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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2022

  • January 2022

         The voice that is assuring us that all is well, because Truth is well, is always speaking to us twenty-four hours of the day, every day of the year, under all conditions! There’s no condition in which the Voice of Truth, the Voice of God, is silent. It is always speaking, assuring, saying that all is well. Why don’t we hear it? Well, that's obvious.
         The mind is in the way — these exciting things, the depressing things. For example, fearfully looking forward to something that's going to happen, some kind of a crisis, some kind of a situation you have to meet that you can't avoid. And so this fills your mind up, and you can't hear the voice fully. But just one small part of your spiritual ear is hearing that all is well.
         That is what you have to listen to. Not to the voice of the demands, the voice of the future. Do you understand what I am saying now? Let's see now if you do.
         There is nothing wrong with the Kingdom of Heaven at any moment. The Kingdom of Heaven is always in charge of everything. All is well up there! But up there is also down here, if that's the way you are. See?
         What happens when we go wrong is this. The mind takes over and demands that we worry. And it will explain in sinister detail its own twisted logic why you should worry. "You should be concerned because.…" And then it goes on with a thousand different lies as to why you should worry. If you can catch yourself beginning — we called it beginning to be kidnapped last night
    beginning to fall for the lie and stop right there. And remember what I just said. And it's OK to start with a phrase at the start, the idea which I will now repeat. All is always well in the Kingdom of Heaven.
    If we don't feel well — if we’re agitated, if we’re jealous, if we're aggressively evil in any way, it’s because we have forgotten that fact, and have been kidnapped out into the outer world where the pleasures of worry are so astoundingly varied. The pleasures of worry because as long as you are worrying you can still say, “I can solve this problem.”
         You can always be the center of your own attention.
         The Voice of Heaven will become increasingly clear to you as you just dare not to worry or be concerned with anything! There are no exceptions!
    If you want to see how horrible the human condition is, you make a long list of your worries. Don't be afraid of it, just write it down. “I worry abou t.…” And then put it down. And after you’ve made your list of fifty or so, don't you dare stop. Because the dark forces want you to stop there, and not see the other fifty that are even deeper than that — having to do with embarrassing things, shameful things, things that you don't want to think about, about yourself. Right? See! And don’t you see that the very resistance to that is part of the trap?
         You dare then to make conscious any thought, feeling, response, that goes through your system. Make it conscious to yourself. Don't be afraid of the shock. Or, if you have to be afraid of it, be afraid of it, but simply know that the shock is there. And at that moment, at the most horrible feeling that you're a terrible human being, to put it mildly — that you’re sinful, that you’re evil — right at the moment that you hear self-accusation going on, at that moment you remember that all is well in the Kingdom of Heaven.
         And the remembrance of that, which has far more psychic force than you can understand yet — spiritual force, the remembrance of that will push out right now the concern, the anxiety, the worry, the self-centered concern with yourself. The remembering that all is well in the Kingdom of Heaven returns you to it.

         All right! It’s a long, long journey that starts with seeing that you are indeed in the dark valley. Seeing that all the doctors you’ve consulted, all your pleasures for example, seeing that they have done nothing but keep you sick.
         It’s a long journey from that initial recognition of your condition to where you become one who says, “I love God more than I love my darkness.” And so, you stay up there on the mountain top and let the sunshine do the work for you. That’s what will do it! Nothing else will do it!
         Thinking, ordinary thinking, can’t cure anyone; it has to be something higher than ordinary thought. Well, that something higher than ordinary thought is Spiritual Sunshine. And all you have to do is remain in it and it will cure you. You can feel it inside you. You can see all your fears start to fade away, in actuality, not in imagination! And when they start to fade away, you will see that you imagined your whole life before. Imagined that you were loving, for example. You imagined that you were kindly. You imagined that you were intelligent. And in great horror you saw that you were asleep all your life, dreaming that you were awake!
         The decision is yours, ladies and gentlemen! The path is there to start walking up the mountain. It’s up to you individually. If you want it, I have good news for you. Truth itself will guide you up, and keep you up there, if you put yourself on the side of that instead of putting yourself on the side of loving darkness. And loving darkness in your friends, and in your activities and inside yourself.
         And even a small start is recognized by Truth as being genuine. That much is all you need. Just that much. Even if you said tonight, as best you can in a small way, “I’m going to try to understand everything here. I’m going to try.”
         God heard that prayer, “I’m going to try.” And you’ll grow, and you’ll change. And you’ll understand — you’ll understand for the first time in your life, you’ll understand from yourself that God exists. And all is well because of that!

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