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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Points to Ponder 3 by Richard Wooldridge

Richard Wooldridge     Richard has been the director of New Life since 1993. He started attending classes in 1975 and moved to Boulder City, Nevada from Dallas, Texas in 1977.
He worked closely with Vernon Howard and others in the running of New Life.
He actually lived at the building in Boulder City where he had many responsibilities. Vernon Howard was very tough on him in order to give him the greatest opportunity for discovering something higher. He is very grateful for the guidance he was given even though it was very difficult at times. The false self is not going to give up easily and it takes many years of hard work to begin to understand the deeper meanings of these teachings. But it’s all worth it for the pearl of great price.


     “The newsletter is great! It’s just full of fantastic stuff. I’m impressed that you used the word “solipsistic” in “Points to Ponder.” I have no idea what it means, but I’m going to look it up!.

Man in Colorado via e-mail

  • From 2012 Spring Newsletter

         Recently I was working on scanning Psycho-Pictography onto my computer in order to get it ready for reprinting. A beautiful new edition of this classic book will be available in March. As I was working on it I couldn’t help but be uplifted by feeling the powerful truths within its pages. One quote that struck a chord in me was, “A chief enemy of genuine happiness is the frantic manufacturing of artificial activities that give the illusion of happiness.”
         Have you noticed that people are always looking for something to do with themselves? They are desperate to find something to occupy their minds and their time and to give their energy to. No one knows what to do with themselves. So they invent things to do. Do you know what this does? It opens the door to deception, heartache and more disappointment. And guess what? It’s the world’s job to deceive you. The world is in the business of artificial substitution. It says, “If you pursue this, you will be happy.” If you make a lot of money, you will be happy. If you get that job, you will be happy. If you find the ‘gorilla’ of your dreams, you will be happy. If you get the new car, you will be happy. If you win the election, you will be happy. Whatever the offered reward, you will be happy. Now, it is our higher duty to begin to catch on to the trick and to happily see that the action resulting from this type of thinking never has and never will work. These are temporary solutions, which will not last.
         We are living in the age of instant gratification. But have you ever observed that once you get what you desire, when you get what your mind insisted you just had to have, you’re right back where you started from and you’re on to the next quick fix. I recently happened to overhear a waitress in a local restaurant telling the owner and a frequent patron that she was depressed. The week before, her father had sent her an airplane ticket to meet the family in Mexico where they would spend a week at a resort by the ocean. It was a chance for her to recharge her batteries, she thought, and to go where it was warm and sunny as opposed to Pagosa Springs where it is cold and wintery. But a strange thing happened to her after she’d been there several days. She got bored. She said, “There was nothing to do.” So her mind had declared that it would be fun and relaxing to catch some rays, stay at a nice hotel, swim in the ocean, eat good food, drink some cerveza, escape from work and have a ‘good time.’ But within a few days the weariness and restlessness returned. She got what she wanted but now she’s depressed.
         Now why is that? It’s because her mind said one thing and the reality turned out to be something else. Happiness does not exist where your mind tells you it is. It resides above the mind. “One course that has never worked and never will work is distraction.”  (Psycho-Pictography, Chapter 14, Section — How Not to Solve a Problem). Her excitement and euphoric anticipation turned into boredom and depression. She got what she secretly asked for. But everything could change if she were interested in something higher. By beginning to see where the problem really lies, the possibility of inner change could enter. She would no longer be at the mercy of the artificial substitution.
         If we could only begin to sense it, we’d be thunderstruck by the truth that the answer to everything exists at our fingertips right now. This is it! If we were aware of how the thought-self torments us, we would stop being fooled. “You must not take this as an airy philosophy having nothing to do with everyday living. It is the only thing that gives real meaning to everyday existence”  (Psycho-Pictography, Chapter 13, Section — Now You Can Use What the Great Teachers Knew and Used). If that lady could only see that she doesn’t have to suffer from boredom or depression! She doesn’t have to take the dumb trip. She can also escape the fear of saying no to her father if she really doesn’t want to go on the trip. Even better than that, we don’t ever again have to suffer from boredom or depression or from the fear of offending someone.
         An interesting coincidence occurred the following weekend in our classes after hearing the waitress talk about her experience in Mexico. In Cosmic Command I came across this quote about boredom. “Boredom is caused by living only on the intellectual level, and is cured only by rising to Cosmic Command.” Isn’t that great! Now we can begin to see that all of our problems can be cured by understanding that the world, humankind or however you want to put it, can only make the situation worse. It is always a spiritual matter, never a worldly matter. “The answer to any perplexity resides above the mind that agitates over the perplexity.” (1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle) If you try to tell most people about these things they will reject them or only want to argue. So it is a rare individual who even wants to begin to investigate these things.
         If we have a sincere wish to live from these marvelous, life-healing truths the explanation will come. In Psycho-Pictography Vernon Howard mentions the Four Golden Keys to New Freedom and Happiness. They are: 1) A sincere desire for inner change, 2) Contact with workable (genuine) principles, 3) Self-honesty, 4) Persistence. You have come into contact with these genuine spiritual principles and have felt the need for inner change, but an important ingredient must be added. You must want the authentic thrill of knowing and understanding what is really going on. And you must not let anything stop you in your quest.
         I’ll give you a personal example of something that happened to me recently. I was watching the Evening News. We were encouraged by Vernon to sit through the ‘boring’ news because if you study it carefully you  will see that it is purely intellectual, and it will give you a close up view of the insane asylum — society. He said to imagine the TV screen as a window into the nut house because it is. The whole newscast is carefully orchestrated to deceive you. It is scripted. The anchor people read the teleprompter and have been taught to invoke certain emotional tones as they are reading it. They are experts at it and they want to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.
         This wasn’t the first time I had watched this particular anchorperson and I had noticed that on many occasions they ended the news on the same note. Even though they want you to believe there is upbeat news, the newscast is often ended on a downer, leaving you with a bad feeling that can linger. Even worse, if you aren’t trying to understand it, what is being presented will lead you into a negative state and leave you there. Initially I wasn’t seeing clearly what this person was doing. But a part of me wanted to understand and to catch on to what they were doing. So this particular evening I stood close to the TV set and watched and observed. I wasn’t trying to draw a conclusion mentally but simply had a sincere wish to understand. Then all of a sudden the insight came. I could see what they were doing. This anchorperson was selling sadness and  negativity. That’s what the producers and those behind the scenes were feeding those unaware individuals watching the broadcast. They were deliberately trying to leave you in a bad place internally. They wanted you to feel downcast and to not know why.
         Their false and wrong purpose was and is to keep you from finding God, truth, happiness. Why would someone lead you into a dark state? Do you remember what I said at the beginning of this article? They are in the business of selling heartache, delusion and negativity. That’s why Vernon Howard said TV is 100% propaganda. You are being fed negative impressions, ideas and feelings constantly. Let’s get specific. How about frustration? They throw something in your face that is wrong and basically say there is nothing you can do about it. If their intentions were truly good, wouldn’t there be only truthful news put out there, not news with a hidden agenda? All the while they are putting the poison out; they’re hoping unsuspecting human beings will take the bait.
         Here’s something else to look for. Notice how the news is always trying to make you think and feel a certain way. They don’t give you the simple facts; they feed you ideas, opinions and beliefs, all orchestrated to lead you in a wrong direction away from the truth. They don’t really leave it up to you to decide; they are telling you how you should feel about it. Here are some of the negative impressions, feelings that I have observed the anchorperson trying to evoke by the way the information is presented: fear, anger, rage, agitation, guilt, irritability, sarcasm, greed, complaint (that’s a really good one), depression, confusion, sadness, mocking, etc. Would you not say these are all negative traits? Watch the national news and study it carefully. You are never asked to believe anything in this work but to see its accuracy for yourself.
         The whole point is that you can begin to catch on and to no longer be taken in by this sinister plot. You and I were meant to feel good. Then why is it that we don’t really enjoy our lives? The waitress goes off to Mexico to have a good time and feels sad while she is there and when she gets back. Here’s a quote from The Power of Esoterics which will help,“The mind has difficulty seeing the difference between society’s education and spiritual intelligence, but the feelings know the difference, for they suffer from society.” You and I can start to rise above these dark negative states and refuse to go along with them, but I must first see them before I can challenge their hold on me.
         These negative states that we are allowing to take over our inner home are painful. They drain us of the richness of life that could be ours. We have tolerated this nonsense long enough. Our minds are either filled with right ideas or wrong ideas. It can’t be both. It’s time for you and me to boot these tyrannizers out of our lives. They really have no right to be there. Stop being fooled by the lies and lures of this world. “Since society is capable of producing only bad news, why not turn to the good news of your own essence” 
    (1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, Chapter 11, Section — Understand Human Nature).

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     I just read ‘The Witness Self’ in the newest newsletter and it’s done a lot for my journey as I’m piecing it all together. Thank you for keeping these teachings alive!

— Man in California
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