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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Praises from Professionals

     “Many thanks! These teachings are the clearest and most vivid exposition available of the Ageless Wisdom contained in the New Testament and so many other so-called ‘sacred’ books. That is why I have worked with  Vernon’s message via books and tapes personally for many years now — and also present them to those I counsel in the nondenominational ministry which comprises my work. It’s time that we all evolve out of ‘religiosity’ into what is authentic.
     All the material is so very helpful.”

Best wishes to all of you,
Dr. R. D., Ph.D., DD — Phoenix, AZ

     “After making millions of people ‘far-sighted’ I now get more satisfaction turning their sight within for greater vision. Vernon Howard’s books do just that.”

— David P. Bushnell (Developer of Bushnell Binoculars)

     “Thank you so much. I appreciate it. And, from the little (but powerful) I’ve read on the site, I tend to agree with you about Vernon Howard’s articulation of the inarticulable and his intuitive ability to inspire and transform the consciousness in others. I am a former psychotherapist, former business owner and now full time student in interfaith Ministry who has spent over 30 years in passionate pursuit of the spiritual, the mysterious and that which has the capacity to diminish suffering and uplift/transform we human beings. I really appreciate Vernon’s words and the profound energy behind (in front of) them. I anticipate much richness in the material you are sending me.”

— Warmly
Sheila G.

     “Through the remarkable insights in his writings, you will rise to a level of self-command never before experienced.”

— Dr. Terrance Roche

     “Discover how to heal past mistakes and start life all over.”

— Lynne Wooldridge, Ph.D.

     “Fresh insight into life’s so-called problems can be gained very rapidly utilizing Vernon Howard’s books and tapes. I recommend them to many of my patients and all of my friends.”

— Dr. Stephen Antinoro, DC

     “I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and Bible Studies and 30 hours of graduate work in theology. I practiced for 21 years before moving into energy medicine. I have read everything Vernon Howard has written more than once. I recently started to watch his DVDs. Just one DVD, Volume 7, contains more Truth, healthy psychology and spiritual upliftment than all the teachings of my 11 years of school. Psychology teaches a person how to find comfort in the prison they find themselves in. Truth and the teachings of Vernon Howard teach a person how to free themselves from the prison they have unknowingly created. I am excited to watch the rest of his DVDs. We are greatly blessed from his sharing.”

Doctor of Psychology via e-mail

     “You can learn to end unwanted duties and boring activities.”

— Frank Cassidy, M.D.


     “My order for Vernon Howard’s Higher World MP3 CDs arrived yesterday. I’ve already listened to two of them and I very much appreciate
the excellent quality of the recordings. Now I can enjoy
the clarity and subtleties of Vernon’s speech and allow myself to be immersed and touched as if I were listening
to him in person.”

Praises from E-Mails

     “Hi, my name is Brian. I just thought I’d drop you a line because I have been a ‘fan’ of Mr. Howard for 20 years, and I’m delighted to see that others are carrying on his wonderful work. It was in 1983 that I got The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power and despite the dozens of spiritual self-help-type books I’ve read since, I still think it is best of all!
     I will henceforth be a regular visitor to your site and hope to order some publications from you in the not-too- distant future. Due to the exchange rate, everything from the U.S. costs us in South Africa about six to seven times as much.
     Keep up the great work!”

— Brian S., South Africa

     “I received the order on Tuesday even with the devastation from ‘Superstorm Sandy’! All I can say is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. To say Vernon Howard has had a profound impact on my thinking would be a colossal understatement. Thank you so much for continuing his work – it is much appreciated!”

— Man from Pennsylvania

     “I am very grateful to have come across Vernon Howard’s teachings! It’s such a relief. Truly the world doesn’t need James Bond, it needs Vernon Howard!”

— Man in Australia

     “I received my two books and have read them both. Such profound wisdom I’ve never seen anywhere else and in such simple-to-understand language. These two books have already accomplished for me what no other self-help books have ever been able to do and I have read many of them.”

 — Lady from Texas

     “I have been a student of Vernon Howard’s teachings since 1987 when I was given a copy of The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power. Since then I have purchased nearly everything written and produced on tape by Vernon. You are doing a great service to mankind by keeping these works alive and by introducing new people to Vernon’s precious gifts. I give you a lavish amount of praise for offering these very profound and to-the-point teachings through your daily email subscriptions. After subscribing for over a year to this wonderful service, it has dawned on me that his Secrets of Life wisdom is the most FAR-REACHING way to continually bring forth Truth to everyone who wants it. You’ve really ‘hit the nail on the head’ with this method and are deeply enriching lives each and every morning when we open up our email with one hand while having a cup of coffee in the other. Great Job!”

— Man via e-mail

     “Over the years I have found Vernon Howard to be the only writer who has made sense of this old world and helped me in so many ways. Bless him!”

— Man in England

     “I love Vernon Howard!”

— Lady from New Mexico

     “I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for your knowledge. I bought several New Life/Vernon Howard pamphlets and books and I am extremely grateful for the information they contain. Studying the Vernon Howard materials has given me some great wisdom to work with in protecting myself and in growing spiritually. Thanks again friends … may you be well and continue to prosper in 2013.”

 — Man from Tennessee

     “He really helps me as a student see in depth what I ordinarily wouldn’t notice.”

— L. M. (Lady)

     “I have been reading Mr. Howard’s materials for a few years now and hold a special reverence for these profound and wonderful teachings. When I think about it, the entire course of my life has been altered since first reading his books. I am very grateful.”

— Man in North Carolina

     “Love this stuff and read the books. His works are pure joy — the real McCoy.”

— R. S. (Lady)

Praises from Letters

     “The books and tapes you have sent me have been of tremendous value to me. After a lifetime of church going and doing and living the way I thought was right, I found myself still searching for something. I have tried to share this material with a few select people with mixed review. Most think they already have the answer which further proves that the individuals themselves have to get to the point of self-questioning that brings on the right frame of mind for this information to help them.
     Thank you very much and I hope to be able to visit you some day to attend some classes.”

— William S., Paris, TN

     “It has been 9 months since I ordered my first book by Vernon Howard. To say that he has helped me is a drastic understatement. I compare it to living in a world of drabby black and white images and then being introduced to crisp, clear colors for the first time. He has helped me find a new universe — the universe within me.”

— Dennis D., Coral Springs, FL

     “I have gone through hundreds of hours of counseling and self-help books and tapes. Your material ‘cuts to the core’ and makes it so easy for me to see the light.”

— Shirley M., Aztec, NM

     “I have tried many methods of self-improvement over the years and nothing has affected me as profoundly as those of Mr. Howard.”

— David S., Colorado Springs, CO

     “I received more spiritual sanity from the books of Vernon Howard than all of the thousands of dollars that I spent on ‘new age’ books, tapes, trainings and motivational speakers.”

— Sandra E., Sylmar, CA

     “There are instances where a single sentence is enough to set me thinking for an entire day. Thoughts just seem to avalanche from a single idea.”

— Sam J., Phoenix, AZ

     “I can’t begin to thank you for writing the most helpful book I have ever read, Women — 50 Ways to See Thru Men. Your book has helped me to feel better about myself and to end a stressful, painful and confusing relationship in a very positive way.”

— Florence D., Merion, PA

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