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Driving Directions

Westminster, California Driving Directions

From Riverside/Palm Springs:
Take the Riverside Freeway (91) West to the 55 Freeway. Take 55 Freeway SOUTH RAMP toward Newport Beach. Go for 4.5 miles. Take Garden Grove Freeway (22) WEST RAMP toward LONG BEACH. Travel west for 9.7 miles. Take the exit KNOTT ST/GOLDENWEST ST. At the off-ramp, stay in the far left lane and turn LEFT onto GARDEN GROVE BLVD. Stay in the left lane as you pass under the freeway (0.2 miles). Turn left onto KNOTT AVE (KNOTT AVE becomes GOLDENWEST ST). Continue for 1 mile. Turn RIGHT onto WESTMINSTER. Go for 1.1 miles to 5785 WESTMINSTER. Building is on the right.
From the South, San Diego, San Clemente:
From the junction where the 5 Freeway splits off into the 5 Freeway and the 405 Freeway, take the 405 Freeway NORTH toward LONG BEACH and travel for 18.4 miles. Take the WESTMINSTER exit. Take the 2nd branch of the off-ramp or Westminster “WEST”. Merge onto Westminster. Go for 0.3 mile to 5785 Westminster. Building is on the right.
From the West side or the 405 Freeway South:
Go south on the 405 Freeway, beyond the junction of the 605 Freeway. Take the SPRINGDALE ST/ WESTMINSTER exit. Take the 1st branch of the off-ramp or Westminster WEST/SPRINGDALE ST. Turn right onto SPRINGDALE ST. and immediately turn right onto WESTMINSTER. Travel for 0.2 mile to 5785 Westminster. Building is on the right.
From the North or the 605 Freeway South:
Going south on the 605 Freeway, 11 miles beyond the junction of the 5 Freeway, take the 405 Freeway SOUTH toward San Diego. After 4.4 miles, take the SPRINGDALE ST/WESTMINSTER exit. Take the 1st branch of the  off-ramp or Westminster Ave. “West”, SPRINGDALE ST. Turn RIGHT onto SPRINGDALE ST and immediately turn RIGHT onto WESTMINSTER. Travel 0.2  mile to 5785 Westminster. Building is on right.
Exit airport and turn left on McArthur Blvd. After 0.5 mile, take the 405 Freeway North onramp on the right (towards Long Beach). After 10.9 miles, take the Westminster exit. Take the 2nd branch of the off-ramp, or Westminster West and merge onto Westminster. Building is on the right.
Exit airport going east on Donald Douglas Drive. After 0.3 mile, turn right on Lakewood Blvd. After going south for 1.1 miles, turn left on Willow Street. Immediately take 405 Freeway South onramp on the right. After 7.4 miles, take the Springdale St./Westminster exit. Take the first branch of the off-ramp or Westminster West/Springdale St. Turn right onto Springdale St. and immediately turn right onto Westminster. Travel  0.2 mile to 5785 Westminster. Building is on the right.


     “I am writing again to thank you for ALL of the good information you share with us. It is tremendous to have this much only a click away.”

— Lady from St. Louis via e-mail

Pagosa Springs, Colorado Driving Directions

From east side of Pagosa (right past the Junction Restaurant and Conoco gas station) take Hwy. 84 South and go exactly 8 miles from the turn off at Hwy. 160. Be sure to watch your odometer because that will help you find the turn off. A little ways before you reach County Road 326 where you turn left there is a big S turn on Hwy. 84.  After the S turn there will be a guard rail on your left for a short distance which ends right where you need to turn. Right past the end of the guard rail you will see a Forest Service sign, brown with white letters, which says National Forest Access – Blanco Basin Road. Turn left and go exactly one mile. Check your odometer again. The New Life property will be on your right. There is a sign with orange letters which says New Life Classes with some other names below it right before a bridge which you cross over and go up a small hill. There is also a steel green gate with an eagle and  mountain scene on the top of it. As you go up the hill the first thing you will see is a big spruce green garage with the house off to your right.

Scottsdale, Arizona Driving Directions

New Temporary Location Directions
Go north on Scottsdale Rd just past Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd/E Bell Rd. Make first right turn onto a service road. Turn right onto a second service road. Follow to the front of the Residence Inn.
(You can always type in the address into your favorite Map App to get directions.)

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