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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2016

  • January 2016

         A real revelation is something that comes from a higher source than the mind that receives it. All at once, you can shove aside 99.9% of so-called revelations as simply wishes of the mind to have an experience which it then calls a revelation. This means we're going to have to stop thinking we already know what the answers are. To do this requires a very special kind of ignorance that comes out of real humility. A special kind of ignorance that knows that it doesn’t have the facts about true life but wants to learn them.
         Now listen with extreme care to what I'm going to tell you next, because this point is of special importance. Here's where millions and millions of human beings go wrong. The first revelations that come to you with this humility are very dark, they're not bright at all; they're not cheerful at all. The correct order is to go through dark revelations, which will then lead to bright revelations.
         What we mean by the right order is dark revelations first. Do you have conceit in your life? Do you love to argue? Do you love to cause trouble? Do you love to fight? Are you a know-it-all -– you know what that is, the expression on your face is one of contempt when someone is trying to tell you something authentically valuable and you're hard; your spirit is hard and you don't even know it.
         If you want the real revelation that will change the kind of a human being you are, then you're going to have to see how hard, how arrogant, how foolish, how whatever the subject is, you know the answer. Right?
         That’s pretty shocking. That’s pretty hard on the vanity, but that must come first, absolutely, all the way, one hundred percent of great pain. Don't forget the right order or you’ll kid yourself and you'll never find the truth and you'll go around having to insist that you found the truth at last, you found God; and you don't even know how vicious you are. You don't even know how angrily you defend what you call your god, how violent you are toward anyone who disagrees with you.
         You had better start seeing yourself as others see you and as you don't want to see yourself. Upon that comes your salvation. Upon that depends your ultimately receiving these truths that can enter and chase out all the darkness of your self-lying, your hatred of everything that is good and true.
         There is no such thing as being too strong here; no such thing because we have so much work to do and we don't have time to fool around. Leave the fooling around to people who want to go out and drink and entertain and do all the foolish things they intend doing for the rest of their lives in an effort to block out the pain. Now I will tell you again, as long as you're lost, seeing the dark side of human nature is essential for you to see in yourself and see in other people.

         Vernon gave a story to illustrate a point, as summarized here: There was a man driving his jeep down a dusty road through Africa where all the fierce animals are. He looked off to the right and what he saw horrified him. He stopped and just stared at the very strange sight out there.
         This has a very powerful application, so you listen to this. What the man saw that terrified him was another man standing in the open field surrounded by savage beasts — a growling lion within a few yards, a hyena, a rhino and wild African dogs on the other side that were about to attack.
         And as the observer watched, the strangest sight he'd ever seen happened. The man surrounded by animals casually walked over to the lion, whispered something in his ear and as the man watched, the lion looked a little stunned, shook his head, turned and walked away. One by one, the man whispered something in every one of the dozen animals’ ears and the animals walked away. The witness was stunned. What kind of miracle was this? He couldn’t contain himself anymore, so he walked over and said, “Sir, I saw a miracle happen just now, what’s it all about?”
         The man said, “I say to them a secret that was told to me many, many years ago by a very wise man who knew how to handle the beasts of the jungle. And he gave me a sentence which I whisper to the animals. And once I do that that was all I need to do.”
         “Yes, but what did you say to them?”
         “I said, you have the wrong man.”
         What would you give to be able to be surrounded by the animals of this world, of human beings, of rumors, of viciousness, of sour emotions; what would you give to be surrounded by them and you can walk over and whisper in their ear, “You’ve got the wrong man.” When you tell an animal that, if you're talking from your spirit, they know you are and that scares them immediately and they walk away because they can't scare you.
         When you tremble, it makes the hyena excited. I'm talking about human hyenas, human lions, they get real excited when they see you scared because that's their food. This is the food of human animals to get you in a position where they can feed off of your wrong emotions, off of your wrong reactions.
         “You’ve got the wrong man.” Start with that, and gradually, as you let the revelation of the meaning behind the words come through, you begin to feel different about it, you begin to feel that there is something more in the sentence than the words you said at first so mechanically. If you started today with that sentence alone — you’ve got the wrong mansome day you'd say it with your whole spirit...you would live it.

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