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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2004

  • January 2004

         “Do this exercise please. It will take you time to get it, but repeat it over and over. Something bothers you such as a remembrance of a shameful thing, a confusion; instead of trying to think your way out of that difficulty, whatever it is, you’re going to remind yourself to look up and even do it physically by raising your head. This is a cooperation between the mental and the physical and that’s good. Now you’ve got two parts of you working for you. Look up is both a symbolic and spiritual reminder for you to go to the higher world instead of staying where you are. Simple as it is, it will be very effective for you. All the little parts will come together, and it will be quite clear to you what self-salvation means.”

        “Write down on a piece of paper, ‘Where and how do I love to hurt people?’ I know some of you may not even want to do that because even that is too much for your vanity, for your self-image, that you can never hurt anyone. That woman on the phone who didn’t handle that business matter as promptly as you wanted it to be, and you know that all you have to do is to make a sarcastic remark and hang up and you’ve got your revenge and you left her with your negative vibrations. Can you think of anything more neurotic or more self-destructive than liking to injure another person, making him feel bad by the look, by the snarl, by the scowl? Why would anyone do that? Very simple, because the individual has refused to see that it’s not necessary and has refused to rise above himself.”

        “In the middle of any day, sit on your couch and watch your mind operate and see that there is nothing you can do about it. That is where you get the knowledge that you can’t turn yourself off. Just see that your mind is churning and you can do nothing about it.”

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     “Thank you for being there for other people and publishing affordable self-help materials. I have never seen anyone speak the truth in such a clear manner. He is a life-saver.”

— Lady in Michigan via e-mail

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