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eBooks and eBooklets
     Vernon Howard's talks are available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
eTalks eBooks eBooklets

Rewarding Booklets by Vernon Howard

Brighten your day with these exciting booklets. They make the search for happiness a lot of fun!

50 Ways to Escape Cruel People50 Ways to Escape
Cruel People
Learn how to rise above
intimidation and attack.
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50 Ways to Get Help from God50 Ways to Get
Help from God

Gain fresh inspiration
for personal growth.

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50 Ways to C-Thru People50 Ways to See
Thru People

Incredible secrets of
human behavior revealed.
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Be Safe in a Dangerous WorldBe Safe in a
Dangerous World

Powerful principles for
personal security.

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Conquer AnxietyConquer Anxiety
and Frustration

Defeat fear, worry and all
other unwanted conditions.

          $2.00 $1.50
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Conquer Harmful AngerConquer Harmful
Anger 100 Ways

The sure cure for
what is harming you.

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The Esoteric PathThe Esoteric Path
to a New Life

A wonderful introduction to Vernon Howard’s teaching.
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Expose Human SharksExpose Human
Sharks 100 Ways

Magic glasses for seeing
through tricky people.

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Freedom from a Life of HellFreedom from a
Life of Hell

Relief at last from all
pains and heartache.

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Freedom from Harmful VoicesFreedom from
Harmful Voices

Free yourself from
mental anguish forever.

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Difficult PeopleHow to Handle
Difficult People

Dissolve all problems and
difficulties with people.

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Live Above This Crazy WorldLive Above This
Crazy World

100 proven methods
for starting life all over.

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Practical ExercisesPractical Exercises
for Inner Harmony

Special spiritual exercises
for inner-renewal.

         $2.00 $1.50
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Sweethearts BookletSweethearts
Booklet *

A wholesome new view
of love and romance.

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Women - 50 Ways to See Thru MenWomen —  50 Ways
to See Thru Men

A complete guide to happy
relations – for men too!

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Your Power to Say NOYour Power
to Say NO

Overcome self-defeating
behavior at last.

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* Sweethearts BookletThis is not the actual title of the booklet. Because of Internet filters the New Life site may not come up if certain words are used. Some may be familiar with this booklet. It is listed in our printed brochure. It’s full of clear direct helpful rules for your love life and your life in general.

Booklet Box 2021 FaceBooklet Box 2021 OpenA Treasure Box of Higher Learning
16 of the above rewarding booklets fit inside a beautiful storage box. It’s a mini-library of powerful truths.
(You get all of the above booklets. The sixteen booklets along with the storage box regularly sell for $43.50. The dimensions of the booklet box are
3.25” wide x 4” deep x 6” tall — one box fits inside the other.)

     Never misplace your booklets again!
Only $35
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The previous booklet box with 14 booklets is on sale here.

A Treasure Box of Higher Learning
Empty Booklet Box
The new above booklet box can be purchased empty without any booklets in it, if you prefer.
It holds all 16 booklets above and it’s only $5.
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The Answer

The Answer     Here is something very special. Five letters that were originally made available to students in the classes in Boulder City, Nevada where Vernon Howard lived and taught for over 20 years. A professional man corresponded with Vernon for a short time in the 1970’s asking questions about the spiritual path. Vernon’s response is contained in these letters which are of a very high nature. If you will allow it, the Truths contained in these pages will elevate you to an entirely new and different level of living. They are incredibly powerful and will take you to another world which is timeless and without strife. Order it today and you will be very glad that you did. (It is a 36-page booklet - 5˝” x 8˝”)     $5
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Answer OldThe Answer (Previous edition — Price Reduced)
     There are only four letters in this edition. Other than that there is no difference in content.
It is a 16-page 8˝” x 11” booklet with a beautiful cover.     $4 $1
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Powerful Guides for Spiritual Freedom

Powerful Guides for Spiritual Freedom     This wobbly world that we presently inhabit is in dreadful shape. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a question running through our minds at some level that asks, “What on earth is going on here on this planet?” The following five transcriptions taken from Vernon Howard lectures will offer a deeper understanding and some phenomenal insights into the human predicament. I know for a fact that if you will allow the powerful truths contained in the pages of this publication to reach the receptive learner within, a real solution will come to you. True answers will always be provided to the sincere seeker.
     The guides in these talks can and will help you if you truly want the help. But to receive the help, you must do some serious spiritual work. In order to feel something a million miles above this earth, you must set aside all beliefs, opinions and hardened ideas about what is real and artificial, what is true and false and what is right and wrong.
     These very advanced principles challenge you to try to understand things from a much higher viewpoint than the narrow one offered by worldly training, pressures and dictates. Clarity will finally come but it will not come from you. It will come from the eternal source that created you.
     The answer you have been yearning and searching for all of your life is available and can be found in the five transcriptions you are about to read. Read and receive the higher spiritual guidance for yourself.
     It is a 68-page booklet (5.5” x 8.5”)and includes these transcriptions: 1) The Original World, 2) Stop Loving Your Pain, 3) The Sheep and The Wolves, 4) Let’s Play Fair, 5) Defeat Has No Right to Exist. $7  $5
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The Braying Donkey
Braying Donkey
     This true story contains hundreds of rich lessons for you to discover and apply for your own spiritual advancement. “A foolish human donkey never sees himself as foolish, which is both his problem and his pain.... We can be wiser. We can learn to listen to something higher and brighter than our usual nature. We can be receptive to real revelations.” Vernon Howard said, “Within this short story is the complete map by which any human being can journey from the dark jungle to the sunny meadow.” This wonderful new booklet is also available as a digital download. Go here
     It is an 8-page 5˝” x 8˝” pamphlet with an illustrative cover.     $2.25
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The Esoteric PathPrevious Edition … 1/2 Off
The Esoteric Path to a New Life
A wonderful introduction to Vernon Howard’s teaching. It’s all about the way out.
               $4.00 $2.00
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Freedom from Harmful VoicesPrevious Edition … 1/2 Off
Freedom from Harmful Voices
This percipient 40-page booklet will show you how to free yourself from mental torment forever.
               $1.50  $0.75
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Booklets in Spanish by Vernon Howard

Superemos El Desasosiego Y El Desaliento(Conquer Anxiety and Frustration)     $5

Su Poder De Decir NO
(Your Power to Say NO)     $5

Liberacion de Voces Malignas
(Freedom from Harmful Voices)     $5

Vivamos Por Encima De Este Mundo Loco
(Live Above This Crazy World)     $5

ˇMujeres! He Aqui 50 Maneras
De Calar a Los Hombres

(Women — 50 Ways to See Thru Men)     $5

Desenmascara a Los Tiburones
  Humanos De 100 Maneras

(Expose Human Sharks 100 Ways)     $5

El Sexo y Los Bienes Amados
(Relationships Guidebook)     $5

In case you missed it, we also have in Spanish
The Power of Your Supermind available.
It’s a 200 page soft-cover book for $8.

The above booklets are in large print, nicely bound in notebook style and retail for $5 each.
You can either order online or print out the order form and send it in by mail.


   “Just one of Vernon Howard’s incisive little booklets contains more insights into mental illness and neurosis than whole libraries of psychological and medical scholarship.”

Dr. Bruce Tracy


   “It’s time for me to reorder a slew of booklets from you for my store. Vernon just never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been reading his books for 27 years, and no matter what happens in life, what I read/study, or what I learn, his material always remains the most useful and profound.
     Bless you all for carrying on his work!!!’”

D. B., Crestone, Colorado


    “I found Vernon Howard’s little books — that are really the biggest books on earth — in the 1990’s. Many a day they saved my life. I have given them for gifts and to suffering friends. I know that unless someone truly wants to learn these valuable lessons, I can only share the brilliance! I thank you for saving my life again and again.”

— Lady via e-mail

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