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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         All damaging deeds are done in the dark. All self-injury, every act of evil, is done by a man or a group of people who do not know what they are doing at the time of hurting the world, including themselves, because they are also in the world that they hurt.
         This afternoon I want you to pay attention to one major thought of the talk, which is that both evil and good must be released. You have to become aware, knowledgeable, of the deep secrets and shames, embarrassments, regrets that you have so carefully hidden from yourself that you would deny them if someone said you were harboring them inside.
         You also have a possibility for an inward splendor. But the removal of the wreckage has to come first so that the goodness can follow.
         For example, and you may not have ever considered this as a form of badness, but I assure you it certainly is — you have a very bad anxiety that life as a whole might be too much for you. You talk to yourself in the underground currents of your nature, and you make certain statements which give you a certain thrill, but which make you all the worse off. And here is one example of it.
         Now I am allowing you the opportunity to release a dark deed that you now have hidden. And when you see it, it's not hidden anymore. Then the sunlight destroys its power. And I can summarize that one hidden statement and despair as follows.
         This is you, three words only. And watch how familiar this is to you. Your bewildered, despairing statement and question is, “What's the use?” You have said that over and over in school. “What's the use of trying? I just can't get that lesson. What's the use of trying to get a little bit ahead; always keeping up with the crowd? What's the use? No matter which way I turn, the odds seem a million to one against me.”
         Now I am going to tell you something about that right now. You're going to destroy this false assumption that you have. There is not one single odd against you, to say nothing less than a million or a billion. Not a single thing in Reality is against you. You have put it there. And you've put it there because of your false love for "If I can't be a winner, then I can have a self who's at least a loser. And all sorts of bad little things can revolve around that. I can excuse criminal behavior. I can excuse being rude to people. I can excuse everything because I am a loser. I don't want to be! I wanted to win. I wanted to be a good man, but I couldn’t be a good man. There are too many people against me."
         All this is a part of the unconscious kingdom of evil as it is allowed — allowed by you, individually. Only you can do it and you must do it. As it is allowed to come up, that phonograph record that has been playing in the cellar of your mind, as you allow it to rise inside you — come up the stairs and through the door of the cellar — you suddenly know that that’s been your attitude. “What's the use carrying on? I’ll never win. Why don’t I just give up?”
         Your little trick of discouragement, of feeling morose — that is your trick in which you tell yourself that this is how I win! See, this is what you want to win! You want to win a person there you can always talk about. You don’t really care the way you can love and hate yourself as long as there is a self there to do either one — or both. That’s why it is a pernicious pleasure for you to start crying, to get rageful, and filled with vengeance towards your enemies because now you weren't elected. You lost the election. You didn’t get the boyfriend. Someone else got the boyfriend. You didn’t make it after going to college. You didn’t make it commercially out in the world.
         "Ah, so what?!" This is the individual talking. “So I’ve not made it out there; I’ll just turn my back on the world that has treated me so shabbily, that has denied me.” And when you say that, a very cunning, sly victorious smile goes on your inner face. “I have salvaged myself. The whole world can't do anything against me! They can't cause me to vanish. They can't really beat me because I am telling you why — because I am still me! I am a bitter man now! And I am hateful and sour. Doesn’t make a bit of difference how cruel I am to someone else. I am justified. It's OK for me to do that. This is a natural consequence of me being denied my rights. Everything is supposed to be equal and fair in this world. How come I didn’t get mine?”
         See, why you wanted success and recognition in the first place was to try to pretend that you were a successful person. You can't pretend that you're successful because it's not out there. You didn’t get elected. Oh, but oh, now you can go through the next fifty years being a failure.

         Study the business of living from a self that has no existence whatsoever. Study and keep yourself out of it. Relax and let life be revealed to you. Revelation of evil is even good because there is insight and understanding.
         There is nothing to worry about. There is no one there for you to worry over. Stop taking care of yourself. It is unnecessary. This is the answer. Stick with it. To lose everything means to lose the way you now delude yourself.
         Are you going to be that one in a million who snaps the spell?

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    “Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of Vernon Howard alive. I was introduced to his books and teachings some time ago when I felt hopeless and helpless. I was filled with despair and felt that I could not go on for another day. The teachings of Vernon Howard saved my life and gave me hope that I could achieve happiness and tranquility if I was willing to take some very painful steps to change my thinking and my established belief systems. They have given me a life that I never dreamed I could have. Thank you so much for carrying on his wonderful work.”

— Man via e-mail

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