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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Truth Definitions by Vernon Howard

     Here are some true definitions of spiritual words and phrases. In the past, most words in the English language were used for practical purposes or to direct human beings toward the higher world and to make our experience go more smoothly on our life journey. Their meanings were meant to help guide us so we would not get lost or misinterpret life’s lessons. In today’s dictionaries some of the original meanings can still be found but many definitions have been twisted or distorted or redefined to suit popular trends of the time period in which we are living. And in some cases, newer definitions are meant to deliberately mislead human beings. Read the definitions below and work hard to see where these beautiful guides will take you if you will allow it. They will definitely point you in the right direction and help you to find your way out.

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         You love rightly when you love rightness. It is no more complicated than that. A father who truly loves his son will say to him, “Intelligently and efficiently earn your own living as best you can and have no concern  whether society judges you a success or a failure. I don’t care two cents whether or not you are a financial success — I just want you to be a decent human being.”

         Happiness is never found in the opposite of a present state. The shy person assumes that happiness exists in bold action, the city man thinks it can be found in the country. No matter how often a man wins an opposite state he never sees the sameness of his inner nature. Happiness resides in the mind which does not divide life into opposites of any kind, including today and tomorrow, security and insecurity. Give this idea special consideration.

         Self-awakening is the one great task of every man and woman on earth. To be self-awake is to be free of unconscious self-sleep. The first step toward self-awakening is to detect one’s actual state of psychic sleep, which is characterized by secret suffering, fear, anguish and similar negative states.

         The reason why you should be confident can be summarized in five facts: 1. An entirely new world exists. 2. Sincere men and women throughout the ages have entered it. 3. You can also enter it. 4. The answer to all problems lies within ourselves. 5. Consciousness is the only influence which is right and beneficial for us.

         Reality is like a very generous employer, but one who pays your wages at irregular and unexpected times. If we have done our work as best we can, we need have no concern over time and nature of payment. It may be an intensified feeling that we are on the right track at last, or it may be a fresh delight in being both your own teacher and student. Dwight R. testified, “While working at my office one morning I suddenly realized that I need not torment myself with my own anger.”

         Sometimes a seeker is discouraged by a fact which should rightly encourage him, as with Jeffrey G. Worried over his possible insincerity, Jeffrey was cheered by hearing,  “It is pure imagination that anyone starts on the path with one hundred percent sincerity, or even fifty or ten percent. One percent is all a man possesses at the start, and even this wavers at first. But one percent is tremendous, for like a magnet, it attracts more sincerity.”

         Your first responsibility in life is to live a life of truth. Do that and you will never have any of the false responsibilities which burden and confuse most people. You are never required to shoulder the responsibility of those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. If you are presently weighted by doing what you do not want to do, there is good news for you. By making the truth your first responsibility, you will see the last of needless responsibility.

         People are always eager to know whether there is a new way to change their lives. Of course there is, but it must be new, not merely different. We don’t find the new way by accepting a different doctrine or teacher, for that only changes the exterior scenery. We find the new way by getting so tired of the old way that we are willing to give it up. With that, newness begins.

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     Over the last 12 years, I have had to go through some major changes in my life. Some were very trying and stressful events that could have destroyed me. But in the midst of it all, I kept remembering Vernon saying, “There is a way out and you can find it.” And “Truth wants you as much as you want Truth.” So I really started pondering what Vernon was trying so hard to tell me. And you know what? I began to understand. And as more and more understanding was allowed in, more and more came. The more I let go of the false self, the happier I became. I will always be a part of Vernon’s “family” and will continue to learn and practice what he has so graciously shared with us. Truth above all else!

— Man from Missouri via e-mail

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