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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Bonus Lessons by Vernon Howard

     Here are some additional lessons that were given by Vernon Howard in his classes over the years. Apply these powerful insights to your life and use them to further your spiritual understanding.

  • Bonus Lessons 1

    Drop Thought
         The Frightening End of Thought: So I am going to catch myself without making another mistake of living in time. Thought is always in time. So I break thought, then there will be a pause in there in which there is no thought at all and in that I am free. And when you do this for the first time, when you really see that you can be without a thought at all, you’ll want to work on yourself every minute because you have sighted the way out at last so that you are not depending on thought to keep your false personality intact. It is only thinking that keeps it in place. Our task is not to just get it out of place but to throw it out altogether so that I can see that something is self defeating and then say all right I saw it. I am not going to linger on it so as to feel myself as a great sinner. I am going to drop thought. I would say that the most frightening thought that ever comes to a human being is the idea of coming to an end of thought. Because when there is no thinking anymore, you, I, cease to exist which, thank heaven is what we were looking for all along. But we are afraid to look at it because what would happen if I let go of my success, my reputation being the nice man? What would happen is that you would be out of the cage. But we don’t know this. We have it exactly backward. What we value is ruining us. And what we reject could save us. It is best to reverse our thinking.

    What is Truly Good for You
         If all you can think of is getting advantages, you’re always losing. You have pillows in your mind which prevent you from seeing how weak and vulnerable you are. You’re sitting in a little corner in your mind thinking you’re safe. You’re not. You’re only lying to yourself. True goodness is only what is higher than your present nature. As an exercise, see how your dress and words and behavior are constantly telling everybody who and what you are. Since imagination has taken the place of reality, you must first destroy imagination in your life by listening to yourself, watching yourself behave, actually catching yourself in your secret thoughts with your hidden motives. This is so you can in time learn what is good for you, so you can choose the right over what is habitual and easy and popular. All that has to be broken down by something you have invited in, by consciousness. To get your reward, you must do your work. You must follow the exercises!

    Go Through the Fear
         You have to go through this, the fear of losing someone who knows more than you do. No one knows more than your own recovered essence! No one inwardly, deeply, is any smarter than anyone else. The only difference in someone who knows is that they have been working longer or harder than you have. What some great avatar knew, you also know — way down inside. But it’s all covered up and messed up. We’re here to throw out the trash!

    Why You
         You have dozens, hundreds of ideas about the kind of a person you are. These ideas have no relation to reality at all! This is why you have problems. This is why you have anxieties. This is why you have fears. This is why you feel left out when someone else has  more than you have. This is why you say unconsciously to yourself, “You  have no business treating me that way.” All thought connects with memory. All thought connects with time — with yesterday. To be free of everything — not 99%, but 100% — you have to be free of acquired thought!
         The everyday mind can lead to the door of the higher world but it cannot enter. This is of utmost importance to understand; it saves so much frustration. Notice how often the New Testament states that the human mind cannot comprehend cosmic concepts.

    Risk Everything
         Great power is found in the word risk. Risk everything that you have called yourself, your habits. Enter every day into as many risks as possible instead of being the cowards we have been all our lives. Risk rejection so that the time comes when the word has no meaning to you at all. Risk losing the warm feelings you get from another. Risk one thing tomorrow and two the next day. See your dependent behavior, your nervous behavior. ‘I am not going to please you any more so that you will be pleased with me. I am not going to compromise with you.’ Risk the good opinion I have of myself.

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     “ I received both packages. Thank you so much. I seem to appreciate Vernon Howard’s teachings more and more as I age. I’m beginning to think that it may be the time that we need it the most. New discoveries about my life and path are delightfully endless, full of surprises. Thank you.
     May the Celestial Blessings of God’s Life Force continue to be with you.”

— J. P. via e-mail

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