends you, something that wants to hurt you, is about to try it for the hundred thousandth time, you, with your right choice, ask God to empower the statement, “Who do you think you’re trying to kid?”
         That simple attitude, because it is spiritual, has all power over fifty trillion trillion devils — all of them surrounding you and trying to keep you in their power. They don’t stand a chance! I know that. I want you to know it.
         You must be aware and catch dark forces. You must remember to say it. Then make notes on it. That is cooperation with God, with joining yourself with heavenly forces. The old nature becomes weaker and weaker.

  • Spiritual Indifference
  • A Facial Exercise
  • Understand the Problem
  • Don't Die Asleep
  • Just Do It
  • Transcend Yourself
  • A Sense of Urgency
  • The Witness Self
  • Spiritual Regeneration

     “Thank you so very much. I love Vernon Howard. He was a great prophet that I continue to enjoy reading, watching his videos and listening to his
great sayings.
   He continues to inspire and lift our souls to the highest levels of our being. He is truly
a master in contacting the divine within to inspire us all.”



     “Vernon Howard was always and forever living proof that there is something else.”

— Regina N., Retired Teacher

All of the above exercises were transcribed by Sally Forrest or Regina Netherton from a class lecture.

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