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     Vernon Howard's talks are available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
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Booklets 4Books 4     There is a wide variety of formats to choose from by which you can become more acquainted with the marvelous teachings of Vernon Howard. Place your cursor over the Bookstore button above and a drop-down submenu will appear from which you can select a category. You can also go to the text navigation bar at the bottom of this page to choose a category. Vernon Howard’s principles offer genuine help for any sincere seeker. They are what you’ve been looking for all your life.

The Power of Your Supermind
The Power of Your Supermind     A marvelous 256 page new edition of this classic book has been reprinted and is now available. Discover answers to baffling questions you have asked for years. Order today!  Purchase here

Spectacular New Booklet Box
     A Treasure Box of Higher Learning booklet box contains 16 booklets instead of 14, including all recently published new editions. The inside box that holds the booklets telescopes inside of the outside box. Only $35  Purchase here

Vernon Howard eBooks and eBooklets
     All of Vernon Howard's books and booklets are available as a .epub file for downloading. There are 18 books and 22 booklets available.  Amazon no longer supports .mobi or .azw files. However, Kindle can now read .epub files.So the .epub files should work on all tablets.
    All files have been tested before publishing them online. There are many features that are available with ePubs such as changing font sizes, changing background color, looking up the definition of words, e-mailing specific quotes to a friend and lots more. This all depends upon the capabilities of your tablet or the device you are using. Usually the more money you spend the more features you get. Most smart phones are capable of installing eBooks as well with the right app. One such free app is Calibre which comes highly recommended for reading digital formats. All newer Apple products come with Books already installed on your device. Order your favorite title today!

Vernon Howard eTalks
     There are 105 Vernon Howard titled talks available for digital download at a fantastic price. These talks were specifically chosen by Vernon Howard. They are the best of the best, containing beautiful higher truths and covering a wide variety of inner life topics.  Vernon Howard eTalks  11/1/18

     For a free printed copy of 40 Inspiring Guides to a New Life on nice textured design paper, just Contact Us and mention this offer. It is 8" x 11". (This is NOT the same size as the 18" x 24" poster offered at $10.)

… Offer good only in the United States …

Free BrochureFlashing New Red
Catalog 2024    A beautiful new brochure is available now with all the latest editions listed. It will be included in orders whenever possible. Postal regulations prohibit enclosing them in Media Mail packages. If you would like extra copies to give to others simply request them and we will promptly send them out to you for a small shipping fee. If you have any questions please contact us.

Vernon Howard on USB 3.0 Flash Drive
     The Best of Vernon Howard Classroom Lectures on MP3. All of the titled talks which are on MP3 CD and on the 6 Compact Discs that are presently for sale have been enhanced and put into the MP3® format for download onto any digital device for your edification and enjoyment. All you need is a USB port on your computer or whatever device that you wish to use. It is backwards compatible with USB ports 1, 1.1 and 2. At only $150, it’s a great deal. Order your flash drive today! Order Here

Important Shopping Cart Information
     After you've finished adding everything to the shopping cart that you want to purchase, click on the Check Out button. Fill in all of your billing information. If your Shipping Address is different from your Billing Address fill it in. Allow 10 seconds or so to pass and the page should automatically refresh itself. If for some reason it doesn't simply click on the Refresh button. At this point more shipping options will be available to choose from. Choose your Shipping Method from the drop down menu and you should be good to go.

Vernon Howard on Blu-ray
     You can now enjoy watching actual Vernon Howard classroom talks in HD that were filmed in the 1980’s. The talks have been digitally restored and upconverted to High-definition for a 10-disc Blu-ray collection. Great care was taken to repair the original video masters, but some imperfections remain due to the technology of that time. Yet you will be amazed at the dramatic improvement in both the video and audio quality of these talks. You will need an HD TV and Blu-ray player to watch and enjoy these videos to their fullest.
Purchase Today!

Special Offers
     Check out the Special Offers page. We periodically add new items. Since the cost of shipping has increased and we have a number of new products we’ve redone our special offers by category. You still get great bargains this way and it helps you save on shipping costs. If you’re buying by mail and are having a problem figuring out the shipping charges just give us a call or send us an e-mail at

     We sell to Bookstores, Wholesale Distributors, Health Food Stores, Churches and Online Stores. Anyone who is a legitimate buyer for stores can get a discount from us. Please contact New Life at (800) 293-3377. When you purchase booklets we can include a free booklet rack for your store. Vernon Howard books are best sellers. Contact us for more information on payment options.

“I sell out of all his booklets. My customers love them.”
                                    — Bookstore Owner in California

Great Works
     “Thank you for replying to my previous letter so quickly. Whilst saddened at the news of the Great Vernon Howard’s passing, it is reassuring to be told that his friends and students still keep his teachings of such substance alive, which would seem to be an inevitable occurrence.
     Perhaps the following brief outline will assure you of my sincerity and reasons for contacting The New Life Foundation and yourself.
     Having felt compelled since childhood by a driving, passion/force from within, which has gone from strength to strength throughout my life; later discovering this to be called “Esotericism”; now, aged 38 and having over the years investigated and studied many authors, theories and groups, most of whom have turned out to be presumptuous persons wishing for others to join them in their fantasies.
     However, during my searching one author has struck a true chord within me, the awe inspiring Great, Mr. Vernon Howard. Consequently, enclosed is a draft for the entire Vernon Howard Library, which can only assist in my attempt to live this way of life. Whilst your friendship and assistance would be greatly appreciated, this is for me the only true way of life. It is something which must be achieved; therefore awaiting the arrival of the sustenance contained in these great works will seem like an eternity, as time appears to be of the essence and I have absolutely no alternative.”

Yours truly,
R. P. — Essex, England


   “Good morning Lynne, I am delighted to report that I received my order yesterday, what a speedy/prompt delivery, I am very pleased with the  customer service you have provided me during this process, that is, all the follow up e-mails, thank you. You really reflect what you teach.
    Everything is what I ordered and I have already started reading Pathways to Perfect Living. I’m so excited about this discovery and wished I had discovered this information 15 years ago. I cannot wait to share this with family and  friends.”

 — All the best,
Jennifer M.


   “Vernon Howard is one of a kind. We all love his books and booklets.”

 — Bookstore Owner
from Tennessee


All 3 Cassette Tape Albums
The Esoteric Path to a New Life
The Laws of Spiritual Development
Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony

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