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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Sound & Video Library Samples

     Here are a few samples of Vernon Howard classroom lectures on MP3 and a video clip from Vernon Howard on Blu-ray, Volume 1 and DVD, Volume 1. These great guides are waiting for you to claim them. There are life-healing answers to everything that bothers you, from simple nervousness and anxiety to depression, frustration and heartache. You can be lifted above everything that makes you feel bad about yourself and life. Listen, learn and enjoy these marvelous lessons.
     These files may take a little longer to download than before because we’ve increased the quality for better viewing and listening.


     “Listen to these talks over and over again. Each time you will hear something new and helpful. It works.”

— Dr. Bruce Tracy


     “You will be enlightened, enchanted and entertained. The healing starts just by hearing Vernon Howard.”

— Sarah Forrest

     “Hearing Vernon Howard is an amazing experience, like finding a lost treasure.”

— Karen W.

Listen to Vernon Howard on MP3 (Click on speaker icon to hear.)

The Magic Castle
A Special Inspiring Story
(This talk was read from a
script written by Vernon Howard)
(Length 3:34 — 3.4 MB
mp3Pro® (*.mp3) 128kbps, 44100 Hz)

Power to Heal - Part 1Power to Heal
(Part 1

from MP3 CD
The Key to Spiritual Life-Healing
(Length 43:37 — 13.1 MB
mp3Pro® (*.mp3) 40kbps, 22050 Hz)

Stop Hurting Yourself - Part 1Stop Hurting Yourself
(Part 1)

from MP3 CD
Heavenly Help Awaits You
(Length 43:37 — 12.8 MB
mp3Pro® (*.mp3) 40kbps, 22050 Hz)

     Power to Heal and Stop Hurting Yourself are two talks taken from actual classroom lectures by Vernon. They are presently available on the two titled MP3 CDs listed above. The talks on the MP3 CDs are of an even better quality than the ones you can listen to here. They were downsized so that the files wouldn’t be too big even though they are still fairly large files. The sample and bit rates are of a much higher quality.

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