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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         Here is what you’re going to do from now on, starting now. You're going to be aware of your existence at all times. Starting right now, you're going to be aware of yourself right now, being an alive physical human being.
         You’re going to notice when you gesture like that. You're going to notice the thoughts that go through the mind. You're going to know your existence at all times with one exception. That one exception is when you're going to be using thought naturally, which, when properly used, is fine and necessary.
         So, you're going to be in either one of two states: Either knowing about your existence here — seeing what's passing through you, for example. Or, you’re going to be engaged in some practical thought. For example, you'd better fix the dinner or set the table. Or, you're thinking about necessary things like consulting proper memory to repair your car, or whatever.
         This is the most valuable knowledge I've ever given you. Effective right now your whole life is going to be dedicated to learning who you really are by never, never, never, never being in any other state except either useful thought, or just being aware of my existence, conscious of myself seated in the chair, for example. Know I am here in this room, very alert all around me; aware of my existence without interfering with what I see.
         This is the beginning of sanity.

         When you know that the world can't do anything good or bad for your real nature, you will see the mistake you've been making by believing in the invented self.
         Your unhealthy present nature does not know how to avoid ‘unhealthy’ out there. When the imposter nature, the acquired stupid self, comes to a decision, “Should I date that man, or shouldn’t I date that man? Should I go there or should I stay away from there?” — you know how it goes. It’s living in an awful illusion that something bad or good will happen as a result of either decision. And it’s all folly. It’s all delusion. It’s all wrong. It has no meaning at all. You’re trying to protect something that has no existence, which is your false nature, which you think is a true nature.
         When you’re strong and vibrant with spiritual wisdom, is any decision necessary as to whether you should avoid that thing or not, that person or not? No, because you know very well if you see a wolf out in the woods, you don’t go toward that wolf. You don’t have to decide. Just the sighting of the wolf, knowing that he’s maybe mad and wild and hungry, you know to avoid the wolf. No decision, just the sight of it tells you what to do. You avoid the wolf when something new, thank God, is possessing you because you’re making room for it. Then when you go to lunch, you go to work, in all your contacts with life in this daily world, as sick as the world is, your spiritual health knows how to handle the world’s sickness every second!
         Spiritual health knows every answer that you presently don’t know. Have you ever heard a more encouraging statement than that? The reality that can take over and live its life through you knows what to do on every level in every situation of life. Now you can have this new life. You can have this new identity, but one thing is essential. It is necessary that you don’t try to think of what it is, and you know why, don’t you? Because you’ll turn it into something resembling you awful quick, because that’s your mechanical unconscious habit working to preserve yourself at all costs — the self that is not a self at all.
         Having given you that little caution, don’t try to believe, imagine, think, reason who God is. Instead, use your mind correctly to take in the information you need, so that information itself, when you take it in and want it to become your guide, then that information, even though it’s only mental and intellectual as yet, that the intellectual facts and revelations that you’ve been given in these talks, they will lead you to the next higher step and the next higher step, the next higher step.
         The steps are there! You don’t have to create them. You don’t have to wonder whether they’re there or not. All you have to do is start on the very bottom step, right where you are now. All of you can allow God to save you, if you want him to, wherever you are, no matter what bad things you’ve ever done in the past, no matter how much conflict or evil you have in you.
         Right now, whoever you are, if your heart is right, your intention is right, you can start on the bottom step and God will lead you up to heaven.

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    “Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of Vernon Howard alive. I was introduced to his books and teachings some time ago when I felt hopeless and helpless. I was filled with despair and felt that I could not go on for another day. The teachings of Vernon Howard saved my life and gave me hope that I could achieve happiness and tranquility if I was willing to take some very painful steps to change my thinking and my established belief systems. They have given me a life that I never dreamed I could have. Thank you so much for carrying on his wonderful work.”

— Man via e-mail

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