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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2017

  • January 2017

         If you will simply know that you spend most of your day complaining, then you will know that that’s one of your false loves. Therefore God can't open the windows of heaven for you. I'm going to ask all of you right now to strike a mighty blow for your liberty.
         I instruct all of you to be willing to, and then do it — to right now give up all your unhappiness. Every bit of it! That is what it means to turn away from yourself, turn away from dry land and look up to the higher place. You are asked to identify, to recognize, to reveal to yourself all those both small and large miseries and pains that mean so much to you. And you will be willing to take the long leap upward by just sacrificing, giving up, abandoning every single one of them.
         How are you unhappy today? That has to go. Your unhappiness is your happiness, but you don't know that, and you don't practice looking up for the showers of blessings. You have to choose to want a new kind of experience.
         If you want it, it will begin to awaken the hidden moral principles, sense of righteousness. It will begin to awaken your wish to leave this drought-stricken world and make contact with heaven, which will send down its showers. You will want, right now, to allow Truth to work on you, work through you — to give you a revival of these spiritual impressions, the codes of goodness that you've carried around with you. You just have to know what you don't want. You, really in your heart, don't want to be unhappy.
         Here's what I want you to do. You're to bring yourself back and you will recognize what I'm talking about when I say you wander around in the drought and the wreckage of your life. You're going to do so many things, and all there is is pain and suffering and chaos in there. You're to know that you're wandering around there, not even knowing that you're wandering around. And one of your requests to heaven is, “Please make me conscious, right now, that I'm stumbling around inside myself in complaint and in sorrow, and please, please help me to un-love that life and love what you have to give me.” That will give a sensing and a strength to break away. From what? From you! That's the only thing you need to break away from — from your unconscious life.
         Final word: Heaven is waiting to give you whatever it has for you to grow a New Life with new harvests — one so rich that now you can't conceive it, and you don’t have to. And you should not because that would be your mind doing something that belongs to God to do. God’s revelations, God’s richness and bountiful harvests is all you need. Let heaven do everything for you, and it will give everything to you.

         You can build a new nature, which is strength and wisdom and right action. You will be taken over by something you should be taken over by, which has nothing to do with your old nature or anyone else's. And it operates through you and here's what it says internally, silently, and with a 100% pure success.
         Something happens to make you feel angry, despondent, and you want to strike back and get revenge. You now have 100% power to say to that and all other weaknesses and evils, "There is something in me that does not submit to that. It is superior to everything."
         You must never acknowledge that anything is stronger than Truth, God.

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     “Thank you for your work in keeping this Good News alive and well. After years of searching I finally found a home.”

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