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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2005

  • January 2005

         This exercise is called “Come to My Senses Session.” Get off by yourself, sit down, and here’s how the session goes: First of all, become quite clear in your mind what happened to you; the quarrel with someone, that idiotic letter you wrote and you wish you could get it out of the mailbox but it’s too late, the idiotic spending of your money. You fill in what you did — that’s point one. Then the second part is, ask yourself, “Why did I fall asleep so that it happened in the first place?” “Why did I fall asleep,” that’s a good phrase because you were in a state of psychic sleep when you wrote the letter and mailed it, when you went into your love of the disturbance inside you, and you just love being mangled by yourself.
         Come to your senses, come to your spiritual senses, that would be very valuable for you in so many ways. For example, there’s a certain false pleasure in whipping yourself, in catching yourself in a defeat, and then shaming yourself or screaming out, “How could I have been so dumb?”
         When you sit down on the couch and come to your senses with very quiet reflection of it, that interrupts your false pleasure of psychic masochism, that is of punishing yourself. Just sit there quietly and see what  happens, which will be that right thoughts will have a chance, an opportunity to penetrate your mind and they will tell you what is the right thing to do. Simply the right thing to do is to never, ever do anything from your thought self.

         I want you to see as a daily exercise what a petty annoyance you are to other people. You can’t see the big ones yet. Go for the little ones. If you interrupt them when they're talking, that’s called being rude, and you didn’t know you were rude, did you? Now I want all of you to make a long list of how you are a petty annoyance to other people. For example, write down, “Sour face and manner.” Can you take what I’ve just said and practice it?

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     “Thank you so much for your inspiring work and effort at keeping such a wonderful website. Its message and ideas help us to stay on track in the midst of a ‘mad’ world!

— Simon B. via e-mail

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