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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2014 Christmas Banquet

         Truth seekers from across the western U.S. met at New Life Foundation’s Arizona headquarters for a Christmas of powerful talks, delicious homemade meals and lively entertainment with lots of light humor and an unexpected surprise. The best “gift” received was a clean, refreshing Higher atmosphere in which to work, learn, and enjoy.  We were gradually infused with new strength and enthusiasm for Truth, while hearing it, talking about it, pondering, sensing, and feeling its unique energy.
         Appropriately the first class focused on revelation and how to discover more. Colorado student Moe Janosec led the Christmas Eve discussion of “Bright Revelations,” based on a section of the sparkling collection of Vernon Howard’s quotations, A Treasury of Trueness. Beginning the class in Howard Hall, Moe said, “Anyone who truly wants the Higher can have it right now.”
         Another speaker quoted, “Seek revelation not comfort.” He said if you don’t first clearly see the darkness, you will never experience the dawn. We were also reminded to use the prayer, “Please God, make it worse.” If you do “God will never abandon you once He has taken you to a dark place inside yourself…. He will stay there with you until the darkness turns to Light.”
         Continuing this theme, Moe related the study of Truth with his younger days hunting deer with his father: “We’d get into position hours before sunrise. I’d be sitting out there in the freezing cold thinking, ‘I wish the sun would come up.’ Truth says the same: When you’re in a cold, dark valley, go through it so you can get past it. Dark revelations lead to bright revelations ... but the dark revelations must come first.”
         Bill Brown provided humor, quoting a movie dialogue that reveals the nutty ideas people have about “love.” The man tells his girlfriend, “I’ve never been so miserable in my life as I have since I met you.” After she agrees, he adds, “I wouldn’t give up a minute of it.”
         Early Christmas Day, Howard Hall was filled with the fresh smell of rich hot coffee, warm pastries, quiches and sausage. Students gathered around the upright piano, practicing their Christmas carols for later entertainment.
         During a pre-class announcement New Life director Richard Wooldridge
    discussed the new Blue Ray discs with the enhanced Vernon Howard talks, and he connected those to our own renewal: “If you’ve been working on yourself since Vernon’s death, you’ll hear even more this time around.”
         He went on to make two points: “First, people have problems with people because their personalities conflict. People butt heads. They can’t get along with each other. Vernon always saw our childish personalities; he said a stick of dynamite meets a bubbling volcano, and they both go off …. It’s for me to see that if someone can set me off, I’m not working on myself enough.”
    Richard reminded us that Truth and the Bible warn us there will be tens of thousands of phony teachers. For example, “there’s no such thing as instant salvation. Salvation comes only thru long, hard work ... Don’t be so easily fooled.”
         Then he invited Lynne Wooldridge to speak on the deeper insights and little known facts in what Christ taught. She had recently listened to the incredibly moving talks entitled “The Higher Teachings of Christ,” available on the MP3CD Heavenly Help Awaits You
    . She summarized three points made: One, Christ decided to use His physical body to teach a spiritual lesson ... He allowed himself to be crucified and after three days He arose .... Two, the disciples were little children. “You don’t know how hard it is to talk to little children,” Vernon said. Three, death (of the false nature) must always precede life.
         New Life’s California director Terry Roach discussed “The Miracle of Silence” when quiet can occur, as when we sit and watch our mind. “Human nature is the way it is because it’s a false nature…. The next time you get insulted and that pain comes up, that’s your false nature coming up .... But the Spirit of Truth can come into us and live our lives for us.”
    The audience enjoyed a laugh when Bill said the pinnacle of his life was Christmas Day when he was 6 years old: “I got everything I wanted .... It never got that good again.” Then Bill shocked our egos with that memorable Vernon Howard quote, “Someday you’ll be sorry for everyone who ever met you” [See Vol. 11: 25, 5-31-87].
         Bill told us to “See how you
    want to live completely in the mind.” He said words are a major way we get attacked, calling them “wolf-words.” We are like the fairy tale in which the “Big, Bad Wolf” attacks the three little pigs, and we are the little pigs. “In relation to evil we are totally stupid. Your mind is no match for it.” As pointed out by Vernon in the HTC talks, thought is the enemy of Spirit, of God, of Christ.
         Richard emphasized we are always “thinking, thinking, thinking.”  By knowing that “all evil originates in the mind,” we can work on the solution. Richard then began to explain the way out: “We can always be in awareness.” Citing our unawareness and a sign of the times, he said the most popular TV show is now The Walking Dead. “It’s about zombies. Kyle said there was a parade in Durango about it, people dressed up and imitating zombies. Who in their right mind would want to imitate a zombie? We can’t be a part of this madness: Stay out of the fray of the insane society of this world. Watch it, study it, observe it.” Referring to recent headlines in the news, he got very rightly strong: “Anyone who lacks plain and simple good manners in public is an animal .... You must see your own bad behavior too.” Richard concluded that God can do everything for us to help us if we are willing.
    The traditional turkey dinner followed the inspiring talks, with the most succulent turkey ever and the entire meal delicious.
         Besides being fun and enjoyable, the entertainment is valuable to our inner development, helping us to see and destroy our unconscious fears and anxieties. Negative inner voices make excuses to keep us from even coming to a banquet because the ego
    , which causes all our pain, is exposed here. It is an individual experience. Vernon designed the banquets to concentrate and increase the light so negativities are revealed and can then be ended — a direct connection with “if you don’t see the darkness first, you will never see the dawn.”
         One outstanding short joke included a stock boy in a grocery store. A Southern California student acted out his part to make his character come alive, leaving no confusion about the role he was performing. Then he spoke his few lines into the microphone loud and clear, focusing on the person he was talking to. A simple example of alertness and right effort.
         Banquets especially provide unplanned occasions for insight and awakening. As Katherine Pascal observed
    , “We have so many chances to change.” One little miracle came down while a quartet was singing the Christmas song “White Christmas.” Magically it began to snow, as the singers looked upward watching the snow as they sang. The Light from heaven came to us that day.

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     “Thank you so much for your instructions on how to get Vernon Howard’s eBooks and eBooklets. It is as if I am dreaming; today I bought Psycho-Pictography, The Power of Your Supermind, Cosmic Command and six of the wonderful booklets. I thank God for this esoteric knowledge. No other information could give me this kind of insight so I can know how to think, feel and react in a different way.”

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