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   “Through the remarkable insights in his talks and writings you will rise to a level of self- command never before experienced.”
                   — Richard Wooldridge

   “Discover how to heal past mistakes and start life all over.”

— Karen West

Happiness Classes

     Classes are always ongoing at all the locations. Classes unofficially start about 15 minutes early, so if at all possible be there about 30 minutes before the official starting time of the class.

New Life AZ Highway 87 SignStrawberry, Arizona
Wednesdays – 7 PM ▪ Saturdays & Sundays – 9 AM
Where: New Life Foundation ▪ 5063 N. Highway 87
Directions: On Hwy. 87, next to The Strawberry Inn in Strawberry, Arizona. 110 miles north of Phoenix, 19 miles north of Payson, 75 miles south of Flagstaff, 3 miles north of Pine.

$3 donation requested … Friendly people … Casual dress … Nothing to join

New Life Plaza SignNew Life SoCal 2019Westminster, California
Sundays – 10 AM ▪ Wednesdays & Fridays – 7:30 PM
Where: New Life Plaza ▪ 5785 Westminster Blvd.
Directions: Detailed Driving Directions
$3 donation requested … Casual dress … Nothing to join

Spruce SpringsPagosa Springs, Colorado
Saturdays – 5 PM & Sundays – 7 AM
            Wednesdays – (3rd Wednesday of the month) – 7 PM
Where: New Life Pagosa ▪ 111 Pat’s Court
Directions: Detailed Driving Directions

$3 donation requested … Friendly people … Casual dress … Nothing to join
(Please call and let us know you are coming if at all possible – (970) 264-5211)Entrance Gate

Entrance Gate to Pagosa Springs Property


Scottsdale, Arizona
Where: Aiden by Best Western Motel
10801 North 89th Place
Coming in August
Driving Directions

Casual Dress ∙ Tell friends ∙ Nothing to join
$3 Donation requested at each class

Scottsdale, Arizona
Where: Aiden by Best Western Motel
10801 North 89th Place
When: August 11
Find Higher Safety & Security
Driving Directions

Casual Dress ∙ Tell friends ∙ Nothing to join
$3 Donation requested at each class


Where are New Life classes held?
They are held at our headquarters in Strawberry, Arizona three times a week (see above), as well as at our official branch in Westminster, California three times a week (see above) and at our official branch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado twice a week (see above).

What are the classes based on?
The life-healing principles and teachings of Vernon Howard.

How much are the classes?
A $3 donation is requested at each class.

What time do the classes officially start?
All classes start at the top or bottom of the hour. Pre-class activities begin about 20 minutes before the listed starting time. If at all possible, we ask that you try to be on time. It’s all right to come in late if necessary.

What is the format of the classes?
There are two halves to every class. In the first half there are one, two or three speakers. After 45 minutes there is a 15-minute break so that you can partake of refreshments, shop in the bookstore, etc. Next is the  second half with more insights from the moderator, class participation, questions and answers and more.

How long do the classes last?
The entire class is an hour and a half long with a 15-minute break.

How should I dress?
The dress is casual and clean.

Who conducts the classes?
Speakers who have been longtime students of Vernon Howard principles.

Do I have to join anything?
There is nothing to join. You are encouraged to come to more classes because the truth is not something you can understand by attending one or two classes. Vernon Howard said on many occasions that this is the most marvelous message ever given to mankind.

Are the books, booklets, MP3 CDs and DVDs for sale at the class?
All of Vernon Howard materials are available at every class.


     “Every class is different and delightful. An exciting journey of self-discovery.”.

— Bill Brown


     “The atmosphere is comfortable and enjoyable.  There are explanations, not condemnations.”

— Regina Netherton


     “Every class is filled with hundreds of helps to make life simpler, healthier and happier.”

— Paul Wolfe


     “New Life emphasizes the old-fashioned virtues of self- honesty, self-responsibility and self-reliance. Common decency, which as Vernon Howard points out, isn’t very common anymore.”

— Judith Anderson


New Life Foundation,
     I wanted to send a note to let you know how very much your books have helped me. The knowledge contained in them is everything I have been looking for all my life.
     I have a lot of work ahead
of me but the success I have found so far convinces me that I can go all the way to wholeness.
     Please accept my grateful thanks and the best of wishes for your foundation.

— R. S.
Marietta, OH

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