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Pagosa Springs, CO … Southwestern Banquet
July 11, 12 & 13, 2025 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Mountain Lake     Pagosa Springs is a beautiful “Paradise for all Seasons” alpine resort town. The elevation is 7,079 with temperatures in July averaging around 80/45. Bring summer clothes for the daytime and pants and a light jacket or sweater for the evening. The San Juan Mountains surrounding Pagosa are quite spectacular and breathtaking.
     The talk theme for the banquet weekend will be: ”To be determined.” The class on Friday at 7 PM and the class on Saturday at 9 AM will be held at Pagosa Lakes Property Association Clubhouse at 230A Port Avenue. The banquet festivities immediately follow the class on Saturday. To get there go west on Hwy. 160 past the light at Pagosa Blvd. Drive 0.7 mile past the light and turn right onto Vista Blvd. Drive 0.3 mile on Vista Blvd. to Port Ave. then turn left onto Port Ave. The Clubhouse is straight ahead on your right. There’s plenty of parking. The doors will be open an hour before each class and pre-class activities start at 6:45 PM and 8:45 AM respectively. Come early. Continental breakfast will be served both Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:30 AM.Spruce Springs
     The Sunday class is at the New Life property outdoors in a pergola at 9 AM with another meal to immediately follow the class. The setting is absolutely spectacular. To find it, take Hwy. 84 South (east side of town right past the Junction Restaurant) and go exactly 8 miles from the turn off at Hwy. 160. Be sure to watch your odometer as that will help you find the turn off. A little ways before you reach County Road 326 where you turn left there is a big S curve on Hwy. 84. After the S curve there will be a guard rail on your left for a short distance which ends right where you need to turn. Right past the end of the guard rail you’ll see a Forest Service sign, brown with white letters, which says National Forest Access — Blanco Basin Road. Turn left and go exactly one mile. Check your odometer again. The New Life property will be on your right. There is a steel green gate with an eagle and mountain scene on the top of it and there is a sign with orange letters which says New Life Classes with some other names below it right before a bridge, which you cross over and go up a small hill. As you go up the hill the first thing you will see is a big garage with the house off to your right. There will be a friendly gentleman there to help direct you where to park and to show you where the classes will be held. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be spiritually refreshed and renewed in this beautiful setting.
     It’s OK if you show up at the last minute for the weekend but if at all possible please Contact Us and let us know you will be coming. Please arrive 20 minutes early to all the classes. The cost for the entire weekend of classes, food and entertainment is $45. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail: (970) 264-5211 or


Class in Pergola     The Sunday class is at the New Life property outdoors in a pergola at 9 AM.


     “Coming to the banquet was a life-changing experience.”

— Lady from Tennessee

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