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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

How I Use Vernon Howard Principles
in My Daily Life

     Below are examples of how students of these teachings apply specific exercises in their daily lives. Perhaps it will inspire you to work harder and will help clarify how to use these teachings to increase understanding and insight and to view every event that comes your way as an opportunity for higher learning. When we are truly working on ourselves there is always more to learn and understand. We need all the help we can get. The world is becoming more insane by the second. Learn more about how you can take charge of life and be grateful that a genuine method actually exists for us to rise above this crazy world. See and discover for yourself that this work can actually, factually make a difference in your life.

  • Dr. Lynne Wooldridge

    Lynne Speaking     These teachings are both beautifully simple and incredibly profound. This work is not really hard to understand. The complication comes when Truth meets my habit-laden mind. The mind is very, very tricky and convincing in its insistence that because we’ve heard a truth, we now understand it and live it. Vernon Howard said in a lecture that we students are very careful not to understand too much for fear that we’ll really have to get down to the business of seeing through and discarding the impostor nature. We tend to want to remain in either confusion or in the delusion that surface understanding can take the place of deep personal experience. For example, we can study and even articulate a truth for many years before realizing that we have failed to apply it in our own lives.
         One such principle that I have become aware of recently in my own spiritual studies is Vernon’s instruction to stop avoiding and dreading problem situations and difficult people. Challenges and difficulties tend to come in waves. About two weeks ago, one after another of these situations just kept coming with no break. The old nature immediately launched into the complaint, “I just can’t take any more of this.”  Fortunately, in our ongoing New Life classes, we had been given the spiritual exercise of choosing two of our own exercises for that week. One exercise I had chosen was to not welcome the immediate reaction of irritation and resentment when the problem appeared. As Vernon often said, the reaction, the stab of pain, the irritation is just too quick for us. It’s there and has a hold on our psychic system before we know it. Sometimes it can even hold on for hours after the initial incident. For the first few days of that week, I worked with catching the pain before it got a hold of me. Sometimes I could only watch when my own internal volcano erupted, but other times I was aware enough that the negativity wasn’t able to take hold or if it did, it dissolved quickly in the light of awareness. About the fourth day, I was dealing with a very touchy person on the phone. But this time I found that I handled everything differently. I did not react with my usual internal response of irritation, resentment and impatience. I quietly listened and answered but the usual ‘responder’ wasn’t there. There was an absence of trying to ‘say the right thing’ which is the cause of so much inner tension. I also noticed a casualness that hadn’t been there before. I wasn’t invested in the outcome of the interaction; I simply handled it practically and the rest was up to the other person. When I got off the phone, I realized that in terms of my own inner state, I had just had one of the most ‘free’ conversations of my life.
         This world is addicted to ‘instant gratification’ and the demand for an ‘immediate reward’. But this work is not like that. You may do a particular bit of work on yourself and not see the result for years. In the story of the phone call above, the reward came very quickly but there is also an unseen trap that seems to accompany many of our inner successes. There is a tendency to want to stop and ‘rest’ from the work, saying something like, “I’ve worked hard on myself and deserve a break.” No, I must use this experience to open up even more of a willingness on my part to go through what I must go through to be free of the chains of the old nature and to welcome the guidance of the new and the higher nature. I have begun to glimpse the fact that there can’t simply be an intellectual curiosity or a lukewarm interest in understanding these things. Every inner experience taken consciously should awaken in us a fierce desire to understand these things with our whole being, not simply our minds. The insights we allow to come to us are the very encouragement needed to keep going.
         Another of the great benefits of applying these principles is that underlying everything that goes on in my day, there is an abiding realization that I am on the right path at last. There are many ‘ways’ and ‘systems’ out there but this is the only teaching I have ever found that never gets old, that never has and never will betray you and that always gives genuine relief from mental pain. Vernon once said that if we knew what awaited us, we would be zooming toward the spiritual life as fast as we could go. There is no limit as to how high we can fly with this.

  • Bill Brown
  • Sally Forrest
  • Moe Janosec
  • Judith Anderson
  • Dr. Bruce Tracy
  • Judy Poston
  • Alice Steinecke

   “I know of no one in life or literature who compares to Vernon Howard in enlightened understanding of human problems and solutions.”

Dr. Lynne Wooldridge


     As Mr. Vernon Howard’s message sinks in deeper, my life, my days have become lighter and brighter. Nothing worries me anymore. My girlfriend left me and I feel better. People say I look better and sound better. I don’t know. The path that was laid down, I follow. New Life and how to pass the word on are always on my mind.
     What can I say, but I wish I had found you all a lot sooner, but will make up for lost time. Your Power of Natural Knowing was beautiful.
     Shine on. God Bless New Life, the world needs you..

— N.,
Long Island City, NY

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