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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         I want to leave a very strong thought with you tonight. At the moment of your death, God alone can help you. Are you going to go out of here to your raging insanity loving to fix cars in your back yard? Or some way to increase your income ten dollars a week. Or go home and blab to your wife about nonsensical and foolish things?
         My dear sir, when you are on your deathbed your wife isn’t going to be able to help you at all. How can she help? That doesn’t mean you hate your wife, your husband. It means you put God first, last, and always. Every friend is a devil and he wants to be present at your death. You don’t know how serious this is! Not gloomy, but serious.
         It is your life. Are you going to turn yourself over to the stupidities of this world and its values? Are you going to go down to hell with your husband or wife? You think about death, and you think, “When I am dying, did I sneer or reject what I heard on that Friday night in June 1985?” “Did I take it away when I got into the car, or was I very eager to see if my friend would join me in pushing away what I heard?”
         There is nothing more hopeless than two human devils coming into this room and going out and agreeing to have nothing to do with it. I am trying to tell you something that you won’t be able to see.
         Even you are against yourself and everyone else is. You are absolutely the worst enemy you have. You call that mind friendly the way it operates madly? You, with your religious hypocrisies and quoting the Bible left and right? Mad men do that. People who want to hang onto the rewards of this world. They want friends just like them.
         Get down on your hands and knees on your bed — and please make the inner connection to match the outer. And ask God to be the only friend you have in this world so that you meet the right person on your death bed. You have been praying to Satan heretofore, and he has answered your prayers with insanity and madness and imagination parading as Reality. Satan has answered your prayers and you had better change who you are praying to. You have no time to waste whether you are twenty or ninety.
         I cannot persuade you. I never try. I present the Truth and you take it or leave it. I am putting it before all of you in this room. You women are so stupid that you will wreck this one chance of life after death. You are nothing but stupid.
         Get down on you knees and ask God to show you how to make him your only friend.

    Say, “I’m a very sick human being.” This enables you to face evil. Find out the truth about your condition. The one person who makes it out is if you confess all — that you’re lost, a phony. God will get you out of the desert.

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     “Thank you for making Vernon Howard’s teachings available to all through your website and by email. The Principles, if followed, will advance all who are open to instruction to the New Life desired. I found the New Life teachings after googling the word “Truth.” That was many years ago. I’ve studied many other teachings and those which do not agree with what Vernon Howard taught always fall by the wayside. I had never heard of a guarantee such as the offer of just studying each day and receiving the peace which I have experienced. Much love to all at New Life Foundation!”

— Woman in Arizona via e-mail

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