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Vernon Howard eTalks,
eBooks and eBooklets
     Vernon Howard's talks are available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
eTalks eBooks eBooklets

Cassette Tape Albums — 90% OFF

     The cassette tape albums below are also available on MP3 Compact Discs.

The Esoteric Path to a New Life
The Esoteric Path Tape Album
2-Cassette Tape Album and Guidebook

     This beautiful album is the perfect introduction to these teachings and relates some experiences during the early years of Mr. Howard’s quest for truth. It will save you years of search and struggle.
     Contents include:
     1. “Contact the Source of Permanent Power” (50 minutes)
     2. “Awareness is Everything” (45 minutes)
     3. “A Revealing Interview with Vernon Howard” (90 minutes)
     4. “The Esoteric Path to a New Life” (A 64-page booklet)

$20 $2Add to Cart

The Laws of Spiritual Development
3-Cassette Tape Album
The Laws of Spiritual Development Tape Album    
You must hear these nine exciting inner-development talks by world famous author and lecturer Vernon Howard. Here is the essence of the Vernon Howard teachings containing all the talks given to large audiences in Ojai, California, plus four more talks featuring wonderfully helpful parables – the best of the best!
     Discover the supreme laws upon which all true happiness is based.
     Contents include the following talks:
       1. “Rise to a New World Above Your Mind”
       2. “Learn How to Feel Great Every Minute”
       3. “Spiritual Springtime is Waiting for You”
       4. “Draw Your Strength From Spiritual Silence”
       5. “Powerful Secrets for Self-Awakening”
       6. “Set Sail Today for a Bright New Harbor”
       7. “Discover Your Cosmic Wonders Within”
       8. “Wake Up to a World of Perfect Safety”
       9. “The Supreme Law of Spiritual Growth”

$20 $2Add to Cart

Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony
3-Cassette Tape Album
Practical Exercises Tape Album    
The beautiful truths contained in these 6 dynamic talks can set you free and heal you. The 270 total minutes of power-packed lessons are available on either the MP3 format, where all 6 talks are recorded on a single CD, or on a 3- cassette tape album. This is a special action program with 12 specific exercises. Hear Vernon Howard explain: what will actually change you; how to start to be strong for yourself; how to save energy to change yourself; how to cancel out every pain; how to be free right now; overcoming the great barrier of self- deception; how to stop fawning before the world and explaining yourself to others; how to no longer go along with others’ wrong demands; how the world is controlled by unconscious attitudes; why it’s important to not fight for or against anything; how to stop depending on the intellect; why it’s so important to not fall into the trap of growing old; how to acquire a new middle name: ‘regardless of the consequences’; how the whole world can be explained; oneness with truth itself; methods for going beyond mere information and much more.
     Also receive the FREE companion booklet with your purchase,
Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony

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All 3 Cassette Tape Albums
The Esoteric Path to a New Life,
The Laws of Spiritual Development
Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony

     The talks included on these three cassette tape albums are some of the best talks Vernon Howard ever gave. If you still have a cassette tape player we recommend getting them. The talks touch on almost every subject known to man. If you truly want to hear things explained get these albums. They are available on MP3 CD as well but you can save a lot of money by buying the tape albums. For more details on what is included go here.

Get All 3 Tape Albums for Only $5
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     You can still get cassette tapes but we are in the process of phasing them out. We have a small inventory of the titled super tapes and there are a few dated tapes available as well. You can call, write or
e-mail us if you are interested.

Posted 8/31/13


    “I have 5 of Vernon Howard’s books and a tape set which I read and listen to every day. I plan on increasing my library ... while I like both the books and the tapes, I enjoy listening to Vernon speak with all the subtleties and humour that are threaded throughout his talks.”

Thanks and all the best,
— Sharon Z. via e-mail


   “Today all the wonderful tapes arrived, in just fine condition. I now feel like a very wealthy woman. I just love Vernon Howard.”

— Thank you so much
All the best,
Ann M. via e-mail

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