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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         What a person fears is the loss of everything that he calls the truth. The loss of everything that appears right to him and for him. He fears the loss of his respectability, his reputation. He fears the loss of things that he’s counting on to tell him who he is. He fears the loss of all his acquisitions.
         Now, we’re trying to be much smarter here in this class. We’re trying to see precisely this. We’re trying to see that we fear the loss of everything that is causing us to be fearful losers. When we look at it, we understand that the fear of loss itself is the first wrong move, because fear is always a part of our old destructive nature.
         The next time you are afraid of anything, of being found out what you’re really like, you look at that fear and you see that it itself is an impostor! The fear speaks to you and says, “Watch out. Be careful. People are going to see through you and see what a fake you are. Watch out.”
         Now you watch that fear itself, and listen to what I’m telling you, which is that that anxiety itself is a lie. The tension and anxiety itself is the first lie. And you’re very wise by exposing that fact itself.
         You have a habit in your life that you can’t break; you have a certain way of living, a deceptive way of living, of speaking, of thinking, and feeling. And you see yourself wanting to get rid of it, at the same time you fear losing it. Look at your fear of being unable to get rid of the habit. And I will tell you that your fear of your inability to break the habit — I don’t care what it is. See the specific one you want. I can’t break that habit! The fear of not being able to break that habit is the only problem you have in life, because that basic fear extends to everything else.
         God does not compel you to be fearful! Then why are you? Because you’re not listening to the voice of Truth. You’re listening to something else. You had better find out that you are listening to the lies of yesterday that you’ve clutched so close together — that you’ve taken them as the only possibility, the only reality, and the only thing you have.
       Now, if you see that, you’ve stopped it right there, instead of going on to say, “But what if I lose my friend? What if I lose my money? What if I lose this or that?”
         You see you have a fear, and then it projects itself outwardly. And you think that that is the problem. That habit is not the problem. The fact that you have fear in you is the problem. The fact that you lose something is never the problem!
         You’re concerned with losing yourself. We are not going to fall for it! We’re not going to be in love with ourselves, which is the same thing as being in love with tension, being in love with fear. We’re not going to be in love with something that is using us anymore. We’re going to study our mind. We’re going to see where we’re making a mistake; where the imposition of ten, twenty, thirty years ago is still operating inside us.
         I told you, you don’t have to put up with it! I tell you, you don’t have to put up with the fear of losing anything. Anything that you fear losing, you should lose. If you fear losing an identification, an attachment, you should lose it, so you can go through the shock of seeing that it has no value to you at all. Because the only thing in this universe that has value at all is Truth itself with a capital T.
         Don’t you know how beautiful this is? It is marvelous hard work. And every time you expose something inside of yourself that you’ve been hiding, you get healthier, and you get happier, and you get freer!

         Regarding acceptance and rejection, the day will come when neither word has any meaning to you. Such opposite states have meaning, false meaning, only to a divided mind, a mind looking to itself for a wholeness it will never be able to locate. Wholeness does not reside in thinking about wholeness, but in the lack of a need to think about wholeness. The king who has returned to his castle thinks neither about the castle nor the woods.
         To go a bit deeper into this, the spiritual castle has no geographical location on this earth. It does not exist in the woods or outside the woods. It exists above both, in a new and lofty world. This becomes clear when you see that a word is a word and nothing more. You need have no concern about being in a good light in the eyes of others. Only the thought-created self has such ambitions and the resulting anxieties. You cannot have either good light or bad light, for there is no individual self to receive it. Try handing either a bouquet of roses or of weeds to an imaginary person. It cannot be done. Only your unself can be truly Good, and that Goodness comes from God, Truth, Reality.

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     “I am so excited to find the teachings of Vernon Howard. They make more sense than anything I’ve ever encountered and are what I’ve been waiting to find for a very long time.”

— Lady in Florida via e-mail

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